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VaporFi Sugar Rush Vape Juice Sweety Speedy Good

I have the need for speed! Paul let me have dibs on calling ECCR’s April e-liquid of the month and I picked VaporFi Sugar Rush vape juice. Why? Because it is tangy sweet yellow fruits like pineapple and mango topped off with some refreshing watermelon flavor. It makes me think of my first NASCAR race. It was the Goody’s Headache Powder 500. The place was Martinsville Speedway in Ridgeway, Virginia with my dad and 55,000 race fans. I became a race fan that day!

It was Mark Martin in the Valvoline #6 car that day! The race is now called the STP 500 and if you ever get a chance to of, by all means check it out!

Watching that race is an April memory that comes back to me every year. Always brings a smile and puts a bit of giddy up in my step! That race was a rush and my thoughts turn to another type of rush. VaporFi Sugar Rush e-liquid! That sweet fruit flavor is fast tracked to your taste buds with about 900 horse power. The sweetness tingles from the get go, even with a higher VG blend. The exhale is when you get to take in the sensation of the cool watermelon finish. It is just awesome. It is a rush!

E-Juice Of The Month Promotion

Ok listen up! This is a bonus. At ECCR we are regarded as the resource for vapers. Our reviews are for real and we take our cues from you. Most review sites are made by internet marketing people who know how to rig the search results, we are vapers. We care about vaping. As a result, the leading US e-cig manufacturers regard the ECCR checkmark of approval as a gold standard for the industry. When VaporFi saw that we had named Sugar Rush our vape juice of the month, they decided to run a promotion so you can try Sugar Rush e-juice and get a heck of a deal while you are at it.

UPDATE: The special of Sugar Rush fruit flavored vape juice has ended but you can still get a deal. If you buy any three VaporFi e-juice bottles you get a fourth for free.

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VaporFi Sugar Rush Vape Juice Review

Let’s do a quick VaporFi Sugar Rush vape juice review. This is a tropical flavored e-liquid featuring some of the sweetest fruits under the sun. You’ve got your mango and pineapple. My two favorite hello fruits. Bananas don’t count because they are only yellow on the outside. There are rules, people! Anyway, the main flavors are the mango pineapple blend. That brings a sweet and tangy juiciness. Now, when you inhale, these flavors really pop. It is a rush. It does make me think of springtime in Virginia and the Martinsville Speedway.

After that initial burst of sweet and tangy on the inhale, and I love this, on the exhale the tanginess is mellowed out, refreshed and smoothed off by the watermelon flavor. It is like these three flavors work as a team and each knows its exact role. Kind of like a well-tuned professional pit crew!

The flavor is brilliant and so is the vapor. VaporFi e-liquids and vape juices are among the best in the world. They really are. I know every vape shop and every area has a local maker that everyone loves. But VaporFi is Big League. Professionals in a state of the art FDA registered lab. No diacetyl, no acetyl propionyl. VaporFi vape juice uses only the best ingredients.

The vapor itself is fantastically dense and rich. VaporFi Sugar Rush e-liquid is a rush of juicy flavor and a full on satisfying vape.

vaporfi sugar rush vape juice review

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