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Zample Box Discount E-Liquid Subscription Service

ample Box is a discount e-liquid subscription service that lets you save as much as 70% on vape juice. And if you are the type of vaper that likes to try a number of different e-juices and like a little mystery, then you are going to want to check out Zample Box for sure. You pick your flavor preferences, nicotine strength and Zample Box does the rest. Each month you will get a new shipment of e-liquids. The brands and flavors will vary so you never know exactly what you will get. Surprise!

The variety of e-liquids and e-juices that Zample Box has to offer is huge. Huge. There are hundreds of flavors. And there are hundreds of different brands. There are some of the big name brands including:

  • Charlies Chalk Dust
  • Cosmic Fog
  • Liquid State
  • Vertigo Vapor
  • Oneup Vapor
  • Kilo E-Liquids
  • Halo Cigs E-Liquids

In addition to the leading national brands, Zample Box e-liquids has a vast number of regional brands that you might otherwise never be able to try. Brands like Jam Jam, Beantown, JVapes, Midtown and hundreds of others. If you a variety is the spice of life type, you are going to get a variety!

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How Does Zample Box Work?

Zample Box is a monthly subscription service. You choose the size of box that you want. You direct the types of flavors you like and rule out the flavors you don’t like. Let’s get into the details of how ordering from Zample Box works.

The first thing you will do is build your Zample Box. You start my picking what flavors that you like. You can choose from tobacco, menthol, fruit and dessert flavors. Say yes for the ones you like and no for the ones you don’t want. The next option you will have is to fine tune exactly what flavors you like. This section is all you. If you want to keep it random, just stick with basics. But if there are some specific flavors that you really like, include them. There are 300 choices so the flavor you like will be there.

I know what you are worried about and I had the same thought the first time I tried an order. You are thinking “what if I get a flavor I don’t like? what a waste that will be”. Don’t worry. Shouldn’t happen. After you choose what flavor categories and any specific flavors that you like, you will then have the ability to tell Zample box what flavors you do not like. So you know what those are. Make it clear what you don’t want. It’s easy to do.

Zample Box Nicotine Levels

After you are done entering your flavor likes and dislikes, you then choose the nicotine level of the e-liquids you want. You can choose from 0 mg, 3 mg, 6 mg or 12 mg. On this page you will also see that you have the option of asking for a Max or High VG e-juice whenever possible.

Next up you pick the size of the Zample Box you want. There are three options available. There is a Silver, Gold and Platinum. What are these Zample Box options? I don’t know. No one does. Just kidding! We’ll tell you about all the options and the details.

Zample Box 3 Bottle Silver Option $19.99

The Zample Box Silver option includes three 15 ml bottles of e-juice delivered to you every month. The price is $19.99. Shipping and handling is $3.99 so the total will be $23.98. Breaking it all down that’s about $8 per 15 ml bottle all in. That’s a pretty good price all things considered. I would go with the Gold option because you get three more bottles for only $5 more. But if you don’t need that much then Silver is the ticket. Every month you will get 3 different brands to try. If you go through about 45 ml a month this is right in your strike zone.

Zample Box 6 Bottle 6 Bottle Gold Option $24.99

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The Zample Box Gold option gives you six 15 ml bottles every month for only $24.99. The shipping for six bottles goes to $4.99 so the total will be $29.98. You will get a total of 90 ml plus of e-liquid and that would last most of us a month with a little room to spare. That will be just under $5 per 15 ml bottle.

So now we are into dang good deal territory. If we run the numbers we know that for a premium quality vape juice the price is easily $10 and up per 10 ml. The Gold box is at least a 50% savings. In our opinion the Zample Gold box is the best deal for an individual vaper.

Zample Box Platinum 11 Bottle Option $44.99

This is the big one. Eleven 15 ml bottles for $44.99 and $8.99 shipping for a total of $53.98 per month. That is 165 ml of e-liquid. That’s $4.90 per 15 ml of e-juice. This is essentially the same price as the Gold Zample Box category. You save a few more cents per bottle. What you do get is a lot more e-juice and a lot more variety to try out.

Probably more than most individual vapers need any given month. This is a great one to share with another vaper in the house.

Is Zample Box A Good Deal

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Is Zample Box a good deal? Yes it is. You really do get a great discount. But more than that, Zample Box is for people that like a wide variety. I know some vapers like to stick with one e-juice so they probably won’t be interested. But if you like a variety and a little mystery, Zample Box is a pretty sweet deal.

Does Zample Box earn our ECCR check mark of approval? The answer is a sterling yes. We have been reluctant for some time to cover Zample Box discount e-liquids. The reason being that we cannot vouch for every e-liquid brand in the Zample Box catalogue. You may get a brand that is not ECCR approved. But that is not because it is a bad e-juice, its just because we have yet to test all of them. With that said, we are satisfied with how Zample Box screens the e-liquids that they send. They do an excellent job of ensuring only quality, responsibly blended e-liquids are shipped to vapers. We are confident that you will get a good quality responsibly made e-liquid.

I have really grown to like the idea that every month we will be getting a selection of mystery e-liquids! It is great for us here at ECCR to be able to try some different e-liquids. Perhaps some regional brands that we would not otherwise have had the opportunity to try.

Zample Box is a great way to enjoy discounts on premium e-liquids and have fun. The anticipation of wondering what will be in your next box is fun. Always something new to try!

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