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Svoemesto Kayfun 5 Review Ready For The Big Leagues?

It is the luxury RTA of the vaping world. ECCR’s Svoemesto Kayfun 5 review is going to be try to be brief and to the point. We simply want to get to the heart of the matter short and sweet. That said there are some unique operational features that I want to fully explain.  So at points I hope you can bear with me as I try and give you as much info as I can as quick as I can. The question we want to answer is if the Kayfun 5 is really the Big Leagues of vaping quality or if your dollars are better spent on a less expensive RTA. Is it really a flavor chaser’s dream tank?

Svoemesto designed in Russia and manufactured in Germany. You are going to want to get one from an authenticated vendor like Direct Vapor (we will have a link for you). The Kayfun tanks are widely copied by counterfeiters and sold in shops and online. You don’t want a fake. When you get yours make sure to go to SvoeMesto here, enter the authentication number and verify that you have a real one. The authentication numbers are visible on the base of the Kayfun 5.

Let’s get this show on the road.

Kayfun 5 Review

svoemesto kayfun 5 review components of the rta

We will start the Kayfun 5 review by getting into specs and what you get. Which do you want first? Specs? Okay, you got it:

Kayfun 5 Review Of Specs

  • Anti heat driptip with POM heat resistant inlay
  • 22 mm diameter
  • Top filling e-liquid design
  • Quartz glass tank with 4 ml e-liquid capacity
  • Steel tank with 5 ml capacity
  • E-Liquid flow control (fully adjustable)
  • Enlarged atomizer build deck
  • M2 build screws, nice and big
  • PEEK heat resistant insulator on the atomizer deck
  • External adjustable airflow control
  • Increased maximum airflow compared to prior Kayfun atomizers
  • 316L stainless steel construction
  • 510 connector
  • Serial number for authentication
  • Easy assembly and maintenance

Now, what do you get with the Kayfun 5:

  • 1 x Authentic Kayfun V5 RTA with steel tank (engraved)
  • Quartz glass tank
  • 1 x Spare Kit (includes extra screws and O-rings)
  • 1 x Manual

By the way, I also like the look of this RTA. It looked great on my Smok Alien. (See the Smok Alien review here). But it looked great on the other mods I used for the Kayfun 5 review.

I especially like the look with the stainless steel tank. Oh, also looked great on my Wismec Predator vape mod. Of course the mod that you use is not really a part of this review but…just sayin! The tank and the top including POM drip tip reminded me of the Empire State Building. Why? because the top design gives the Kayfun 5 a tall sleek look with two separate ascending sections at the top.

Introduction To The Kayfun 5 RTA Atomizer


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The Kayfun 5 follows up on previous Kayfun atomizers with a few new improvements. The main improvements are the deck and expanded airflow to accommodate direct lung vapers. In testing for the Kayfun 5 review I found that it took me some time to adapt to get the most out of all the features but once I did the vaping was very enjoyable. The flavor is magnificent. And flavor is why a lot of people enjoy vaping!

If you are a Kayfun enthusiast, there are some other differences in how the Kayfun 5 works. I will get to those in our ECCR Kayfun 5 review. I think you will love this new design.

Of course the Kayfun 5 is for coil builders. There are no pre-built coils. If you are not into coil building you might want to look at something like the Halo Jag 6 tank. If you are interested in trying a high end, premium quality RTA but have not built a coil before, read on. I will explain each aspect of how the Kayfun 5 works and you can decide if you want to give it a go.

Building On The Kayfun 5

Building on the Kayfun 5 deck is easier than the majority of decks out there. The single coils deck features the PEEK insulator to control the heat. SvoeMesto says that the deck screws that they use are called M2 screws. I am not sure what M2 means:( But one thing I can say about the M2 screws is that they are very large. Much larger than other RTA or RDA deck screws. I love this. They are so much easier to work with. Easier to see and way easier to operate. Love it. Love this deck. Much improved over the Kayfun 4, too.

kayfun 5 rta review close up image of the atomizer deck

The air channel that directs up through the very center of the coil is a whopping 3.2 ml in diameter. This is where that vibrant and vivid flavor sensation is coming from. The deck is genius. There are two flattened section to the either side of the deck where your wick will reach down to the location of the vape juice ports. Your vaping forms a suction / pump action that will draw the e-liquid from the tank portion into the atomizer deck section keeping your wick nice and saturated.

