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VaporFi Atom Vaporizer Review High Function Top Value

VaporFi continues to expand its vaping repertoire. ECCR has finished our VaporFi Atom vaporizer review and it is time to share the results. Spoiler alert, VaporFi continues to impress. The Atom vaporizer is built exceptionally well and vaporizes your herbal material with the utmost efficiency. This is a high end performer at an affordable price.

If you know vaporizers then you will see the resemblance to the new Pax 3 vaporizer. There are similarities in appearance and function, but certainly not in price. The Atom costs about half of what the Pax 3 costs. The Pax 3 is a masterpiece of vaping technology but it is not in everyone’s price range. With the Atom, you can enjoy the advanced features at a lower price. And you will still be buying direct from a cutting edge American vape company. That means warranty protection, so important, and US based customer service.

The other thing that I like about the VaporFi Atom is the sleek, stealth appearance and the very compact size. It is not much bigger than a vape pen. Hard to believe that is has a 3000 mAh capacity battery given the comfortable size. Anyway, what that all adds up to for me is privacy. I can enjoy my vaporizer without a looky-loo asking me “what’s that”. It looks like a regular vape. The automatic shut-off makes it easy to enjoy when I want and I don’t waste materials.

vaporfi atom vaporizer review

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VaporFi Atom Vaporizer Review

I will get into the specs and how to use this vaporizer in a bit. For now, I want to focus on the main takeaways I gathered from testing for the VaporFi Atom vaporizer review. I already touched on a couple of them, privacy and efficiency, but it’s time to get into the details. I have 5 main features that I consider pros and only two cons.


vaporfi atom heating chamber with ceramic oven

Subtle Design With Heating Oven At Base.

  1. Comfortable vaping. Like the Pax vaporizer design, the Atom’s heating oven is located at the bottom of the device. The materials are heated in the base and you draw the vapor via a vapor pathway leading to the mouthpiece. That little bit of extra distance between the heat source and the silicon mouthpiece makes for a very comfortable, enjoyable vape session. Many vaporizes have the heating chamber located immediately beneath the mouthpiece at the top of the device. These types of vaporizers can be hot and uncomfortable to use. The Atom design with the heating chamber at the base is a major pro.
  2. Temperature control. There are three different temperature settings that you can dial in. There is a 360 degree setting, a 410 degree setting, or a 464 degree setting. Heat up time is about 30 seconds. If you want to increase a temperature setting it is about 30 seconds to incrementally heat to reach the newly selected setting. These three settings allow you to control the intensity of your vaping session.
  3. Build quality. If you look at the Atom portable vaporizer in relation to the Pax, obviously the Atom is much less expensive. The VaporFi Atom manages to come in at a much lower price point and with a rock solid build. The Atom also has multiple battery protections and motion sensing technology.
  4. Flavor. The flavor that comes through really pops. The vapor production is not massive, but this is a vaporizer, it is not supposed to be. What you do get is comprised of the active ingredients of your vaporized materials. And the flavor is so rich I had to give it a pro. When you look at your materials after a vape session, you can see that they have been totally vaporized with no burning. This is a very efficient vaporizer with a ceramic heating chamber and that includes wicked flavor.
  5. Finally, smooth vapor. The last two pros here are the best, Efficient, flavorful vapor and smooth. The vapor is very smooth. I don’t know how else to describe it! I think one of the things that translates to smoothness is consistently. You don’t get fits and starts in vapor output. You get consistent, richly flavored dense vapor. It is not harsh or hot. Smooth, comfortable and enjoyable vapor.


  1. The only con that I experienced is that the Atom vaporizer can be difficult to clean. The mouthpiece is easy to clean. By the way, the silicon mouthpiece is a lot better than the plastic mouthpieces in many vaporizers. Anyway, the vapor pathway requires some long cleaners which do come with the VaporFi Atom. So it will take a bit of effort to clean from time to time.
  2. No LED screen. This is only a quasi-con. I feel like the lack of LED screen adds to the privacy, stealth and sleek appearance. By the same token, I know many people like to have an LED screen indicating temperature, battery life etc. For me, I like the minimalism.

