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UK Cities Promote Vaping 1 Smoker Switches Every 4 Minutes

In the UK, the public health agencies have taken a vastly different approach to vaping than the approaches taken in the US, Canada, Australia and elsewhere. The UK approach is paying dividends. The data shows that a smoker switches from tobacco smoke to vapor every 4 minutes. In a massive vaping study it was determined that throughout Europe 15 million people have quit smoking with e-cigs. The UK is leading the way. A benefit to public health in the wake of Public Health England determining that vaping is at least 95% safer than smoking.

The UK Office of National Statistics found that 56.7 % of smokers across Great Briton made a decision to try and quit smoking in 2015. That study was used as a baseline to look further into what was driving this positive trend. To get a better idea of what is happening, Vapour Lites utilized the existing statistics and broke the numbers down by city. What they found was that it is the big cities that have embraced vaping. The big cities are leading the way. More vape shops in populous areas has given more people an alternative that PHE declares to be much safer.

The study examined the number of vape shops within a two mile radius of each city. Edinburgh, London, Birmingham and Belfast led the way. Those cities and metro areas comprise over a quarter of the UK’s entire population.

UK Cities That Embrace Vaping Lead The Way

Vapour Lites director Charles Bloom says that the emergence of vape shops in the major cities is giving smokers a choice. The variety of vapor products gives people from all socioeconomic backgrounds an option. There are fancy expensive devices but also very good cheap vapes. Bloom says that he hopes other cities follow suit. He points to the positive statistics and definite progress. Bloom gets the last word here, now.

It is highly important to maintain choice: people should not feel confined in how they choose to cope with their addiction. – Charles Bloom


Electronic Cigarettes • April 5, 2017

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