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Eleaf iCare Mini Review

Eleaf iCare Mini Starter Kit In-Depth Review

The Size and Shape Well! let’s get the elephant in the room out of the way right away. This is a tiny device. It measures only 24.5mm by 12mm by 75mm – making it one of the smaller mods you’re likely to encounter in your vaping journey. Obviously, that small size means that this is…

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VaporFi Pro 3 kit

VaporFi Pro 3 Starter Kit In-Depth Review

The vaping industry has matured by leaps and bounds in recent years, and companies like VaporFi have been a big part of the reason why that evolution has occurred.  With excellent product design and an attention to performance detail, VaporFi has consistently produced some of the most affordable and high-quality vaping tools available in the…

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eGo One Mega Size

In-Depth Review the Joyetech eGo One Mega V2 Kit

If you’ve tried the eGo ONE and loved everything about it, then you’re definitely going to want to check out the newest Joyetech offering, because that great product is no available in Mega form! The original eGo One had some problems, with leaking and burning of the coils but now the eGo One Mega V2…

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Reviewing The Tesla Stealth Mini Starter Kit

Despite the fact that millions of former smokers have now taken up vaping as a healthier alternative, many of the old stigmas that once attached to tobacco products have – for some silly reason – now followed along to the vaping experience.That’s prompted the creation of products like the Tesla Stealth Mini Starter Kit. People…

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Introducing The Control Vaping

These days you’ll barely ever see a mod released which doesn’t feature control vaping.If you’ve been vaping for a while or have shopped around for mods at any point in the last couple of years, you’ll have undoubtedly come across temperature control vaping. It’s gone from being a niche addition to some higher-end devices to…

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