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These 10 Stars Got Caught Using Ecigs in 2015

Hollywood’s hottest stars used to be obsessed with smoking, but that has changed now that ecigarettes are on the scene. This year, celebs are more interested in trying out the newest ecigs and experimenting with different flavors to find the best tobacco-free alternative. Check out the latest celebs to make the switch the ecigs.

WWE’s Big Show


Big Show is a WWE superstar, but he still struggles with tobacco use like the rest of us. That’s why he turned to ecigs and now he is often photographed with his favorite e-cigarette in hand.

Norman Reedus

norman reedus vaping

When he isn’t tied up killing zombies on “The Walking Dead”, Norman Reedus likes to stop in and try new eliquid flavors at his favorite vape shops. He was recently spotted with his ecig buying a new flavor called “Mother’s Milk”.

Dave Navarro

dave navarro

You might know Dave Navarro as the celeb judge on “Ink Masters”, but he is also one of the founding members of rock band “Jane’s Addiction”. This year, Navarro chose to use an ecig to stop smoking and now he is completely tobacco-free! He has opened up in interviews about how he lowered his nicotine levels using an ecig until he no longer craved cigarettes at all.

Jack Black

jack black

The “Shallow Hal” star is one of Hollywood’s funniest celebs, but he made the serious decision to switch to ecigarettes. One Reddit user shared photos after Black stopped into the vape shop to buy a brand new ecig.

Samuel L. Jackson

samuel jackson

In years past, Samuel L. Jackson was often seen puffing on a cigarette, but now he prefers to use ecigs. He even showed off his latest ecig on Twitter earlier this year.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry

From starring in the Superbowl halftime show to releasing songs that topped the pop charts, Katy Perry is a textbook story of success. This year, she opted to try an ecig and is often seen around Hollywood with her favorite purple ecigarette in hand.

Willie Nelson

willie nelson

Willie Nelson is proof that even lifelong smokers can have success with ecigarettes. He isn’t shy about his love for ecigs and even poses for photos with his outrageous devices whenever a fan approaches.

Katherine Heigl

katherine heigl

Heigl was one of the first stars to speak out about her choice to use ecigs to stop smoking. Today, she continues to be tobacco-free thanks to her continued use of ecigarettes.

John Cusack

john cusack

He’s one of Hollywood’s best known actors and he doesn’t mind showing off his favorite ecigarettes. There are dozens of photos of Cusack with his ecig in tow and he looks happy to be tobacco-free in every single shot.

Laura Prepon

laura prepon

The star of “Orange is the New Black” has also started using ecigs. At a recent Hollywood event, she was spotted sampling eliquids and chatting about her love for ecigarettes. Who are some other celebrity ecig users that you’ve seen in the headlines?

Electronic Cigarettes • April 5, 2017

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