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VaporFi Tropical Escape E-Juice ECCR Pick Of The Month

The ECCR e-liquid of the month for January is VaporFi Tropical Escape E-Juice! Here we are in the deep throes of winter and what better time could there be for a tropical escape? How about a blend of the best summertime flavors all wrapped up in one full-bodied flavorful vape? We are talking about kiwi, pineapple and a coconut finish. I can almost feel the sand between my toes.

I have been vaping VaporFi Tropical Escape for over a year now. It is one of my go-to vape juices. I was actually waiting until January to propose it as ECCR E-Liquid of the month. It is the perfect vape to escape the chill and cold of winter. I don’t know about you but I find October through December to be a hectic, celebratory time. We go from Halloween to Thanksgiving to Christmas. I look forward to and enjoy all of them. But once the holidays are over, it seems like it’s just winter. Then I really start to notice the cold.

Tropical Escape E-Liquid can fuel your imagination to whick you out of the snow and set you in a chair under a palm tree on a beach. It is hard to beat a blended fruit flavor with pineapple, kiwi and I think I taste a little mango in there, too! The thing that really ties it together is the coconut. You can really get a sense of the cocnut flavor on the exhale and it is so remiscnet of a summer refreshment that I can’t help but think of beaches and sunshine!

VaporFi Vape Juice

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VaporFi E-Liquid is among the best in the world. Now a lot of e-liquid companies say that and a lot of electronic cigarette review sites say that about other brands without backing it up. So when I say that VaporFi E-Liquid is among the best, I am prepared to back that up with some facts.

First fact, VaporFi never uses diacetyl or acetyl propionyl in any e-liquid flavor. Both of the aformentioned flavor additives are acceptable in foods but questions have been raised about their safety when vaporized and inhaled. Many e-liquid companies make the same claim but the problem is that many of those e-liquids are blended by vaping enthusiasts in home labs or the back rooms of vape shops. They don’t know what’s in their blends! VaporFi e-juices are blended in a state of the art, FDA registered lab and every e-liquid recipe and ingredient is on file at the FDA.

More than that, VaporFi has their e-liquids tested by an independent third party lab to verify the ingredients. VaporFi publishes all of these lab reports on their website. They are a fully transparent company and you should expect nothing less.

The best quality ingredients, the ability to make your own e-liquids which translates to 30,000 plus potential flavors, dense vapor and vibrant flavor combined with state of the art blending by true professionals who know what they are doing and finally…full transparency. Add it all up and I feel it is a pretty strong case for calling VaporFi one of the best e-liquids on the market.

VaporFi Tropical Escape E-Liquid Review

And with all of that said, that brings us back to the star of the show, ECCR January vape juice of the month. Let’s do a quick VaporFi Tropical Escape review to tell you all about this delicious, summer themed vape juice. Let’s take a break from winter for a moment and talk some details.

Tropical Escape is a pineapple, kiwi flavored e-liquid that seems to have some mango in the mix and it is all tied together and topped off with coconut. If I could describe it, I would say that on the inhale you get the sweet tangy sense of the pineapple and kiwi with mango touches and then on the exhale you get a full course flavor buffet of the fruits framed with the sweet, nutty coconut finish. The vapor itself really is rich in body. Very satsifying vape.

Tropical Escape E-Liquid Options

When you order your VaporFi Tropical Escape E-Liquid you can choose from three different VG/PG ratio blends. You can get a 70 PG / 30 VG blend, a 50/50 and a Max VG. I keep two types of Tropical Escape on hand. I have a 50/50 that I use with a mod that has a 1.6 ohm atomizer. And I have a Max VG blend that I use with my advanced VaporFi Vox TC. (By the way, if you choose a Max VG blend for a subohm mod, remember to reduce the nicotine level to no more than 6 mg).

So, is there a flavor difference from a 50/50 to a Max VG? Well the flavor is the same but like any VG e-liquid it may not come through as much as an e-liquid that has more PG. That is normal. So, I recommend a single shot of flavor for the 70/30 or 50/50 and a double shot of flavor for the Max VG. With VaporFi, you can pick a single shot, double shot or even a triple shot of flavor when you are ordering your e-liquid. These options are awesome because you can pick your ideal flavor intensity.

So you can pick the VG/PG level and the flavor level, of course you can also pick the nicotine level. There are 5 nicotine levels. You can choose 0 nicotine, 3 mg, 6 mg, 1.2 mg, and 1.8 mg. That’s about it! We really enjoy Tropical Escape e-liquid and we hope you enjoy it too. We also hope it gives you a break from the cold winter. Remarkable flavor and vapor! Stay warm and we have it on good authority that summer shall return:)

tropical escape vape juice with pineapple kiwi and coconut

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