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vaping trending

Vaping Industry Headed Towards $10 Billion Mark in 2017

vaping trending

Analysis predicts that vaping will be a $10 billion industry by the end of 2017. As we can see from the E-cigarette sales figures show anything but that while there are those who have predicted that e-cigarettes are a passing trend that will fizzle out,  Increasing taxes and restrictions on e-cigarettes and vaping may have made it harder for smokers to purchase and use the safer alternative, but determination to kick the deadly cigarette habit seems to be winning out.

That prediction comes from Wells Fargo, whose analysts believe that the crackdown on e-cigarettes has actually made people more confident about the safety of the products, particularly the liquids used to create the vapor. While some regulations increase the price of liquids or e-cigarette hardware and prevent vaping in the same places smoking is banned, the general anti-e-cigarette attitude coming from anti-smoking groups and government has caused those in the industry to push harder to show how safe e-cigarettes and e-liquids really are. Unlike just a few years ago, today many e-cigarettes and liquids are labeled with detailed information about safety and ingredients. For those who are willing to look at the facts, the safety of vaping compared to smoking is apparent, which may be driving e-cigarette sales up despite efforts to slow them down with fear mongering.

The vaping community has also played a key role in encouraging more smokers to switch to e-cigarettes. Many a smoker chooses to research vaping before making the switch, which gives them more knowledge and the ability to make a wise and safe choice than they might have if they simply walked into a big box store and bought the first e-cigarette they could find at a low price.

Community involvement also helps new e-cigarette users to be successful at giving up smoking completely. A recent published study reports that success in switching completely from smoking to vaping often depends on the manner in which an e-cigarette is used, with more experienced users getting better nicotine delivery from e-cigarettes than inexperienced users. Since nicotine delivery is important to smokers who are trying to switch to a safer nicotine delivery system, learning the correct way to use e-cigarettes from experienced vapers can help new users to be successful.

Another important factor in the increase in e-cigarette sales is price. While taxation threatens to raise the cost, e-cigarette hardware has overall gone down in price since e-cigarettes were first introduced some ten years ago. Modern hardware is also more efficient and allows a more satisfying experience than many early models of e-cigarettes.

While “experts” predict dwindling e-cigarette sales, those who know the industry from personal experience can see the opposite happening. It is important, however, for the e-cigarette industry and community to keep alert to government interference and continue to combat false information with actual facts.

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Electronic Cigarettes • December 16, 2016

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