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Vaping Laws Harm Public Health According To The Hill

If you have any questions about the FDA ecig regulations give them a call at 1-877-287-1373. And, by all means call your member of Congress and ask them to support HR 2058 to at least make a dent in the insanity.Is this for real? It is and it is hard to believe.

The FDA has chosen to ignore the fate of 480,000 Americans each year in favor of completely theoretical concerns regarding the potential for nicotine addiction to permeate the next generation. Moreover, the theoretical concerns regarding any potential harm of vapor products has subjected ecigs to regulatory boundaries that cigarettes have never faced. Experts have determined that vaping is 95% safer than smoking and yet an entrepreneur starting out today will find a much easier path to starting a cigarette company vs an ecig company. It is insane.

So let’s get back to that.Okay, this was supposed to be a blog post about a story in The Hill which pointed out the idiocy of the FDA tobacco deeming regulations when it comes to vaping. The Hill is widely read in the Beltway and one can only hope that this article crossed paths with law makers and perhaps even some disconnected FDA bureaucrats. Caroline Kitchens wrote in The Hill that FDA ecig laws will harm public health and she is damned right about that.

That is a staggering fact. Making it easier to smoke cigarettes than to try an ecig is total, unequivocal insanity. Despite this absolute horror, the FDA and public policy makers have become so immune to the shock and magnitude of tobacco harm that they have moved forward with regulations to limit the options of smokers.One in every five deaths every year in this country has some connection to smoking and tobacco.

So they manipulate studies and put out scare stories about vaping. They talk about vaping side effects that are not real.The media and the special interests are flooding the headlines with negative stories about vaping. They want you choking down their pills to try and quit smoking, not vaping. Guess what, the biggest policy lobbyist on the face of this earth, Big Pharma, hates ecigs. In fact, some studies show that vapers experience the same improving health benchmarks as people who quit smoking cold turkey.

How About Some Common Sense?

fda ecig regulations lack common sense

Of course we are not so willing to overlook the immediate and desperate needs of smoker’s, whose lives are on the line, at the expense of speculated hypotheticals. By all means, I think all of us in the vaping community are for long-term study and understanding.Caroline Kitchens wrote that electronic cigarettes are a new technology and we do need to study the long term effects and implications.

The FDA deeming regulations do little to nothing to address any uniform quality standards or safety issues with vaping. That is so spot on.Ms. Why was that not addressed? Because the FDA ignored the voice of vapers. The FDA says there is no evidence that vaping aids smoking cessation, in other words they doubt our personal experience and testimonials. Kitchens said that we need regulations with a focus on product quality and safety. The unwashed masses without PhDs or connections in high office. I doubt the FDA is even aware of the issue surrounding clones flooding the market.

Vaping Laws Harm Public Health

Electronic Cigarettes • August 16, 2016

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