I recommend either 2.5 ml or 3 ml coils. Of course the coil material and resistance will be up to you. Installing your coil onto the deck is a quick process. I really believe that what made installation so much easier for me is a combination of how the posts are set and the beautiful big screws. So easy to tighten while holding everything in place. Of course prime the wick before assembling the Kayfun 5 and vaping.

Oh, PS, lube the O-rings before assembling.

Filling The Kayfun 5

When I get into the section of my SvoeMesto Kayfun 5 RTA review where I describe the e-liquid flow and airflow, that is going to take some time. This section where I tell you about how to refill is going to be quick. Quick because it is really easy. It is a top fill atomizer tank. Simply unscrew the top and voila! The juice ports to fill your e-liquid are huge and it is a very clean and fast process. Full marks for convenience.

The top easily unscrews for refill. Obviously with the German engineered build quality everything connects smoothly and precisely. That’s it for refill the e-liquid let’s keep this thing moving.

weighs 82 grams 22 mm diameter top fill made of stainless steel 316

How The Kayfun 5 E-Liquid Flow Control Works

In the early stages of doing my Kayfun 5 review, I found that controlling the e-liquid flow is a bit tricky. You do get the hang of it but the worry is opening the flow too much. Too much equals flooding, leaks, and just not as enjoyable vaping. But, at the end of the day, once you get the hang of it it is really quite simple.

The Kayfun 5 e-juice flow control works as follows. You begin by turning the tank into the base until it stops. That is until you feel resistance. Don’t try to overpower the thing! Screw it down until you feel it resist and stop. Now from this point, the e-liquid flow control is variable within two full turns of the tank. That is when you twist it to the left (lefty loosey) two complete turns that’s as far as you should go. So somewhere within the range of those first two full turns you can find your ideal juice flow.

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Adjust E-Liquid Flow For Specific Blend

A lot of the flow factor (I oughtta trademark that) will vary depending on the e-juice you are using. A max VG juice will require more just flow than a 50/50 e-liquid. So if you use a lot of different e-liquid blends adjusting juice flow will be especially valuable. For example, if you use an e-liquid subscription service like Zample Box, you never know what kind of juice you are getting. Control the flow factor and you will easily adapt to any ratio.

Other factors are the coil resistance because of course that will determine just how much vape juice is vaporized. So it is a process to dial in your ideal but you will figure it out quickly. Through the course of the Kayfun 5 review I tried many different e-liquids (the Halo and EVO 70 vg 30 pg e-liquids were amazing) and it took about five hits to get it just right.

That may seem a nuisance but if you like the ability to customize to the nth degree, you will probably love having this range of e-liquid flow control.

Note: A secondary means of recognizing when the e-juice flow control is too open is when you notice a separation between the tank and the base.

Adjusting The Airflow On The Kayfun 5

On most vape tanks or RTAs, adjusting the airflow is easy. Adjusting the airflow on the Kayfun 5 is a bit more of an involved process. But don’t be intimidated, there is a purpose. It all connects to how all of the parts work in conjunction. Most of the time once we find the airflow that we like we stick with it anyway. So with the Kayfun 5 we will tall you how to adjust and lock in your airflow.

The airflow control ring on the base of the Kayfun 5 actually has to be slightly dislodged out of its normal position in order to adjust the airflow. First, I found it is best to have the e-liquid flow one full turn past wide open before adjusting airflow. That is a total of three full turns. That is strictly because of the mechanics and not having anything to do with the e-liquid flow.

