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Reviewing The SX Mini Q Class 200 Watt TC Vape Mod

The SX Mini Q is engineering excellence. The SX Mini Q is a high-performance, precision device. The famous YiHi SX450J chip is the nerve center that sharply and decisively operates the variable wattage and temperature control vaping options.

The SX Mini Q arrives in a jewelry box type package that is very classy. The Mini Q Class 200 Watt TC vape mod review kicks off with a head nod for the packaging. Like I said, it is not a big deal but does indicate a certain level of care and attention to detail.Very important that this is present. If it is not your alarm bells should be going off that you may have a clone of your hands. Inside the box you will find a small envelop that contains your warranty card. The warranty card will have a quality control seal as well.

The SX Q Mini Class vape mod comes in four different colors. There is black, brown, red and blue. The finish is gorgeous. This device is ergonomically designed with a curvy, smooth design that is very comfortable in the palm of your hand. It operates with two 18650 batteries. With the mod kit you will get the mod and a USB cable for future firmware upgrades.

You will also get the user manual. You are going to need this! The SX Mini Q is a sophisticated device with a large number of features. You should spend some time with the manual and the mod learning the features and how to access everything. If you are going to have a high end mod like this, you might as well know everything so you can get the most possible enjoyment out of it.


SX Mini Q Specs

sx mini q class 200 watt vape mod review

That’s about 6 ounces without batteries and just over 9 ounces with the two 18650 vape batteries inserted.The SX Mini Q specs begin with weight. This mod weighs in at 170 grams and with two batteries it weighs about 260 grams. The SX Mini Q is 54 mm wide, or 2.1 inches. The thickness is 26 mm or just over an inch. The height is 105 mm or a tad over 4 inches.

I like Green Tea, it enhances my signing voice, which requires extensive enhancement. Anyway, the best way to give you the performance specs for the SX Mini Q Class 200 Watt vape mod review is a bullet point list. Here it is:

  •                         The SX Q Mini Is Powered by the sophisticated YiHi SX450J chipset.
  •                         Dual 18650 vape device that can genuinely reach to 200 watts.
  •                         Variable Joule(Temperature control) that supports all TC wire including SS, Ti, and Ni.
  •                         Supports all atomizers thanks to SX pure technology. If you can build it, you can vape it.
  •                         Adopts 16 bits ADC to sample the resistance.
  •                         How about this? Supports coil resistance as low as 0.0001 ohm!
  •                         Output Joule: 10J to 120J. Temp control vaping ranges are 212-572° F or 100-300°C.
  •                         Output Voltage is 1.0 – 9.5 Volts (try and stay at 4.2 or less).
  •                         Joule Mode resistance range is 0.05-1.0 ohms.
  •                         What is a Joule? The unit of energy,watt*time. For advanced vapers.
  •                         Atomizer resistance range in variable power mod is 0.05 ohm to 3.0 ohm.
  •                         Innovative new SXi-Q control. Customize your vape by the second. Awesome.
  •                         Customizable logo and menu.
  •                         Temperature control with anti-dry burning technology.
  •                         Five modes: Powerful+, Powerful, Standard, Soft, Eco mode and SXi-Q S1-S5.
  •                         Buck-Boost and Boost, DC-DC Converter.
  •                         USB Balance charge on board(2A) (Although we recommend charging on a separate charger)
  •                         Zinc Alloy, Aluminum Alloy, Stainless Steel and  Magnetic battery cover.
  •                         Ergonomic, comfortable design.
  •                         Replaceable battery cover.
  •                         Rotary display(Auto-flip).
  •                         Gravity sensor system so you can adjust wattage by simply tilting the mod.
  •                         Upgradable firmware and graphic user interface.
  •                         Reverse polarity, output short protection, low resistance and low battery voltage.
  •                         Overheating and battery over charge protection.

That’s an overwhelming list, right? I know. I have to try and thread a needle here. I want to do as good and thorough a SX Mini Q Class 200 Watt tc vape mod review as possible but at the same time I don’t want to drop 5,000 words on you. I will do my best.

SX Mini Q Menu

When the device is on and unlocked, you press the fire button to access the interface and to fire your atomizer. To access the menu, press the fire button five times. With a lot of mods, pressing the fire button five times would be how you power down and turn off the mod. That is not the case with the SX Mini Q. To turn the device off, you do so through the menu.

So, once you access the menu you have more options than a southern buffet. The first thing you will see is the operating more. You have novice mode or advanced mode. In novice mode, the SX Mini Q is an easy to use yet very capable variable wattage mod. You simply use the up and down buttons to increase or decrease your power setting in 0.1 watt increments. There are five memory presets that you can set up.

There are five modes to customize the actual firing of your atomizer coils. If you select power mode, there will be a ramp up in power before dropping down to your selected output. For example if you are set at 60 watts, the initial output would be closer to 70 watts for a second before dropping back down to 60 watts. If you select power plus, the ramp up will be even more intense. In standard mode you get your consistent flow at your chosen wattage setting. If you select soft, the wattage will slowly ramp up to your chosen output. You also have Eco mode and and SXi-Q mode.

Using The SX Mini Q Class Mod

where to buy replaceable battery panels for the sx q mini class mod

The SX Q class is constructed of zinc alloy. I think it looks amazing. The heart of the device is covered by two panels, including the battery panel. Both sides are magnetically attached and can be removed. To remove the panels, follow the example in the above image. On the front edge of the mod where you will see the SX Mini logo, use your thumb to gently but firmly separate the panel. This is how you will install / remove the batteries. You can charge the batteries through the USB port but we always recommend charging your vape batteries on a separate charger.

