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Philip Morris

Philip Morris Takes a Step Backwards from E-cigs

Tobacco giant Philip Morris has joined rival RJ Reynolds in putting an electronic smoking alternative device on the market, but what Philip Morris has created has one huge difference between the RJR device and most e-cigarettes: It contains tobacco. The device called Iqos was launched in the United Kingdom on November 30, 2016. Unlike most…

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Trump Presidency

Vapers Are the Unexpected Winners Under a Trump Presidency

For at least one group in the US, the election results spurred more crossed-fingers than wrung hands: vaping advocates are hopeful Trump could soften regulations that threaten the industry. Vaping advocates have been scrambling to find a solution after the Food and Drug Administration announced strict regulations on the industry this year. Many in the…

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E -cigs evidence

Evidence E-Cigs Safer Than Smoking Being Ignored Costing Lives

It’s about 10 years ago that E-cigarettes came onto the scene in the United States, touted as a safe alternative to smoking. The idea is simple: The devices look like cigarettes, but the “cigarette” is actually a battery and the “filter” is actually a vessel that holds liquid. Connected by an atomizer and heating element,…

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