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The VaporFi VEX-75 and 150 TC MOD Reviews

VaporFi VEX 75 and 150 TC MOD 2016 Review

VaporFi VEX 75 and 150 TC MODVaporFi has definitely earned its reputation for quality innovation, and the company continues to come up with new and creative products for its customers. The VaporFi VEX 75 and 150 MOD In just the last few months, they’ve come out with several different lines of box mods that are sure to capture your attention. Recently, VaporFi released a new set of its popular box mods in what it is calling the VEX line, and it’s currently receiving some rave reviews from vapers everywhere. In this VaporFi VEX 75 and 150 TC MOD review, we’ll take a look at the VEX series and see how its two different product offerings can meet vaping enthusiasts’ needs in this new era in which vaping consumers demand more features and benefits than ever before.

Focus on the External

With the VEX series, VaporFi presents us with two different external battery mods that give users the ability to recharge their batteries externally. There are currently two different options in this series: the Vex 75 and the Vex 150 TC. Both have external 18650 batteries, and both are advertised as offering superior power, durability, and reliable function for vaping enthusiasts. If you’re one of those vapers who absolutely must have some level of control over things like ohms and temperature settings, then this series should be right up your alley. Obviously, this is a must have option for anyone interested in sub-ohm vaping and those heavy-duty clouds of tasty vapor that we all know and love.

The Difference with the VOX 40 and 80 Mod

Although asthetically they look similar there are some subtle differences that make the VEX a little more user friendly and possibly more favorable to the vaper. The main difference is the use of an external 18650 battery, this means you can carry a spare battery arround without having to have a back up power unit. The other obvious difference is again due to the external and more poweful battery produces greater power so you can hit those higher levels of vaping if ever required.

The VaporFi VEX 75

The VEX 75 is an external mod that comes with one 18650 battery to provide it with all the power it needs to operate. The device can support atomizers ranging from titanium and stainless steel to nickel. It can easily handle those low resistance coils you need to generate huge plumes of vapor that are also filled with flavor. The body is made from a zinc alloy, and can be purchased in one of two styles: stainless steel or black.

 VaporFi VEX 75

VaporFi 150 TC MOD

The VEX 150 TC offers twice the battery, with two 18650 batteries for even more power. That dual-battery style enables it to provide you with as many as 150 watts, which is more than enough to ensure that you can fire just about any RDA up with ease. Like the 75, the VaporFi 150 TC mod accommodates titanium, nickel, and stainless steel atomizers. It too is designed using that same zinc allot, and comes in either black or a stainless-steel chassis finish.

VaporFi 150 TC MOD

The Vex Videos

See for yourself the box mod and learn a little more about how it works with our 2 videos:

Check out the video for the VaporFi Vex 75 TC Mod. The video shows the VEX 75 in operation so you can see exactly what it looks like.

Check out the video for the VaporFi Vex 150 TC Mod where you can learn a little more on the spec and see what it looks like.

But How’s the Performance?

Of course, those features are interesting – but a real vaping enthusiast always wants to do more than just get under the hood of any device. You want to know how well it performs where it really matters: during a vaping session. Well, the VEX series has proven that it’s capable of doing much more than vexing its users. In fact, its performance in our trials was nothing short of amazing. There’s a reason it’s winning acclaim as the company’s most powerful mod setup.

Using the VEX is a dream, especially if you’re into ergonomic design and simplicity of use so it is arguably one of the best box mods on the market. They’re both clocking in at a manageable size, and they feel really natural in the palm of your hand. That’s a major boon by any standards. Since they are externals, the company really seems to have focused in on providing necessary safety measures. As a result, your device has safeguards to protect you against accidents that could result from overcharging and other major risks.

The temperature control features on both these devices offer you enough flexibility to fire at temps ranging from 200°F to 600°F, while achieving atomizer resistances ranging from .1 to 3.5 ohms. If you’ve been looking for a solid box mod that can accommodate your sub-ohm vaping needs, you can feel comfortable using either of these terrific options. There’s also a large OLED screen so that you can monitor things like ohms, amps, temp settings, and more.

These devices run like a dream in our vaping sessions, so you should feel more than comfortable adding them to your collection of mods. It helps, of course, that they work with so many different tanks and RDAs, since most of us don’t look forward to running out to buy different components just to match some new mod that we’ve purchased.

Overall, you’ll get the power and performance that you’re looking for. And since this is a VaporFi product, you can expect the durability and longevity that you always receive from anything that they release to market. The bottom line for us is simple: the VaporFi VEX 75 and 150 TC mods are both worthy additions to any mod collection, and suitable for all intermediate and advanced vaping enthusiasts.

VaporFi VEX 75150 TC

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