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Wismec Predator Review 228 Watt TC Mod Lateral Fire Bar

What have we got here? Glad you asked! We have ECCR’s Wismec Predator review. So what’s the Predator all about? This is a new and stylish mod that will fire up to 228 watts. Wismec is a brand that often uses American designers to create new products and the Predator falls into that category. Designed by Sinuous in the US. Wismec continues to collaborate and execute unique vapor products.

The Wismec Predator 228 mod does have a couple of unique features that we will cover. One of the first things noticed about this mod is that the sleek handling and design is reminiscent of the Smok Alien. The Predator is Wismec’s answer to the very popular Smok Alien 220 watt mod. So, it is essentially Predator vs Alien! Definitely some pop culture recognition intention with the design and naming of the Predator mod. Also an announcement to Smok that they want to take on the Alien, head to head. Modo a modo.

Wismec is an appropriate challenger for Smok. Both make exceptional vape mods and tanks.That brings to to another initial item that I want to bring up. Like Smok, Wismec offers mods as both individual items or in combination with a tank. Many times the tanks that other companies include with a mod kit are pretty basic. But both Smok and Wismec make a superior tank so getting a kit is a great way to get a premium quality tank for a better value. In other words, the two companies match up well. The Wismec Predator was released with the new Elabo tank which includes a pop in coil that does not have to be screwed in. So let’s get started.

the wismec predator 228 watt temperature control vaping mod

Other Wismec Collaborations

Wismec has previously collaborated with US based designer Jay-Bo. The first such collaboration led to the very successful Wismec Theorem RTA. The Theorem also served as the platform to launch Notch Coils. The Theorem has a unique RBA deck that let’s you build either vertical or horizontal coils. The base of the Theorem, which is an RTA or rebuildable tank atomizer, contains an e-juice reservoir.

Another Jay-Bo and Wismec collaboration is the Reuleaux TX300 quad 18650 300 watt mod. For more take a look at our Wismec Reuleaux RX300 review. It is a powerful device and exceptionally well built. Kind of like me. Just kidding! Anyway, there is one more Jay-Bo design to tell you about.

The final Jay-Bo Wismec cooperative effort to tell you about is the Wismec Reuleaux RX75. A single 18650 temperature control mod. After several successful collaborations with designers in the United States, Wismec has now partnered with a new designed in Sinuous. That brings us back to the Predator.

Unique Features Of The Wismec Predator 228

What are the unique features of the Wismec Predator 228? Well it really can reach 228 watts as long as you are using 25 amp batteries. They also have something called a “buck boost” to help access power. Many mods fall short of what they claim to be able to reach. Few, if any, people vape regularly at 228 watts but sometimes it can be fun to really push your atomizer to the limits. So while 200 watt or 230 watt mods are not uncommon really being able to hit the mark is less common. With buck boost and the right vape battery the Predator can get there.

If you get the Predator kit with the Elabo tank, the Elabo has a unique feature. The Elabo has a childproof top fill section so kids can’t accidentally be exposed to e-juice.

The Predator features an adapter that enables your vaping device to serve as a power bank. That alone is not unique. As a matter of fact we recently completed a vape mod review of the new Innokin MVP4. But there is a difference offered by the Predator. The USB port is plated as the port on the adapter. That plating enables a 2 amp charge so you will be able to charge an external device, such as your phone, more quickly.

The Predator is a vape mod with upgradeable software. That is a factor that we like to look for here at ECCR. Being able to upgrade your mod with new technology as it becomes available is a definite plus. You download upgrades through the USB port. We do not recommend using the USB port on the Predator to charge your 18650 batteries. We always recommend using a separate battery charger.

You can get upgrades from Wismec here.

The other unique feature on the Predator is the hidden fire button. If you look in the image below, the black section is the fire button. Basically you squeeze the Predator to activate. It feels very natural and comfortable to use. The button has a satisfying click when you fire the mod. The one thing you will want to be careful of is to lock the Predator when you are carrying it around so you don’t accidentally activate it.

wismec predator review a 228 watt mod that was designed in the usa

Who Is The Wismec Predator For?

The Wismec Predator is for vapers who are looking for a powerful mod that offers all of the trending vaping features and is a comfortable and fun device to use. It comes in 5 different colors, it looks great and it has a gorgeous OLED screen. It is also a great value. The cost is only $52.95 and that includes free shipping when you order from Direct Vapor. We’ll have a link at the end of the review.

In my opinion, after using this device for a while completing my Wismec Predator review, I think the best vale is to get the Wismec Predator kit. The Predator kit is for anyone looking to enjoy advanced vaping and getting both the mod and tank in one kit. Because I really enjoyed the Elabo tank paired with this mod. The entire kit is $72.95 so basically you get the cutting edge Elabo tank for only $20.

Why do I call the Elabo cutting edge? I have a reason! The first threadless, push in coils. You can get push in coils for the Elabo and that makes swapping coils quicker, easier and one heck of a lot less messy. Gold plated coils ensure reliable, non-corrosive electrical connections. There is a nice smooth airflow and the vaping is just a lot of fun. And very enjoyable.

Check Our The Predator Kit With Elabo Tank


Wismec Predator 228 Watt Mod Specs

wismec predator 228 watt temperature control mod specs

  • Dimensions are 43.6 mm wide by 29 mm thick by 86.7 mm tall
  • Wismec Predator Wattage Range Is 1 W up to 228 W
  • Temperature Control Range Is 200°F – 600°F Or 100°C – 315°C
  • Output Voltage Range: 0.5 V to 9.0 V
  • Resistance Range:
    • 0.05Ω – 1.58Ω (TC Modes)
    • 0.1Ω – 3.0Ω (VW Mode)
  • The Max Charge Current Is 2 Amps
  • Max Output Current Is 50 Amps
  • Requires Two 18650 Vape Batteries (Batteries Sold Separately)
  • To Reach Maximum Wattages 25 Amp Batteries Are Required
  • Micro USB Port (Charging & Updates)
  • Flip-Open Battery Cover
  • 2 Amp Max Quick Charge
  • Balanced Charging Technology
  • Innovative Buck-Boost Technology
  • Steady Power Output
  • Dual Circuit Protection
  • Reverse Polarity Battery Protection
  • Reverse Charging (As A Power Bank)
  • Ergonomic, Comfortable To Hold Size
  • Hidden Fire Button
  • Lateral Fire Key
  • Large OLED Display
  • Detailed Vaping Data

Elabo Tank Specs:

  • Dimensions Are 52.8 mm tall with a 25 mm diameter
  • Tank Capacity:
    • 4.9mL (With Triple 0.2Ω Head)
    • 4.6mL (With NS Triple 0.25Ω Head Push In Coils)
  • Detachable Structure
  • Retractable Sliding Top Filling
  • Childproof Lock System (Remove Drip Tip To Open Top Fill Slide)
  • Large Adjustable Airflow

Wismec Predator Review

The major theme I want to convey for my Wismec Predator review is fun and easy to use. How’s the vaping? The vaping is excellent. It is easy to access all of the vaping features. The menu is crystal clear and a very large and detailed display. The mod is very responsive, very well made and a terrific value.


wismec predator electronic cigarette mod kit designed in the usa

best place to buy the wismec predator


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