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WOTOFO Serpent Alto RTA Tank Review by SmokeTastic

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Fans of single coil RTA’s will be familiar with the Wotofo Serpent Mini, which impressed with its easy-to-use compact design and high quality. However, Wotofo did their homework to identify the imperfections of their previous offering and released the Wotofo Serpent Alto RTA in 2016. Say ‘Hello’ to the new, upgraded Serpent Alto, a compact RTA designed for single coils which pack a wicked flavour punch.

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The Full Serpent Alto Tank Review

The Serpent Alto RTA Tank by WotofoThe Wotofo Serpent Alto RTA is a single-coil atomiser with an e-juice tank that does not require expert adjustment to get vaping satisfaction – RTA tanks are designed to produce a clean and tasteful vapor, but does this product match up with the best tanks on the market? Let’s take a look.


The Serpent Alto RTA Up Close and Personal

The expertly machined Serpent Alto is made from stainless steel and Pyrex with black finishing. It’s sleek and sexy with impressive build quality for the price. The base diameter is 22mm which means it will fit perfectly on most of the new powerful mods like the Sigelei Kaos Spectrum but is also suited to the smaller mods like the SMOK G80.  The total size is a titch shorter than the Serpent at 38mm high and 22mm diameter with 2.5ml juice capacity.
Serpent Alto showing top-filling tank

Top Filling Tank

The top-filling tank has two generous kidney holes for easy refilling without battling those awkward air bubbles that can form in single-opening tanks. The Serpent Alto’s diameter has remained the same as the Mini, but because it is 1 mm shorter, the Serpent Alto’s tank capacity has lost 0.5ml. It now takes only 2.5ml e-juice, which is still adequate for average vapers.

Wotofo has replaced the Mini’s stainless steel drip tip with a new stay-cool Delrin drip tip and top cap assembly which is somewhat narrower at 0.7mm.  The Delrin drip tip doesn’t get hot even at high watts and can be removed and replaced with your favourite drip tip version as the threads are a standard 510.


Active Airflow

The Aireflow on the Wotofo Serpent AltoThe Serpent Alto’s airflow is slightly wider than on the Mini and can be adjusted to produce either throat or lung hits by manipulating the airflow rings. There is a pin to prevent the airflow from opening too wide or rotating 360 degrees by accident.  Unfortunately, you need to open the atomiser to make the adjustment, and some users find the rings a little tight in the beginning.  However, this small inconvenience soon passes as you find your ideal settings.


Decking It Out

Building on the Wotofo Alto RTA is pretty easy as the mounting deck has been redesigned. The more efficient airflow now has two air inlets just under the coil, positioned one on each side of the single coil vertical terminal configuration in a small chamber. The Mini had a small risk of short-circuiting when the coil leads were too long, but this problem has been eliminated in the Serpent Alto.

Also, the Wotofo Serpent Alto’s terminal holes are now only 2 mm wide, and you won’t be able to accidentally use complex high-resistance wires as the port holes won’t accept them. You receive two pre-made twisted Kanthal coils with your new tank.

Serpent Alto RTA side and bottom view of the tank

Wicking It Down

Fluff the cotton and trim just at the edge of the build deck above the wick holes. Remember to bevel the ends a little with a diagonal cut and tuck the edges into the holes. Tuck down the wick on either side, top it with e-liquid, and you are on! For top filling atomisers, you should always take care to close the airflow holes to stop the liquid from seeping out.  The Serpent Alto RTA Box showing full kitOnce the wicks are embedded, you just refill and go.



  • Mini tank with a moderate 2.5ml capacity
  • Easy deck build and easy wicking
  • Excellent flavour for single coil lovers with a lovely dense cloud
  • Runs cool up to 50W, although the cooling ribs still keep it pleasant after that.



The Wotofo Serpent Alto RTA can hold its own among all the other mini flavor-chase tanks in the market with its thoroughly satisfying cloud density, top taste and no leaking.  As with the Wotofo Troll RTA, the shallow grub screws could have been stronger, but decking and wicking are not max-muscle manoeuvres so careful handling will keep it intact for a long time.  The Serpent Alto’s single coil comes out at 0.36 ohms (unless you use your own) and goes well with modest mods with a 30-50W output.  It is an excellent choice for new taste-chasers and all lovers of single coil vaping.

Electronic Cigarettes • June 15, 2017

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