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Vapouriz Starter Kit Full Review | Reviewed by Vapers

Vapouriz review – the brand

If you live in the United Kingdom and you have the slightest interest in electronic cigarettes, then you must have heard of Vapouriz. The company’s main line of business is to distribute e-cigs based outside the UK. It was founded in the year 2011 and it quickly grew over the few years that it has been in operation. Currently, it delivers products to customers located all over the world from Brazil all the way to Australia. One thing that Vapouriz is renowned for is providing a wide range of products to its customers. In addition to providing e-cigs and their accessories, the company also provides electronic cigars.

Some of the flavours that you can get from this company include Menthol, Classic Tobacco, Cherry, Caramel Tobacco and Tobacco Gold. However, you don’t have many options when it comes to nicotine content. The company offers two options. There is the regular version that has a concentration of 1.8% and the light edition with a concentration of 1.2%. If you want a wider range of options, then you can opt to manually do the refilling, then you would get a hundred variations and the choice of four nicotine strengths. You can get the following five starter kits from Vapouriz: Gemini Pro, Gemini Hard Pack, Gemini, Solo and Tank.

vapouriz reviewMy experience with Vapouriz

To ensure that their users face no problems when choosing from the many options available, Vapouriz has a comparison table on their main website. This table comes in handy especially for new users who are still trying to find the best option to take. The Solo kit is the only kit that’s not rechargeable in the company’s range of starter kits. It’s also important to note that the Tank eGo Strater kit from Vapouriz is the only one from Vapouriz that can be used with the company’s e-liquids. With the increase in popularity of the e-cig systems that use a cartomizer-battery combination, the Gemini Pro Starter kit from Vapouriz is the most popular in the market even with a market price of £41.66.

This kit comes with the following items:

  1. Two rechargeable lithium-ion batteries (180mAh each)
  2. A USB cable for charging the batteries
  3. An adapter for connecting to the mains
  4. One portable charge case (1250mAh)
  5. Five refill cartomisers.

Of course, most of these items are standard with most of the other e-cigs on the market. So what makes the Vapouriz special? Read on to find out.


Vapouriz review – Packaging and Design

vapouriz packagingThe Gemini Pro Kit from Vapouriz comes packed in a black neat box that has a transparent plastic window that shows the charge case even before opening the box. The design of this portable charge case is one of the most outstanding features of the design of this model of electronic cigarettes. It comes with a smooth outer coating that has been made with a rubberised finish. It has ample space for three cartomisers and two batteries. The anterior face of this portable charge case has the company’s branding along with their slogan: “No whiffs or Butts”. That aside, the charge case is appealing to the eye and very durable. In this review, we used the Classic Tobacco flavour that comes with a nicotine concentration of 1.8%.

I must say that I was impressed by the manner in which the cartomisers were packed in the charge case. Having said that, let’s take a closer look at the design of the cartomisers. The flavour is printed on the hygiene sticker that’s placed on the end where the user does the vaping to ensure that no user ever takes the wrong flavour accidentally. Nothing’s unique about the USB cable and the mains adapter. In addition to getting these items, the pack comes with an instruction manual to guide new users on how to use the different items included in the pack. However, this is not really necessary for users who have used electronic cigarettes in the past.

Vapouriz review – Flavour/Vapour

vapouriz refillsAs mentioned earlier on this review, the Gemini Pro Kit from Vapouriz uses one 180mAh battery. There are limited options when it comes to flavour because the cartomizers come either in the Menthol Fresh or the Classic Tobacco flavour. To use this e-cig, you only need to screw the cartomiser into the battery and you’ll be good to go.

After screwing the cartomiser onto the battery, the next step is to remove the hygiene sticker that normally comes covering the vape opening. After doing this, you only need to make a vape and the automatic system will be activated. From there, a green indicator light goes on at the tip of the battery to indicate that the e-cig is working. The classic tobacco flavour has nothing noteworthy when it comes to the flavour, but it really stands out when it comes to the production of vapour. According to estimates done by Vapouriz, one cartomiser can be approximately be equated to 40 conventional tobacco cigarettes. However, after using the e-cig, I would estimate the number to be around 25. However, this number will vary from user to user because it is greatly affected by the frequency and force of inhalation among other aspects.

Vapouriz review – Battery and Responsiveness

This kit comes equipped with a 1250 mAh PCC that has enough space to carry up to two batteries and three cartomisers. Going by the figures given by Vapouritz and our personal experience, it takes between one and two hours to charge the unit up to a fully charged state. One of the amazing features of this PCC is the use of the modern “push” charge technology. The makes it possible to charge the batteries without having to screw them in. This saves time and makes the process a whole lot easier. With this PCC, an average user should be able to get enough charge to last for a whole day without the need for a recharge. One fully charged PCC can recharge batteries up to 7 times before the need for another recharge.

vapouriz battery

The Gemini Pro kit comes with two batteries, each of which (according to ratings from Vapouriz) can give about three to five hours of use. However, I was only able to get a little over 2.5 hours from each of these. Charging of the batteries takes about 1.5 hours on the PCC. There is a status indicator light on the PCC to show whether the batteries are charging.

Vapouriz review – Conclusion

In summary, Vapouriz is one company that knows exactly what users need in electronic cigarettes. From the design all the way to the content of their e-cigs, they seem to have perfected their art. However, a little effort still needs to be put on the varieties that are available to ensure that they can compete favourably in the market.

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