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The V2 VERTX Plus Electronic Cigarette Simply Sophisticated

The V2 VERTX electronic cigarette goes back to a simple cigalike design but infuses a host of new technologies designed to deliver better vaping. How are they doing this? Well they are packing a lot into a very small space. For example the VERTX Plus version is the first cigalike that we have seen that offers variable voltage customization via a touchscreen.

Getting into the vapor production, the coil design is more akin to that of a mod coil vs a cigalike coil connected to a saturated absorbent. And everything connects via magnet. Even the intricate coil and cartridge components. There are no threaded connections and V2 says this means no leaks.

The battery operates at maximum efficiency. As a result, the 420 mAh capacity can last most vapers through the day.

Really what we have here is something similar to the cigalikes that many of us started on many moons ago. The cigarette style electronic cigarettes are very easy to use, portable and familiar. Many people move to larger mods that have more capabilities. But what happens when you take those mod capabilities and go back to the drawing board and come up with a whole new cigalike? Well, we get the VERTX electronic cigarettes!

V2 VERTX And VERTX Plus MicroCigs

The VERTX is being called a “microcig”. There are two versions of the new V2 Cigs VERTX. The base model VERTX kit comes with the device, a charger and one cartridge for $49.95. The VERTX Plus comes with three cartridges and sells for $89.95. Though more expensive, the VERTX Plus is also more capable. More on that in a minute.

Like we talked about in the opening this is a 420 mAh e-cigarette that works with either pre-filled or refillable cartridges. The device responds when you inhale so there are no manual buttons that you need to push in order to generate vapor. Instead of being completely circular like a cigalike, the VERTX design has a flat surface which is great so it won’t roll away on you!

The biggest difference is that the VERTX Plus is the model that has the variable voltage feature. The variable voltage has three settings. There is a 3.5 volt setting, a 4.0 volt and a 4.5. You control the setting from a touch screen so you can quickly change the vaping experience at will and customize your ideal vapor output.

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V2 VERTX Plus Review

vertx electronic cigarette by v2 cigs

When you order the V2 VERTX Plus kit you will get the VERTX microcig, a battery charger and a 3 pack of either V2 Red cartridges at 1.2% strength or blank cartridges. You can get a pre-filled 3-pack of VERTX cartridges for less than $10. The pre-filled cartridges come in a dozen different flavors and five different nicotine strengths The blank cartridges can be refilled and re-used up to 20 times.

The battery charger connects to the base of the device by a magnet. There is not screwing or unscrewing required. The magnet holds in place very well and is also easy to detach when finished charging. The recharge time is less than 2 hours which is very good and indicates an excellent quality battery.

To turn on the VERTX Plus simply click the power button. Click 3 times to get into the menu. Using your finger on the touch screen you can choose your desired voltage output. It definitely qualifies as being very easy to use. Once you set your voltage, I recommend vaping in stealth mode to conserve your battery power.

For my V2 VERTX review, I vaped at the 4 volt mark 80% of the time. I found that to be the sweet spot. The performance is very consistent. The vapor clouds are not huge but the vapor definitely has an impressive density for such a small device. Very satisfying and enjoyable to vape.

Who Is The VERTX Plus For?

The VERTX Plus microcig is an ideal fit for new vapers. This is a new design and new technology so it is a premium level device. You can get the V2 Standard E-Cigarette kit for about half the price of the VERTX Plus. And if $50 is more of your budget range then get the V2 standard kit or the base model VERTX. But there are advantages to going the extra mile and getting the VERTX Plus kit.

Am I saying this because I want you to spend more money so ECCR gets a bigger commission? Nope. Not at all. Look, we do get a small commission and we use that to keep this website going for you. This is the only consumer driven electronic cigarette review site going. Our focus is always on quality. And we always tell people about the best values, the good cheap vapes where you can get great deals on the best quality products. We work hard to find the lowest prices on authentic product so recommending the VERTX Plus is not about trying to upsell. I’m trying to lead you to what I think will give you the best vaping experience.

The VERTX Plus gives you the size, portability and convenience of a cigalike but with the extra customization and efficiency. You get consistent, satisfying vapor. And you can control the intensity of the throat hit and the vapor output. This is the first cigalike sized product that gives you that power and control.

Common Ecig Scenario

Are you someone who does not want to use a large vape mod? Have you tried an electronic cigarette that you bought at a gas station or convenience store but it didn’t work for you? If you are in either of these categories then you should really take a close look at the VERTX Plus.

A typical cigalike will fire at 3.8 volts when the battery is fully charged but then trail off to about 3.2 volts as the battery runs down. This may not be enough to provide you a satisfying vape. Well the VERTX Plus lets you change that. You can command 4 watt or even 4.5 watts from the battery and increasing the vapor intensity and output. So while previous products of similar stature did not five you that control, the VERTX does.

This e-cigarette is also great for travel. I don’t know about you but I have had some leaky tanks at 35,000 feet! The magnetic connections on the VERTX should eliminate any high altitude leaks. Of course the best part about travelling with a smaller e-cig is just the ease of portability. I don’t have to explain what my mod is or take it apart for TSA.

So when you think about who would enjoy the V2 Cigs VERTX Plus, I am thinking about new vapers looking for a more satisfying but simple and familiar design. I am also thinking about experienced vapers who are looking for a back-up vape that is easy to travel with or take to work.

V2 Cigs Coupon

Go take a look at the new V2 VERTX Plus using the link below. But before you go, I have to tell you that ECCR is able to offer a number of electronic cigarette coupon codes. And yes we do have a V2 cigs coupon code that you can use! So if you decide to buy the VERTX PLus, the VERTX or any V2 Cigs products, use our coupon code STARTERKITS, all caps, and save 10%. So the V2 Cigs VERTX is something new, we like to see that! Go ahead and check it out for yourself.
V2 VERTX - touchscreen variable voltage micro-cig



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