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Wotofo Conqueror Mini

Wotofo Conqueror Mini Review

Well! Here are our review of Wotofo Conqueror mini . This is a great device and it’s worth every penny. The device is a standard 22 mm diameter unit that offers a 2.5 ml capacity for your favorite e-liquid. The Conqueror is manufactured using reliable pyrex glass and stainless steel, along with a 510-pin that’s gold-plated. Size-wise, it’s a mere 39 mm long. First impressions are important, so I’ll give you mine: the Conqueror looks great. The stainless-steel appearance always seems to look great with black accents, and this device makes excellent use of that design choice. It looks great on all of the best box mods on the market, so no need to worry about that!

Wotofo Conqueror Mini

On Filling and Leaks

The filling process is super-easy with the Conqueror. The top cap is fairly simple to unscrew, the holes are large enough that they allow the juice to pass through without any problems. The only thing that you need to remember is that you should close off the airflow holes before you start to introduce the e-juice, or else you could end up cleaning up a nasty leak. That’s about the only way you’ll end up with leakage, though, since the tank is solid and the seals are tight enough to prevent leaking.

Both sides of the Wotofo Conqueror Mini


In our 40-watt tests, we opened up the airflow as far as it would go to check the flavor and vapor. On the flavor front, we were entirely satisfied.  We ran the device through its paces, using the provided .25 ohm coils. We tested it with a variety of wattage settings, in an effort to get a better handle on how it performs under different usage circumstances.The base piece of the Wotofo Conqueror Mini The e-juice’s flavor accents came through perfectly. The vapor production, though, was just adequate for that setting. Overall, the test was a success, but there was room for improvement.

At 50-watts, we added a bit of warmth to each draw, but that did come at the expense of some back-flow. The base unit with coils inHowever, the flavor was much more intense, so that was a huge benefit from a taste standpoint. More importantly, though, the vapor clouds were much larger. We then decided to close the airflow halfway to see what impact that had on our results. Much to our surprise, we for even better vapor, purer flavor, and a bit more warmth with the draw. That option also reduced the backflow, and made for a more enjoyable vaping session.

We did try the device at 60-watts too, but that ended up giving us even more backflow and way too much heat on the tip. Moreover, we got diminishing returns on the flavor, and actually preferred the taste at those lower wattage levels. After backing the device back down to the 50-watt setting, we decided that 60 watts was simply too much for us. As a result, we would recommend that anyone who buys the device aim for that 50-watt sweet spot – though your own build might produce different results than we enjoyed.



In short, this is a great device and it’s worth every penny. As far as recommendations go, there’s much to like about the Conqueror. It has great flavor and vapor production at that 50-watt level, and is pretty easy to take apart and clean. The only real drawback is that you do have to learn how to set the airflow to avoid back spit, and the unit seems to run through e-juice. That last issue is more of a feature than a bug, though, since there’s always a trade off when it comes to vapor production versus juice usage.


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Electronic Cigarettes • January 24, 2017

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