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Video: Canadian Constitution Foundation Fights For Vaping

In Canada, Bill S5 is making its way through the bureaucratic process. Bill S5 will regulate electronic cigarettes in Canada. The new vaping laws will treat electronic cigarettes as being the same as tobacco. That would include age restrictions, product packaging guidelines, and advertising restrictions. Advertising restrictions include the use of scientific studies to discuss possible benefits of switching to vaping from smoking. The Canadian Constitution Foundation says that treating electronic cigarettes as tobacco is dangerous.

In Canada the public perception of vaping has taken a beating over the years. We have seen this same phenomena all over the world. The Canadian Constitution Foundation says that part of the reason that the reputation of e-cigs has been harmed is because of government and regulators treating e-cigs as tobacco. Moreover, the end result discouraging people switching from smoking to vaping. The danger is that 40,000 Canadians die from smoking every year and cost the health system 17 billion dollars a year.

If Bill S5 is passed, any personal testimonials of people that have quit smoking with vaping will not be allowed when marketing e-cigs. Peer reviewed studies that show vaping is safer will not be allowed to be used either. Studies like those completed by Public Health England that show vaping is 95% safer than smoking will not be allowed to enter the conversation. The Canadian Constitution foundation says that this ban on science and testimony is what must change. They outline the case in the video below.



Electronic Cigarettes • April 5, 2017

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