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VIP electronic cigarette review | Reviewed by Vapers

VIP Electronic cigarette: designed for VIPs?

VIP, an electronic cigarette launched in the year 2009, is a distributor currently located outside Manchester. The comprehensive website for this company has general information about this electronic cigarette and how clients can order them directly. VIP electronic cigarette saw a serious boom in popularity along other industries in electronic cigarettes. Recent spotlight by the media about the controversies that surround electronic cigarettes have been the key for the boom. VIP has great selections for starter kits, electronic cigarettes, and accessories.


VIP electronic cigarettes’ famous executive starter kit is sold fully loaded with charged batteries that are very convenient for direct use. The kit further comes with a USB charger, mains adapter that have well inscribed VIP logo visible from both sides. The cartomizers for VIP are orange in colour and have a silver screw ending. The battery in the starter kit is made of pleasant & quality look that has additional equally spaced rings of silver encircling it.

Vip electronic cigarette review

Just like in other electronic cigarettes, VIP brand logo is placed near the junction of the cartomizer and battery.

The VIP Executive Kit has the following items:

  • A cigarette packet that has holder for two refills
  • Blue ended rechargeable battery
  • Wall charger
  • Universal serial bus charger
  • Two standard refills
  • Ten refills of chosen flavour
  • User manual

VIP electronic cigarette review – Battery/Responsiveness

As indicated earlier, the executive starter kit is not sold with a personal charge packet. This is disappointing because PCCs have become very prominent because of inherent convenience to charge while on the go. Lack of a PCC coupled with only one battery in the kit makes it very difficult for the buyer to vape the entire day when he does not have a constant source of power.

Just like other e-cigarettes that utilize automatic batteries, smokers do not have to get worries about when to put on the cigarette because the vapourizer switches itself on after detecting a drag. I advise users who frequently move around to consider buying the more expensive Platinum Starter Kit (available from £69.98) because it has 2 batteries as well as a car adapter.

vip electronic cigarette battery

VIP electronic cigarette review – Vapour/Flavour

Vip electronic cigarette flavoursTurning to cartomizer flavours, users have the option of selecting between menthol and tobacco. VIP E-Cigarette Executive Starter nicotine strength is limited to three main flavours; strong (24 milligrams), medium (16 milligrams), and mild (11 milligrams). For vapours who want to use menthol, there is additional limitation of nicotine strengths to either regular or strong. VIP cigarette advices new users to consider starting with the 24 milligram strength brand before shifting to others.

Besides the traditional flavours provided by VIP such as menthol and tobacco, you can also get flavours such as cherry, strawberry, and coffee. The VIP Executive Starter is a 2-piece model that only needs screwing the cartomizer into the charged battery to enjoy vaping. You start vaping by inhaling which makes the atomizer heat the e-juice and also turn on the LED battery light at the tip.

VIP electronic cigarette review – Returns/Warranty

VIP electronic cigarette provides a limited warrant of 28 days for products bought via their website. This is strictly allowed for original buyers only. The cartomizers are omitted in the limited warrant because of their delicate nature and health considerations. Other accessories such as main adapters, batteries, car chargers and universal serial bus chargers come with the 28 days limited warrant as far as the user does not use them improperly.

VIP customer support is available to assist clients beginning from 9-5:30pm Monday to Friday. You can reach the support using either email or calling on telephone.

VIP electronic cigarette review – Codes for Discount

You can get varying discount on the company’s facebook page.

VIP electronic cigarette review – Conclusion 

E-cigarettes have the good as well as the unlikeable aspects for the user. The draw was smooth and great while vapour volume was indeed excellent. However, I found that the flavour was not the best for me. In addition, I was dissatisfied with battery life. Perhaps the quality of the product is not the best because it is a less costly option. I thought that there are indeed some better choices that beginners can go for. If you are interested in getting more about VIP e-cigarette, consider visiting the site here

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