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keep it clean and vape on

Tips For Cleaning Your Vape Tank and Mod

keep it clean and vape on

Yes! Right! Cleaning it is relatively simple and should be done regularly to keep your tank working well and your vapor tasting as it should.

Keeping your tank clean doesn’t take a lot of time. You don’t even have to use fancy-schmancy cleaning kits, though have at it if you want. All you really need are water, alcohol, unscented dishwashing liquid, a bowl, and paper towels.


Here’s a step-by-step guide to getting that atomizer tank squeaky clean.

  1. First, whether it’s fresh from the box or your old, trusty tank, you need to take it apart. This includes removing the o-rings and the screws. This part’s important – remember where everything goes. Draw yourself a diagram if needed.
  2. Using a clean container, pour a 90% alcohol solution into it and add your tank parts. Give them a quick rinse to remove any leftover oils.
  3. Empty the alcohol container and fill it again with enough warm water to cover all the parts. Add some of that handy dish soap and mix it in the water with a spare toothbrush. Let the parts soak for as long as your tank manufacturer recommends.
  4. Soaking is done. Now, take that spare toothbrush and gently scrub all the parts. Be sure to pay careful attention to the inner parts that air will be flowing over.
  5. Rinse the parts well and lay out to dry on a paper towel or other cloth. Microfiber works well here.
  6. Atomizer, assemble! If only just saying that worked. It’s time to put all the parts back together. Either trust your memory or grab that handy diagram you made earlier. First, your o-rings might be a little difficult to insert after they are cleaned. A simple solution is to use some e-juice or vegetable grease to lube them up.
  7. Once your o-rings are properly lubed, continue with assembly until it is complete. Remember to install a fresh coil.
  8. Now that you’re fully assembled, it’s time to enjoy a flavorful hit of vape!

Maintaining your battery or mod is also a simple process. Be careful not to drop it. Electronic mods have delicate parts that can break easily. If it has a built-in battery all you need to worry about is making sure the connectors are free of dirt and e-juice. Rubbing it with a Q-tip will go a long way to keeping it clean.

A box mod with removable batteries requires a little bit more maintenance. Check your cell connections every-so-often. Maybe once a week or so. Look for dirt, dust, and e-juice. Make sure the spring on the negative connection still has its spring. Make sure there are no signs of burns or corrosion.

Taking care of your vape gear ensures you will always get a tasty hit. It also ensures that your equipment will last the long run.

Cleaning Vape Tank and Mod tips and guideElectronic Cigarette Tips

Electronic Cigarettes • November 25, 2016

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