Once you insert the batteries you can push the fire button and the display screen will show you the firmware version of your YiHi chipset. As of right now, the most up to date version is version 1 – 0.90. To check for future software upgrades from YiHi visit this page to download your update.

To turn the SX Mini Q class vape mod on simply click the power button five times. To lock or unlock requires three clicks. These are very standard operating functions for mods and you are probably already familiar. There is a difference, however, in how you turn the device off and we will get to that. When the device powers up and the screen comes to life, you are going to love it. The screen is very clear and full of information. It is also intuitive and will adjust the display depending on how you are holding your mod just like your cell phone does.

SXi-Q Vaping Mode

sx mini q electronic cigarette mod

I tried and love the SXi-Q vaping mode while doing the SX Mini Q Class 200 watt vape mod review. What can you do with this particular vaping mode? You can control the level of power output second by second while you are firing your atomizer. In fact, with the SX Mini Q Class mod, you can operate in fractions of a second. I first tried this with the Laisimo L3 and it is a lot of fun and kicks your vape experience to a new level.

You can set you SXi-Q mode by connecting your device to your PC. As you can see in the chart above, you will be able to pre-set your wattage or temperature setting in 0.5 second increments. If you check out the image above, you can see that the temperature setting is at 250 degrees for 5 seconds dropping to 175 degrees for the last 5.5 seconds.

I like a fast ramp up with a big hit as soon as I hit the fore button. Using this feature, I could get exactly the vaping experience that I wanted. You will be able to do the same. The YiHi processing technology is amazingly precise and capable. The SX Mini Q class is definitely a high performance impeccable quality device. You can create up to five SXi-Q vaping profiles.


Temp Control And TCR Vaping

Of course the SX Mini Q will also vape in a variety of temperature control functions. You can enjoy temp control vaping with stainless steel coils, titanium coils or nickel coils. If you are using an exotic wire like a tungsten or platinum for example, there is also TCR mode. TCR is temperature coefficient of resistance. In TCR you select the TCR value appropriate to your chosen coil wire.

As is was scrolling through the functions for the SX Mini Q Class 200 watt tc vape mod review, I came across the “Compensate Temp” function. This was very interesting to me and I had to try it. Folks, it really makes a difference in terms of vaping quality and consistency.

Setting the compensate temperature is simply telling the mod the external temperature. Have you ever vaped on a hot day and found that the vapor production tails off? I have. Well this solves that issue. If you are outside on a hot day when the temperature is 90 degrees, you set the compensate temperature to 90. The chip will include this temperature in the calculation of delivering the power necessary for the temp control vaping setting that you have chosen. There are just so many functions on this mod! If you are a vaper who also likes the tech, you will love it.

A Big Question? Does The SX Mini Q Really Reach 200 Watts

Okay so I often hear from vapers who tell me that a dual 18650 powered vape mod can not really reach 200 watts. There is some dispute and discussion in various electronic cigarette forums. I have tested a lot of 200 watt vape mods. For example we recently reviewed the Sigelei 213, the Smok H-Priv and the Laisimo L3. They are all fantastic. I love the Sigelei 213, I use it often and it has never let me down. But, to use an example, there was some controversy when claims arose that the 213 did not really reach 213 watts.

It is not just the 213, many in the vaping community feel that any dual 18650 system cannot really reach 200 watts. Well I think the criticism of the 213 was somewhat undeserved. Perhaps some mods that claim to reach 200 watts with dual 18650s don’t actually pass muster but at the end of the day you seldom if ever vape at 200 watts. Anyway, controversies aside, for the SX Mini Q 200 watt review, I wanted to confirm 100% that this mod is indeed capable of 200 watts. It is.

Here is a video that proves that this particular dual 18650 can reach to 200 watt mark. The Mini Q delivers as advertised. Case closed.

Vaping The SX Mini Q Class Mod

When you are vaping the SX Mini Q Class mod the words that come to mind are instant, responsive and wow. The fire button instantly brings the vapor. This mod is amazingly responsive. I did most of the testing with the Smok TFV8 vape tank because I wanted to push the SX Mini Q up to 200 watts. I also made a tungsten coil on my Wismec theorem to try out the TCR with an unconventional wire. The SX Mini Q mod brought out the best in every tank and every atomizer coil.

The SX Mini Q is very accurate, precise and even with a very solid construction it is surprisingly light weight. The only downside, and this is mild, is the fact that the 510 connection is 22 mm and many of the new tanks coming out are 24 mm so there is a bit of overhang on some tanks. That con, however, does not really impact the vaping experience. The SX Mini Q is high end and performs accordingly!

If you do not think you will use many of these functions then you might want to look at something less expensive. But in terms of overall quality and performance, the answer is yes. As I was testing for the SX Mini Q Class 200 watt tc vape mod review this device did everything it claimed it could do. It is a dual 18650 that genuinely hits the 200 watt output. Not everyone needs that but if you want it, you will get it. The build quality is excellent. This mod is rock solid. It is designed for vapers who demand a lot and it is perfect for technical oriented vapers who enjoy finite levels of control.

authentic sx mini q class 200 w tc mod cheap


SX MiniThe SX Mini Q Class

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