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Reviewing The VaporFi Pro 3

VaporFi decided to cut out the middle man because Pro 3 atomizers connect directly to the batter. This is a 2.0 ohm atomizer that is large and in charge, literally. The connection on the atomizer itself then threads directly into the battery. The coils are held in place to the tank base with the connection protruding from the bottom of the tank.Let me start off by talking about the VaporFi Pro 3 atomizer coils. Most coils attach to a tank base and then the connection on the tank base connects to the battery.

Before you vape this device you need to prime the coils by dabbing some ejuice into the juice holes. The Pro 3 is designed to be 100% plug and play easy with one caveat. This is not an adjustable airflow device.The Pro 3 tank is a top fill design making it convenient to refill. There is no airflow ring to adjust on the tank. Then, when you assemble the tank and fill it with ejuice, wait 5 to 10 minutes (make it 10 to be sure) in order to allow the ejuice to fully saturate the wick.

Inside the wicking is organic Japanese cotton.The first thing I brought up in the VaporFi Pro 3 review was the new atomizer design. You can see the threading and 510 connection on the bottom and you can see the 5 juice holes. Well, you can see what I was talking about in the image above.

VaporFi Pro 3 Review

vaporfi pro 3 review

This is not like the ecigs that they sell in gas stations. The cigalikes in gas stations represent vaping technology circa 2010. This is not like the Logic Pro vaporizer that you probably see being advertised on TV. The Logic Pro is basically an eGo style mod circa 2012. The VaporFi Pro 3 is something different. The Pro 3 relies on a brand new atomizer design to deliver more satisfying vapor consistently.

By the way, these large 2.0 ohm VaporFi Pro 3 atomizer coils also have 5 juice holes. The organic cotton stays nice and saturated and that keeps the vapor coming. The Pro 3 is designed as a beginner, mouth to lung vape kit. Mouth to lung simply means that you draw vapor into your mouth and then inhale, the same way that you smoke a cigarette. So, this is a new idea brought to vaping.

VaporFi is a leading US vape brand that offers excellent quality vaping devices. They have a state of the art FDA registered lab and they have independent lab reports of their ejuice ingredients that they display publicly. I know that like VaporFi vape devices, their ejuice is also made to the highest standards with only the best ingredients. They have established a reputation for quality devices and eliquids. You can easily make your own ejuice with VaporFi’s online tool. When I was testing out the Pro 3, I was using a VaporFi ejuice that I made myself.

Vaping The Pro 3

where to buy vaporfi pro 3 electronic cigarette

The first vape was full bodied and surprisingly flavorful. Whatever the reason, this device vapes fantastic. To turn it on you click the fire button 5 times, which is standard. Perhaps because of the extra juice holes combined with a more uninterrupted connectivity because of the atomizer design. That wasn’t the case with the Pro 3. It performed from the word go.I assembled the Pro 3 and waited the 10 minutes before vaping. Often, you have to vape for a while for a break in period before the coil reaches peak performance.

All of the components are meticulously machined and engineered to connect flawlessly.Assembling the device is quick and easy. The build quality is excellent. The top fill is easy access and easy refill. The atomizer slides into place and the tank base secures it.

The total price on the kit is $49.99 making this a very affordable kit and very attractive for beginners. There is black, pink, red, purple, blue, green, silver and powder blue.The VaporFi Pro 3 kit comes with a Pro 3 1000 mAh battery, a Pro 3 tank, USB charger, one extra atomizer coil and some extra O-rings. Speaking of attractive, you can choose from 8 different colors.

MTL Vape Device

The VaporFi claims that this new design mimics smoking better than other products. The throat hit and satisfaction is there from the start and continues. That’s a bold claim! After testing for the VaporFi Pro 3 review I can say that there is grounds to make such a claim. The atomizer coils are long lasting and you will get a week to 10 days out of each one.

Many people eventually go into subohm or temp control vaping Still, there are a lot of vapers who even after getting into advanced vaping who enjoy MTL vaping from time to time.This is an excellent MTL vape device. Of course MTL devices are perfect for someone new to vaping. The Pro 3 is also an excellent device for experienced vapers looking for a second option.

If you would like to check out the Pro 3, use the link below and you will automatically activate a 12% off VaporFi coupon code. If you decide to buy the Pro 3 or any other VaporFi device, you will save some cash.

Why The Pro 3 From VaporFi?

It is particularly ideal for someone that may have previously tried vaping and was left unsatisfied by an inferior device.At the end of the day, the Pro 3 electronic cigarette is ideal for someone new to vaping. The VaporFi Pro 3 is reliable, innovative and a very consistent vaping performer.

VaporFi always delivers top quality.Why should you buy the VaporFi Pro 3? The number one reason is quality and number two is value. A lot! I have used numerous VaporFi products before, such as the 100 watt TC Vox mod and the Rebel. I bought one for the VaporFi Pro 3 review and I have used it a lot. The quality speaks for itself. The end result is reliable, durable and consistent mods that vape beautifully.

But the value goes beyond that. If you buy an imported device from a vape shop, you do not have the same warranty protection or a 30 day return policy. That also means that you have a hassle free warranty. It costs under $50 plus we have a VaporFi coupon code you can use to save 12% so yes, the value from the price standpoint is clear.The value goes beyond the Price tag. That means that you have access to US based customer service. You are buying directly from a US company.

VaporFi Pro 3

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