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VaporFi VAIO 80 in 3-Colors

VaporFi VAIO 75 and 80 TC MOD Review

In recent months, the company has taken aim at the mod market once again, releasing a number of different product series in an effort to improve the service that they provide to their loyal customers. In this VaporFi VAIO 75 and 80 TC MOD Review, we’ll take a look at one of those new product lines: the VAIO.

The VAIO in 3 different colorsThe VAIO series is an all-in-one offering that gives users a choice of two separate options. You can select the VAIO 75 or the VAIO 80 TC mods. Both have tanks that are built into the mod, which can eliminate the need to purchase or otherwise locate that critical component. You also have the option of selecting batteries that are either built into the device or removable – another nice bit of flexibility to accommodate your need to customize and makes it one of the best box mods on the market.

And while some devices are designed to work with either mouth to lung vaping or the more direct to lung method, the VAIO system has been engineered to provide excellent vaping using either draw option. And the flexible temperature control and other options ensure that you can choose the type of vapor cloud production that you want too – something that a lot of other mod options ignore. In short, the VAIO has gone out of its way to ensure that it’s ready to meet just about any type of vaping preference.



Internal Tank and Powerful Batteries

Like we said, this collection of devices has the tank built right into the body of the mod – which is a welcome relief for vapers who don’t want to mess with all that component assembly. VaporFi VAIO showing internal tankThere’s a nice-sized tank viewing window located on the front section of the body of the VAIO 80. There are two such windows on the side sections of the VAIO 75. These light up when the device is in use, giving the VAIO a more space-age appearance that is really interesting to observe, especially when compared to the other and best e cigs on the market.

Of course, the units also include tank connectors for those who want to use their own RDAs or sub-ohm tank components. These can be easily attached right to either of the mods. If you opt for the internal, though, you’ll have plenty of e-juice capacity, as the tanks hold a respectable 3.5 ml of juice. Better yet, the device is filled from the top, and has those nifty Kanger mod CLOCC atomizer features that help to avoid backflow. Naturally, it also has superior airflow design to ensure that you’re gaining even greater control over your vaping experience.

Side profile of the VAIOWattage is variable, so you have control over the amount of power you’re using for your vaping session. Add to that the temperature control that you can achieve and you have a recipe for the type of customized vaping that most vapers spend hundreds of dollars and months of experimentation to achieve. Not bad for an all-in-one, right? As you might also expect, these devices also offer different coil compatibilities, supporting everything from stainless steel and titanium to nickel and kanthal. The VAIO is truly a customized dream.

On the battery front, the VAIO 75 offers a removable 18650, while the VAIO 80 has a 2100 mAH power source that has been built into the device. The result is a minor difference of 5 watts capacity, and doesn’t affect the capabilities with respect to the amount of variable wattage used for the ohm capacity, which ranges from 0.15 to 3 ohms. In addition, both devices provide temperature control so that you can better manage the amount of vapor and taste that you receive. Temperature ranges go from between 200 and 600°F – and you can achieve temp resistance ranging from 0.05 to 1 ohm. So, yes, you can get plenty of vapor.

Both offer standard charging options, but the VAIO 80 also takes advantage of the new pass-through capabilities that many new devices are including. That allows you to use your device even while you are charging it – a handy feature for anyone who doesn’t want to keep multiple devices in stock at any given time.

In our tests, there was excellent vapor production at the upper middle end of the wattage range. If you vape somewhere around 50 watts, you can get the best flavor and vapor for your money. At the upper end, the taste tends to blur – at least in our experience. Overall, however, these are clearly outstanding devices worth every penny that you spend on them.



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Electronic Cigarettes • December 12, 2016

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