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South Beach Smoke Review –

The Brand

South Beach Smoke is an E-cig brand that has been making pretty big headlines for several years now. It has been seen and featured on media outlets like the 2011 MTV Music Awards, CNN, MSNBC, and more. Their website is stylish and attractive, as are their products. But are they good products, and are they high enough in quality to justify the price?

I was very impressed with the website, the packaging, and the design of these products. The Air seemed especially attractive, as it was an e-go style vape pen made from stainless steel. It was sleek and modern. The E-cig minis were very realistic, and looked a lot like analog cigarettes. For ex-smokers on the lookout for something realistic, South Beach Smoke has definitely got something to offer.

South beach smoke review

My Experience with South Beach Smoke

My initial impression of South Beach Smoke was very positive. I thought that their website and products looked attractive and professional. A quick look at their inventory also revealed that they offer quite a bit of diversity. They offer an e-go style E-cig called the Air, as well as a wide range of mini starter kits. I was also very impressed with their range of e-liquid flavours. They had a huge selection of tobacco options, as well as dozens of specialty options. They also had a ‘custom blend’ option that allowed you to blend different types of flavours together. For me, this was a huge deal, as I am definitely more of a ‘specialty flavour’ kind of person.

Of course, you can also buy other accessories, such as chargers and extra batteries, off of their official website. They carry lanyards, powered E-cigs, carrying cases, clear cartomizers, etc.

buy south beach smoke

South Beach Smoke review – Products and Kits

South Beach Smoke offers several different starter kits, ranging in price from the Reusable Express Kit for £27.99 to the Deluxe Couples Kit Combo for £109.99. Here are my personal opinions on the different kits and who might be interested in them…

Reusable Express Kit: £27.99

This kit is a great way to try out the South Beach Smoke E-cig, though it would probably not be enough by itself to handle all of your vaping needs unless you are an incredibly light E-cig user.

Deluxe Starter Kit: £59.99

This kit would be a great kit to buy if you wanted to get enough gear to support an intermediate vaping habit. For the average user, this is probably the best option.

Deluxe Plus Starter Kit: £89.99

This kit is like the Deluxe kit but comes with a few extra options. If you have the extra money and want to get a full-featured kit, then this is a nice choice to have available.

Deluxe Ultimate Starter Kit: £149.99

This is a great kit for vapers who need a serious amount of battery power. If you are an above-average vaper or spend a lot of time away from a charger, then this kit may be a great option for you.

Deluxe Couples Kit Combo: £109.99

This kit basically gives you two Deluxe Starter Kits at a better price. It is a great choice for couples who are looking for a good deal on two kits.

Of course, you can also buy the Air, which comes at an incredibly priced £29.99… which is a very good deal! With it, you get a carrying case and two chargers. They also carry some disposable E-cig options.

South Beach Smoke – Battery Life

south beach smoke batteryMy experience with the batteries from South Beach Smoke was basically very good. They hold a good charge, supply plenty of power, and recharge fairly quickly. One thing that I will say is that you are definitely going to want another battery or two if you vape more than once or twice during the day… especially if you are using the minis. The mini batteries are good, but they are just minis. You should probably think about buying a larger starter kit or more batteries if you vape very much at all.

One thing that I noticed about their website was that they offered two different types of mini batteries… the high capacity model, and the standard capacity model. The high-capacity is longer, and is priced at   £29.99, while the standard model is priced at £19.99. If you plan on spending quite a bit of time out and away from your charger, then it may definitely be to your benefit to go with the high-capacity battery, which is said to deliver 500 to 600 puffs… as opposed to the standard model, which delivers about 300 to 400 puffs.

South Beach Smoke – Vapour/Smoke

One of the first things that I noticed about this E-cig was the fact that it gave off a fantastic vapour plume. I actually think that this might be due to the fact that the batteries are a little higher voltage than some other E-cigs, but it definitely works! The throat hit was also very satisfying… very similar to that of an analog cigarette.

South Beach Smoke – Taste/Flavours

One of my favourite things about this company was that they offered so many flavour options. I am actually a big fan of specialty flavours, so to see so many options presented on one website was fantastic. I was also a big fan of the fact that you could mix different flavours together to create custom options. Using the ‘Custom Blend’ feature, you can actually blend up to three different flavours together to create something totally unique.

South beach smoke flavours

On a side note, I have heard that some people didn’t like the taste of the South Beach Smoke flavours. The reason for it was said to be because of a ‘weird aftertaste’. I actually didn’t really notice it myself, but flavour is very much a matter of preference.

South Beach Smoke – Returns Policy

According to their return policy, you can return purchased products to South Beach Smoke for basically any reason within 30 days if you are not satisfied. They also advertise a lifetime warranty, though I was pretty disappointed to learn that this warranty is actually negated if you don’t sign up for the ‘Home Delivery Program’, which is basically a program that signs you up to receive automatic e-liquid refills every month. If you want the lifetime warranty, then you must sign up for this program… otherwise, you won’t get it.

South Beach Smoke – Conclusion

I have to say that I am pretty impressed with the Home Beach Smoke products, though I can see how some people might have a little bit of trouble rationalising the price if they are on a tight budget. If you shop around, it is pretty easy to find comparable kits from other brands for about one to two-thirds of the price… but you must also take into account that this is actually a very good and high-quality product. If you want a great E-cig and more vapour options than you could ever try, then you definitely need to check out South Beach Smoke’s official website.

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