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Vype eTank

Reviewing The Vype eTank

When it comes to e-cigarettes in the UK,Vype is probably the best-known brand. Not only do they offer an affordable product, but they have three different starter kits too! They have an ePen Kit, and eStick kit, and an eTank. The review we offer today is their eTank kit, which overall, we were very impressed and pleased with.

The Battery and Responsiveness

The Vype eTank came with a 650mAh battery, which is 13.8 cm long. This makes it just a fraction shorter than the Vype ePen until the cartridge is attached. While the unit doesn’t offer a variable voltage at this time, we didn’t find that to be a negative toward the unit, just an observation by one person. Most of us find that option to be pointless since we’re all based here in the UK anyway. We feel certain that as Vype makes its way around the globe, the manufacturer will come out with a eTank with variable voltage.

The 650mAh battery that came with the eTank got each of us that were trying out the unit about six hours with average, regular use, which is par with the other brands our group has tried. Getting it completely re-juiced with power took approximately 90 minutes, which if you’re a steady vaper, which may seem like an eternity. For most of us in the group that tied the Vype eTank unit, after the unit was completed juiced up, we got about 5 to 6 hours, which got us through the nine to five work day without a problem.

What most of us like was the size of the battery wasn’t too large, which made it very comfortable to hold and use. It is a little bit smaller but yet thicker than the 650mAh battery that comes with the Vapouriz Fuse. Confusing description but our overall comparison is that the Vype feels thinner than the Vapouriz Fuse, even though they are the exact same diameter.

The button is easy to locate without sticking out like another unit is attached, which is great. So you don’t have to spin the eTank around and around to find the button, but it doesn’t stick out there getting in the way either.

The Vapour and Flavors

It was a pleasant surprise to all of us just how much throat hit that the 12mg liquid had, which comes with the unit. Very impressive, especially when you consider the low strength of the juice we choose. The vapour is nice and smooth, not too much of a throat hit, but enough to satisfy your craving.

When filling the tank, by all means, follow the instructions! And that includes letting the unit sit for 10 minutes after filling. If you don’t, you’ll have the driest hit ever that will sour you on vaping. Patience is a virtue with the Vype eTank, but well worth that 10 minutes wait. Trust us on that one.

When it comes to the flavors, they have several and we haven’t had time to try them all yet. We’ll be providing a review on all of the flavors soon. But for now, the Blended Tobacco and Golden Tobacco, while basic flavors, they gave us the rich taste that you’d want and were very enjoyable. The VPure, which is no flavouring, (so why bother vaping if you aren’t going to have flavor), but it did provide a throat hit that we all were surprised to get. The other flavours that we’ll be trying and offering a review on are:

  • Crisp Mint
  • Dark Cherry
  • Fresh Apple
  • Infused Vanilla
  • Oriental Spice
  • Rich Aniseed

One person in our group did try the Dark Cherry and loved it as well as the Fresh Apple. They actually mixed those two flavors together and created their own fruity and hearty tasting flavor, a one of a kind maybe? The liquids are not a syrupy, thick substance which can affect the flavor and how they load into the unit. Each 10ml bottle costs £4.99, a very reasonable price and the company will send one free for every 5 you order – that’s a deal you can’t pass up.



Vype eTank


The Guarantee and Warranty

The guarantee and warranty are very generous and the customer service department is quick to respond and make things right. They have got the customer satisfaction thing down to a science and that says a lot about a company.

The Packing and Shipping

If you’re just getting started vaping, you can’t go wrong with the Vype eTank Starter Kit in our opinion. Anything and everything you need to get started will come in this kit and it is not only well packaged, but it is double packed. No matter what carrier they used for shipping, it could only arrive in great condition. This is a manufacturer that knows how to pack and ship, which tells us right away this is a company that knows customer service, and what it is all about.

And not only was it well packed and arrived safely, it arrived fast! Ordered it one day and it arrived in one day and that was choosing normal delivery. Of course, a lot of that depends on the carrier and time of year, but it also was an indication that Vype is on their game when it comes to getting their product out the door. We have since ordered refills and they came just as quick and just as well packed.


In conclusion, this is an eTank to go with you if you’re just beginning to vape or if you are an experienced vaper, it is definitely worth trying. You not only get what they tell you that you’re going to get, you get much more in customer service and product.


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Electronic Cigarettes • August 3, 2016

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