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White Cloud Winter Vape Sale Save Half On Starter Kits

If you missed out on the Black Friday, Christmas and New Years vape sales, don’t worry. You can still save 50% of starter kits with the White Cloud E-Cigs winter sale on now through the end of January.  That is 50% off some of the best cigalike kits in the industry. On top of that, White Cloud E-cig kits and e-cig refill cartridges are assembled in the USA. This company has imported production from overseas to Florida to create American jobs.

White Cloud is regarded as one of the top employers in Tampa, Florida. They have used their success to reinvest in the US economy and ensure that their employees enjoy a state of the art workplace and excellent standard of living. So if buying and supporting US jobs is high on your list of importance, then you will want to take a look at what White Cloud has to offer.

ECCR is happy to report to you that the quality of White Cloud electronic cigarettes is excellent. White Cloud has long been one of the top American e-cig companies. They offer a number of cigalike e-cig kits with a huge range of flavors and strengths.

What Does White Cloud E-Cigs Have?

white cloud e cig starter kits on sale

The White Cloud Cirrus 3X And Cirrus Omni Kit

White Cloud E-cigs is where you want to go for the best quality two-piece, easy to use electronic cigarettes. Do you travel often for work or pleasure? Then take a look at White Clouds re-charegable kits that are now on sale. By the way, if you want the hassle free disposable vape, well White Cloud Flings disposable e-cigarettes are an excellent choice. You won’t find a better disposable e-cig.

This is something new that we have to tell you about. When we first tested White Cloud e-cigs a few years ago, we found that the e-cig refill cartridges were among the best we have ever tested. Our White Cloud electronic cigarette review has all of the details. The flavor lasts from the first puff to the last and the vapor production is equally consistent. We found that you could get 350 to 400 puffs from each cartridge which is phenomenal. Well now White Cloud has introduced the new Clear Draw Max cartridges that have 55% more e-liquid. In other words, White Cloud cartridges are better than ever.

A lot of vapers out there still prefer the 2-piece cigalike design. It is the most familiar, easy and convenient form of vaping. As an industry, much of the innovation of ecig technoogy has move toward adding more capabilities to complex mods. It is outstanding to see a company that is still improving and perfecting cigalike technology.

White Cloud E-Cig Kit Sale

Through January, you can save 50% off of the Cirrus 3X starter kit and Cirrus Omni kit. Prices start at under $20 and you can get the deluxe Cirrus 3X kit, the complete kit, for under $45. That’s half price. To get this deal you can click the sale link below. You will use coupon code 50KITSCJ to get the discount.

The value that you get for your money with White Cloud vapor products is exceptionally good. Not only do you get incredible battery life, cartridge life and vapor satisfaction, you get some of the best prices in the business considering how long the cartridges last. By the way, there are 18 flavors of Clear Draw Max cartridges and 6 nicotine levels.

If you are new to vaping or a cigalike vaper, then this sale is one that you will want to take a look at. Even if you are an experienced vaper who owns a complex, powerful mod, you should also take a look. Cigalikes are ideal for travel or as a convenient, portable back up. Carrying a big mod with you through the day in a work environment is sometimes not a good idea either. The cigalike remains the most accessible, easy to use vapor product and White Cloud makes an incredible e-cig.

Check out White Cloud’s 50% off winter sale. use coupon code 50KITSCJ to get your huge discount.

Electronic Cigarettes • April 5, 2017

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