Once the e-liquid flow is opened, you push the airflow dial up. That is up from the base of the tank. You will see that it pops open exposing the cylinder at the base. All around the sides of this cylinder at the base, you will see dimples. The number of dimples indicates the amount of airflow. In this open position, you can turn the airflow control dial to the desired airflow. There are four settings to pick from. Then slide the airflow ring back down and turn the e-liquid control back into the working range.

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A Few More Words About The Kayfun 5 Airflow Control

After the last two sections I am worried that you might be a bit put off by the seeming complexity. And this RTA may not be for everyone. The Kayfun 5 is designed for serious vapers. Vapers that build their own coils. The level of customization and performance are what the Kayfun 5 is all about. At the end of the day, using the e-liquid flow and airflow control becomes second nature in a very short time.

On the downside, there are only four airflow settings. Again that is part of the design. The reason is that the base airflow dial has to have set positions because if the accommodation of the e-liquid control. The airflow control needs to be fixed and have octagon squared edges because you need to thread the Kayfun 5 onto your vape mod using the base. If you try and thread it on from the tank, you will be changing the e-juice flow. So really, there is a method to the madness. The design comes all together in terms of the high end performance many of you are looking for.

I hope that explains why the design is the way it is. The other airflow angle I want to quickly touch on is that this airflow is huge. At the smallest airflow setting the draw is not as stiff as with previous Kayfun RTAs. SvoeMesto has essentially made the Kayfun 5 a dual purpose RTA so that you can either do MTL vaping or DL vaping. Kayfun tanks to this point have been for MTL vapers. With the expanded airflow on the Kayfun 5, at the wide open setting you can take DL hits. (For more on DL or MTL vaping please refer yo our vaping for beginners guide here.)

Does The Kayfun 5 Work Better As An MTL Or DL Vape?

In my opinion, the Kayfun 5 works great as either a MTL or DL vape. But I have to tell you that there are colleagues of mine that take a different view. In their view, the lowest airflow setting is still not a tight enough draw to satisfy their particular MTL preference. When I MTL vape, I still like lots of airflow. For example, a lot of time I vape MTL on my Aspire Nautilus 2 vape tank. On the Nautilus tank, bother version 2 and the original, I like the widest airflow setting.

In testing for the Kayfun 5 RTA review, I used the second airflow setting because for me the lowest setting was too stiff. It is a matter or personal preference. I think it works great as both an MTL or DL. But I wanted to give you a heads up in case you are an MTL vaper that likes a very stiff draw. If you like a very stiff draw, the Kayfun 5 may not be right for you. You might want to look at a Kayfun 4 or our list of the top rated e-cig tanks.

Again for me, I found the MTL vaping to be very flavorful, flavorful, satisfying and just really enjoyable. Notice I mentioned flavorful twice. It needed to be mentioned twice. Very vibrant, toe tapping flavor from the beautifully directed airflow.

Last Word On The SvoeMesto Kayfun 5 RTA Review

kayfun 5 electronic cigarette vaping device dimensions it may be the tallest

If you skipped ahead to this part, let me recap the SvoeMesto Kayfun 5 review. We have a place you can get an authentic Kayfun 5 with free shipping and the link will be posted below. The price is $119.95. It’s a Kayfun. It is impeccably engineered. This is for the serious enthusiast. All of the components connect so smoothly. It will break down into 6 base components. This makes it easy to maintain. The Kayfun 5 could last you for a very, very long time. This is a high end vape product.

The Kayfun 5 RTA will work as both an MTL and DL vape. The deck is magnificent. The e-liquid flow control and airflow control requires a hands on approach with attention to detail. But it is worth it for the customized high performance vaping. The PEEK insulation and the drip tip has a POM, heat resistant inlay. These two features keep the Kayfun 5 comfortable to use.

The flavor performance is off the charts. Just like you would expect from any Kayfun but I think the 5 is the best flavor maker yet.

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