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Reviewing The Tesla Stealth Mini Starter Kit

Despite the fact that millions of former smokers have now taken up vaping as a healthier alternative, many of the old stigmas that once attached to tobacco products have – for some silly reason – now followed along to the vaping experience.That’s prompted the creation of products like the Tesla Stealth Mini Starter Kit. People tend to have a bit of a rebellious streak, though, so it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to learn that vapers have taken to stealth vaping in certain situations to avoid running afoul of others’ sensibilities. The Tesla Stealth Mini kit in redSo, restaurant owners and others are often somewhat hesitant to allow people to vape on their premises, because they understand that many other customers might have a negative reaction to it.

Thankfully, stealth devices like the Tesla Stealth Mini can make it easier for defiant vapers to ignore such silly bans and use their products whenever and virtually wherever they wish.Is it a shame that states like New Jersey have chosen to treat electronic cigarettes in the same way they treat tobacco – banning indoor use, for example? Of course it is. It demonstrates a complete lack of knowledge and insight about vaping, and caters to the public’s worst impulses for responding to low-information mob panic. But such is life even in a supposedly free country.

About the Tesla Stealth Mini

For people who use vape pens or cig lookalikes to stealth vape, that typically means hiding the device in your sleeve, or twisting your body into knots to make sure that no one witnesses your inhalations. Here’s the thing about stealth vaping that is important to understand: to work, it actually has to go unnoticed by the people around you.With an actual mod, however, those kinds of techniques can be difficult to pull off. As a result, if you’re using a mod to stealth vape, then you want something small. Preferable really small.

The Kit

That Stealth mod comes as part of a starter kit that also included the Shadow subohm tank – though the mod’s 510 connection enables you to use a variety of different tank options if you choose. With your mod and tank working in unison, you can enjoy vaping pleasure at just about any level you can imagine. That gives you some fantastic control over both the amount of vapor that you produce and the amount of flavor that you choose to experience.

Your mod uses smart technology to ensure that you get a steady 4.2-volt output – regardless of the atomizer resistance that you choose. The mod’s chip is programmed to automatically recognize your resistance and make the necessary adjustments to ensure that power output remains consistent. Thus, it really doesn’t matter whether you choose resistance of 0.1 ohms or go for the higher level of 3.5 ohms; you’re guaranteed that same 4.2 volts. There’s no need for you to make any adjustments, since the mod does that on its own. Talk about simplicity of design…

What is in the Telsa kit

Size and Power

Tesla Stealth Mini Size_1The Tesla Stealth Mini certainly qualifies as small. It’s a mere 2.7 inches tall. Go back and read that again. Yes, 2.7 inches. Now, look at your hand. Is your palm larger than that? You see where I’m going with this?

So, what we have is a mod that is small enough to remain completely hidden by the palm of your hand when you’re using it. Of course, something that small must be pretty weak when it comes to the power side of the equation, right? Guess again! The device uses a 2200 mAhLiPo battery that outperforms lithium ion units – enabling it to generate enough power to meet the device’s 100-watt power claim. If you’re not already impressed, then you’re almost certainly in the minority.

The Tank

It is worth noting that the Shadow tank uses stainless steel coils that have what is known as a chimney design. These coils are, according to all reports, extremely long-lasting, and do appear to provide a flavor enhancement for your e-juice. So, even if you are tempted to use one of your favorite tanks with the stealth Mini mod, you owe it to yourself to at least try out the Shadow tank first. We actually enjoyed it immensely, and think that you will too.

If you’re a temperature control aficionado and disappointed that the Tesla Stealth Mini doesn’t offer that feature, rest assured that you can use the Shadow tank with many TC devices as well. The tank comes with 3ml capacity for your favorite e-juice, and is constructed from quality stainless steel and Pyrex glass – with replacement glass included in your starter kit. Given that the kit costs less than $50, that’s a heck of a bargain.

Conclusion of the Tesla Stealth Mini kit

Last Thought

The fact that it is not only sub-ohm capable, but small enough to accommodate even the sneakiest vaper’s desire for stealth vaping is just a bonus.It should be pretty apparent that we liked this mod and tank kit quite a bit. It’s not only affordable, but compatible with many other devices, making it a worthy addition to any vaping collection.

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Electronic Cigarettes • August 5, 2016

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