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Vuse e-Cigarette Review

Vuse e-Cigarette In-Depth Review

Vuse is in that class of e-cig that are designed to look and feel like cigarettes, known as cig-a-likes. They’re simple products that are targeted toward casual vapers and those smokers who are thinking about transitioning away from their deadly cigarettes to the safer electronic options, you can read more about that here. As you probably know already, most of these types of products tend to be on the lower end of the electronic cigarette price scale, and that can lead some to believe that they’re all basically low-quality electronic cigarette knockoffs. That’s not true. As anyone who used devices like these to quit smoking already knows, many of these low-end products can be quite enjoyable.


As a general rule, these retail-type e-cigs don’t require much when it comes to descriptions of their technological capabilities or features. That is pretty much true with the Vise as well, since it is essentially comparable to similar rechargeable atomizer e-cigs. There are some nice features like the LED light that used different color schemes to let you know that it is out of juice, running low on energy, and so on. This is a common thing with vaping pens and clearomizers, but you seldom see such features with devices as inexpensive as this.

R.J Reynolds Introduces The “Vuse” E Cigarette:

Vuse packaging


The Kit

Vuse electronic cigarettes come in a kit – much like the Blu or Green Smoke that are so popular these days. There is apparently a serious push on to get the product some instant notoriety, since my convenience store guy actually offered me a free kit when I mentioned that we were doing a write-up on the product. Of course, the product only retails for about $10, so it was probably no big deal to just give one kit away.

The kit comes with everything you need to get started with Vuse. It includes the ecig component, one cartridge with e-juice, and the charger. Obviously, one cartridge isn’t going to get you very far, and additional flavor cartridges have to be purchased separately, but the kit is a low-cost way to gain some familiarity with this product and determine whether it’s right for your needs. And, as I noted earlier, that type of kit and its price point are common in the industry.


The Taste of the e-Liquid

Vuse FlavorsE-liquid flavor is perhaps the single most important element in any electronic cigarette’s success. Face it; if the juice tastes bad, then no one really wants to use the product. That’s true in every type of e-cig product, including the cigarette lookalikes. With that said, Vuse is obviously onto something with their e-liquid selection, since all of the flavors we tried seem to be right on point. With a little extra research, we discovered that the company really does take its juice seriously, with food-grade ingredients and a recipe that was obviously the result of time and attention. Believe me when I tell you that it is almost impossible to come up with a great e-juice flavor by accident. This took effort.



Vaping with Vuse

None of this matters, however, if the performance is sub par. So, how well does the device live up to its claims? In our tests, we discovered one thing that we found somewhat surprising, and it has to do with the consistency of the vapor and flavor production that we experienced in our session. You see, many vaping devices – both inexpensive units like the Vuse and even more expensive products – often suffer a loss in taste, vapor production, or both as your vaping session goes on. That can lead to dry hits, burned flavor, and a generally unpleasant experience at various points in the vaping process.

We half-expected to experience that same inconsistency with the Vuse. After all, for $10, it really wouldn’t have been reasonable for us to expect the perfect puffs that the company seems to promise. I am happy to have been wrong in those expectations. What we actually discovered is that the last taste was as perfectly delivered as the first – and that’s not something that we’ve been able to say about too many of these types of products in recent years.

Vaping effect of the Vuse


The Drawbacks

Naturally, not everything is perfect. Still, the major drawback that we noticed during our tests may not even be a bad thing for everyone who tries the Vuse. Our only real concern had to do with the strength of the nicotine hit that we seemed to get with our throat hits. Usually, these types of e-cigs are somewhat mild on the throat, but the Vuse delivers a stronger than normal type of hit, and that suggests that a great deal of nicotine is being delivered with each puff. That’s obviously not a bad thing for everyone, but it is something that should be understood by anyone using the Vuse in an attempt to cut back on nicotine in an attempt to quit smoking.

How does it measure up to other similar products? Pretty well, we’d say. Obviously, this is probably not the type of product that you want to choose if you intend to vape on a long-term basis. There are, after all, better options at the higher price points, including various clearomizers and mods. However, if you’re a periodic vaper transitioning to a life without cigarettes, or just becoming familiar with e-cigs, the Vuse is not the best place to start but not that bad!


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