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White Cloud Fling Wide And Wide Mini Review Travel Light

Traveling with electronic cigarettes actually worries a lot of vapers. While you can travel with your ecig devices in your carry on there is the additional concern of how much e-juice to take or if you are going to enjoy some seclusion, where do you recharge? Then there is the matter of traveling to foreign countries and what the heck kind of electrical outlets will they have? There is a very easy and convenient way around all of this. The White Cloud Fling Wide Mini and White Cloud Fling wide disposable electronic cigarettes.

The White Cloud Fling, Fling Wide and Fling Wide Mini are all disposable e-cigarettes available in a large range of flavors and strengths. While many e-cig brands have moved away from offering disposables, While Cloud Electronic Cigarettes, a Florida based innovating vape company, has gone the other direction. They have innovated with intention to dominate. Now, indeed they do dominate with the best disposable electronic cigarettes. There is no easier, hassle free way of traveling that with disposables.

If you have read any of my articles before, no doubt you became an instant admirer of my impeccable writing. The style, the volumes of information and my grounded, modest, and humble humility. Ok, I am laying it on a bit thick! But I do have a habit of writing longer articles to convey a lot of information. That being the case I would like to do a little background on the disposable e-cig. It will only take a sec. Promise.

The Best Disposable Electronic Cigarettes

There was a time not long ago when disposable e-cigs dominated the market. In fact, one-piece disposable e-cigarettes were the first types of e-cigs shipped to the US back in 2006. In short order, rechargeable e-cig batteries and disposable e-cig cartridges became the norm but disposable still maintained a strong share. ECCR did an analysis of the best disposable electronic cigarette and we found that the runaway leader was White Cloud.

As time moved forward and mods began to become the preferred choice of vapers in pursuit of ever larger vape clouds, disposables began to fade away. In the last 4 years, the availability of disposable e-cigarettes has been in rapid decline. You can still find some low quality disposables in convenience stores but you don’t need to tangle with those. You can get the best disposables in the business from White Cloud.

The original White Cloud Flings are a cigalike in every respect. They mimic a cigarette in function and appearance. The original Flings are an awesome vaping product and great value. If you own a convenience store, you will want to take a look as well. Anyway, White Cloud has moved the ball forward when it comes to disposable vapes. Now they have released the White Cloud Fling Wide and White Cloud Fling Wide Mini.

White Cloud Fling Wide And Wide Mini Review

The White Cloud Fling is a disposable, portable e-cig designed with a wider body. Why? Because you get the same level of portability but the wider body allows for more battery capacity and more e-liquid. That equates to a much longer lasting disposable e-cig. The Fling Wide has 3 ml of e-liquid. That is at least triple the amount in a conventional disposable e-cig. On top of that, it has a 700 mAh battery. You add up those two little factoids and it is pretty easy to figure out that this disposable will go longer and stronger than any other disposable.

The thermoplastic body construction keeps things cool to the touch and keeps the e-liquid fresh. The flavor does indeed last from the first puff to the last. I have gone through several Fling Wide and Fling Wide Minis and they do deliver as advertised. The vapor production is impressive. The vapor is flavorful and satisfying.

White Cloud Fling Wide Mini

white cloud fling wide and wide mini e-cigarette review

The White Cloud Fling Wide Mini is the same width as the full sized Fling Wide but is about 1/3 shorter. The Wide Mini is very close to the same length as a tobacco cigarette. Now, the Wide Mini contains 2 ml of e-liquid so you still get double the vaping and more vapor production than you do from a typical disposable.

White Cloud Fling Wide And Wide Mini Flavors

As mentioned, the White Cloud Fling disposables, all versions and varieties, contain USA made e-liquid of the best quality. Now here is the really good part. If you have ever bought a disposable ecig from a convenience store, or any convenience store e-cig for that matter, you know that you get two maybe three flavor options tops. Forget that.

You can get White Cloud Fling Wide e-cigs in 24 different flavors. There are tobacco flavors, menthol, fruits and the list goes on. The line up of available flavors is impressive and give you a lot of choice.

Next up let’s talk nicotine strengths. There are 6 different nicotine strengths. Here’s the list:

  1.  – 5.4 % – Double Extra Strength
  2.  – 3.6 % – Extra Strength
  3.  – 2.4 % – Full
  4.  – 1.6 % – Light
  5.  – 0.8 % – Ultra Light
  6.  – 0 % – Non Nicotine Vaping

You can see you get a lot of options here including some eye-poppingly strong options! The 5.4 % is the strongest that I know of. Most will be content with 2.4 % or 1.8 % but if you like something stronger you got it!

You are getting premiere quality from an American e-cig company. You are getting a wide range of choice for flavor and strength. And you are getting a long lasting disposable e-cig that never requires recharging, is ultra portable and simply perfect for travel. An e-cig for summer travel plans. Leave your fancy mod at home and travel with White Cloud. Or, vape with Flings every day. When you buy five or more Fling Wides you get them for less than $10 each. You can get a bulk pack of Wide Minis for less that $8 each.

Visit White Cloud Yourself And Learn More Here.


White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes

Who is White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes? Some of you may be asking that question. If you go to a vape shop or visit the e-cig forums on a variety of sites you will hear about Aspire, Kanger, Innokin and others. These are great companies. They export e-cigs to America all the time. But, here in the USA, we do actually have some pretty terrific American vape brands. White Cloud e-cigs is absolutely one of them.

I love vaping. I love the vaping community. But if there is one thing that makes me sad it is that so many in our community overlook the American companies. We have been doing White Cloud e-cigarette reviews for years now. Their products are always a cut above. They go the extra mile for every customer. And, they brought manufacturing from overseas to the United States. White Cloud is regarded as one of the best places to work in Tampa.

We have American vape companies working hard and getting involved to protect vaping rights. In addition they are making excellent products and e-liquids. By the way, White Cloud e-cigarettes uses their own USA made e-juice available in almost 30 different flavors and 6 nicotine strength levels. At ECCR we are proud to work with American companies like White Cloud to help people explore all of their vaping options.

The Best Disposable Vape To Travel With

The question of traveling with electronic cigarettes is a worry for many. Batteries, chargers, taking your mod apart for TSA. And then packing the e-liquids. Worrying about charging your mod on the road. And hey, if you are tenting in the wilds then you for sure have no place to recharge! Well these concerns are why I wanted to write this article about the Fling disposables. Are they going to produce like your cloud chasing mod? No, but that’s not what they are designed for.

The Fling disposables are designed for convenience, simplicity, portability and simple vaping enjoyment. You can get a very satisfying and fulfilling vapor experience and that’s what counts. The Fling is perfect for the road! So go ahead, go off the grid with a Fling.


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