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V2 VERTX and VERTX Plus Ecig Review

V2 Cigs has been intent on maintaining the company’s position as a leader in the electronic cigarette industry, and continues to bring out new product offerings that challenge many preconceptions about what vaping is and ought to be. More important, however, they always maintain their commitment to focusing on quality, even as they push the innovation envelope almost to its breaking point. Well, if anyone though that this high-tech company would rest on the laurels of its past successes, then they obviously don’t know anything about V2. The company has now come out with two new products that should challenge your views on e-cigs: The Vertx and Vertx Plus electronic cigarettes. In this Vertx and Vertx Plus e cig review, we’ll examine both products and try to determine whether V2 has just added to its success once again.

V2 Cigs Vertx Plus e cigWe took a look at two kits offered by the company: The Vertx kit and the Vertx Plus kit. The former can be ordered from the company for just under $50, while the Plus model costs almost $90. The Vertx kit arrives with 1 battery and magnetic cord for charging, a user’s manual, and 1 of the company’s cartridges. The Plus model includes all of that, but throws in two more of those cartridges as well. Both contain some important innovations that should be seen as a major improvement from previous V2 products like their Pro vaporizer.

One of the most important improvements comes in the form of battery life. Whereas the V2 Pro offers extremely limited battery life – roughly an hour tops, the Vertx provides extended battery life that will keep you vaping strong throughout much of your day. And even if you do have to recharge it during the day, you’ll enjoy one of the V2 Pro’s greatest features: the ability to still use the device while it is recharging! Ah, if only all vaping tools were that thoughtful.

You won’t have to wonder how much battery you have left, either. The Vertx includes a great LED light system that uses a group of lights to let you know when the battery is running low on power. The low battery issue always been a drawback with a lot of vaping tools, since so many products provide little ability to know when something needs to be recharged. That problem seems to be resolved with the addition of the Vertx.

How Does It Look?

The design is what you would expect from V2. They always make their products so well, and tend to stick with sleek, lightweight designs that minimize parts that could break or wear out. That’s true here, as both the Vertx and its Plus version are built to last with solid construction and a smooth exterior that hides the cartridge and most of the tech. The device comes with a nice black finish that should be suitable for just about anyone’s aesthetic needs.

Side by side the Vertx and the Vertx Plus

The Batteries

If you’ve used micro-cig battery products before, like those found on cigalike ecigs, then you know how frustrating their low battery life can be. There are few things more irritating than having your vaping tool run out of juice an hour after you leave the house! Well, the Vertx has ended that problem with the inclusion of a 420mAh lithium battery that can help to keep you vaping for hours on end. You might think that this would mean a loss of vapor production, since diminished power usage often results in smaller clouds, but that’s not the case. The device has special power management features and controls that can provide you with the energy saving you need while also giving you greater control over voltage usage, display options, and more. In other words, this is really a step up in terms of both battery use and control.

The Cartridges

The cartridgeForget V2’s old cartridge system. With the new Vertx cartridge, you get a great deal more in terms of capacity – the equivalent of more than 600 draws per cartridge, without any added risk of leaks or spills. The cartridges are well-designed to ensure that they don’t cause a mess, and can be easily removed and replaced as needed. V2’s new emphasis on using magnetic coupling technology is seen here as well, since cartridges are help into place using magnets.

The Performance

Judging the performance of a non-mod can be difficult, especially if you’re taking into consideration the things that more advanced vapers are always interested in seeing. Yes, it would be nice if every vape pen and device on the market were capable of producing the same room-filling clouds of vapor that many old-hands are always seeking. Vapor performance of the VertxThat’s just not realistic though, so a product like this deserves to be judged on its merits apart from any mod comparisons.

In that respect, the Vertx products are heavy-hitting vapor producers – and much more impressive than many atomizers and low-cost vaping devices on the market today. Perhaps the best way to compare its vapor volume is to think in terms of the amount of smoke produced by a standard combustible cigarette. In that light, the Vertx compares very favorably, producing as much or more vapor than the smoke you might see from a burner cigarette. Most beginning and intermediary vapers aren’t really going to even be looking for that much vapor, so it should outperform their expectations.

Naturally, ease of use comes into play here too. Some devices are more complex than others, and there can sometimes be a learning curve you have to get past before you can even begin to successfully use a new product. That’s not a problem here, though, as the Vertx and Vertx Plus are both about as easy to use as you could ever expect any unfamiliar product to be. The magnetic cartridges are easy to install, the charging cable snaps into place using magnets, and everything else is pretty much self-explanatory.

High Tech to A Fault

One thing that more advanced users might truly be drawn to is the sheer amount of technological wonder included within this device. The Plus comes with a touchscreen that operates using swipe technology, and provides you with control over brightness and voltage. The button-free design should come as a welcome relief to everyone who’s ever wondered why these high-tech gizmos sometimes seem to lag behind technology like tablets and smartphones.

That technology is also clearly evident in the device’s battery power management. Ordinarily, the battery used in these devices wouldn’t be able to provide more than an hour’s worth of vaping enjoyment. However, the device is loaded with high tech features that combine cutting edge engineering with advanced circuitry to really ensure that the battery achieves results that few would have ever dreamed possible. It’s an incredible use of technology to push other technology to new heights, and it deserves praise.

Innovative Technology inside the Vertx

And then there are the cartridges. In addition to the superior leak-proof design, there is also the use of magnets to lock them into place. That’s clever beyond description. And, of course, there is a nice array of flavors from which to choose – providing everything from normal tobacco flavorings to menthol, peppermint, and more. They offer varying nicotine strength levels, and 1.2 ml of quality juice in each cartridge. What more could you ask for?

Our Recommendation

As you might expect from the heady praise, we do recommend these devices to our readers. They’re about as easy to use as any vaping device on the market today, and provide a nice combination of aesthetics and high tech operability. On the performance side, they provide all the flavor and vapor you would expect from any vape pen in this category of devices, and do so at a price that – while a bit high in comparison to some comparable devices and liquids – still seems reasonable given the high tech performance you receive.


Electronic Cigarettes • August 27, 2016

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