How To Use The VaporFi Atom Vaporizer

Shake and bake! That’s what I kept thinking while testing for the VaporFi Atom review. The motion sensor serves not only as a conservation feature, but as a main operational feature. You use a shaking motion to dial in your desired temperature settings. Each temperature setting is indicated by a change of color one the LED light.

A blue light means you are at 360 degrees. Yellow indicates 410 degrees and red indicates 464 degrees. Here’s how it goes. Give the Atom a shake and when you see the light you want, press and hold the fire button. Then you are locked in.

If you set the Atom vaporizer down, it will shut off after detecting no motion for 30 seconds. This is awesome. This will conserve your materials. When you are ready to resume your vape session, pick up the Atom and give it a shake and it will start back up.

This is a conduction vaporizer with a ceramic heating chamber that won’t burn your materials. A conduction vaporizer heating chamber means that the heat is transferred direct to your materials to cause vaporization of the ingredients. With a conduction vaporizer, I always recommend a fine grind.

If you use a vaporizer for smoking tobacco it is not a bad idea to grind your tobacco as well. If you buy organic, untreated tobacco leaves, they most often come in leaf form. You should take a minute and grind the leaves down to smaller strands and then lightly pack the heating chamber.

VaporFi Atom Specs

We have talked about the motion sensor and shake and bake operations. All very cool stuff. Now we will go over the actual VaporFi Atom Specs and whet you will get. Go:

  • VaporFi Atom Internal Battery Capacity Is 3000mAH
  • LED Light Temperature Indicator
  • Vaporization Temperature Range Is 360°F To 464°F
  • Output Voltage Range: 3.3-4.2V
  • Output Wattage: 15 Watts
  • The Max Operating Current Is 4 Amps
  • Circuit, Over Voltage and Overload Protection
  • Motion Sensing Technology
  • Single-Click Activation
  • Streamlined Mode Navigation
  • 30 Second Standby Shut-Off To Conserve Materials
  • Heat Ramp LED DIsplay
  • Blue Light: 360°F
  • Yellow Light: 410°F
  • Red Light: 464°F
  • Battery Life LED Indicators – Green: Full Battery / Yellow: Partial Battery / Red: Low Battery
  • White Light: Prepared for Use
  • Purple Light: Heating (Start Vaping When It Turns White)
  • Charged Via USB
  • 100% Food Grade Mouthpiece

When you buy the VaporFi Atom for only $125.99 you will get all of the following accouterments:

  • 1 VaporFi Atom Dry Herb Vaporizer
  • Straight Mouthpiece (Pre-Installed)
  • 1 Oven Door (Pre-Installed)
  • 1 Replacement Screens
  • 2 Cleaning Pipes
  • 1 Packing Tool
  • Micro USB Cable
  • 1 User Manual

The price of $125.99 is an excellent value. Any decent basic single temperature vaporizer is going to be around the $100 mark. With the VaporFi Atom you get a variable temperature device with a ceramic heating chamber at the base for only $25 more than a very basic vaporizer.

The reason that the price is so low is because VaporFi recently slashed all of their prices. Instead of offering coupons, VaporFi has decided to opt for no hassle buying. They simply charge the lowest price they can and we get the benefit.

VaporFi Atom Review Wrap-Up

I think that we have checked a lot of boxes with our ECCR VaporFi Atom review. We can start with the quality. The build quality is excellent. You will feel that the first time you pick it up. Next box. Component quality. We have a food grade mouthpiece, bottom heating oven with easy to use door, and a best quality battery.

The vaping sessions that you will enjoy with the VaporFi Atom stand out. The vapor is dense and very rich in flavor. The Atom will extract the maximum from your materials without burning anything. It is a very efficient vaporization device. The Atom has a compact design and subtle appearance giving you the privacy you deserve. That’s a big deal for me and I suspect many of you as well.

Finally, the value proposition very much favors us as consumers. Advanced features for not much more than the cost of a basic vaporizer. For all of these reasons, ECCR is happy to recommend the VaporFi Atom vaporizer for your enjoyment. Now available in black, gold, rose gold and silver. An excellent value and a lot of fun to use. Shake and bake!

vaporizer review of the atom by vaporfi

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