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Firmware Upgrades For Vape Mods

Firmware upgrades for vape mods are now common and an upgradeable mod can give your mod a makeover anytime.Electronic cigarettes are a technology, not a tobacco product. Because they are a technology, a vape mod can become instantly renewed and updated with new vaping technology with the click of a mouse.  So while the overreaching, authoritarian FDA may limit some of our options as vapers, they will not be able to stop the advance of vaping technology.

Software and firmware upgrades for vape mods can essentially make your device completely new and updated. The FDA may have decided to call electronic devices ‘tobacco products’ in order to attack the industry, but there is no way they will be able to extend their warped definition of tobacco products to include software updates.

It is very common for a line of mods to release new products. Vaping technology is much like other technologies in that respect. Much like cell phones are constantly coming out with new versions as technology evolves, so too do ecig mods. It may become more difficult for electronic cigarette manufacturers to release new mods but they sure can release new firmware that can be uploaded into existing hardware bringing them current with the latest in vaping technology and capability.

Firmware upgrades for vape mods is between and adult vaper exercising free choice and the companies striving to create better products. Freedom finds a way and we have a right to be smoke free.The fact that vaping is a technology and not a tobacco product is not something that you can totally control no matter how hard you try. Millions of people now vape instead of smoke and they do not want to go back to smoking.

Will Companies Charge For Firmware Updates?

Right now firmware upgrades for vape mods are free. That is awesome of course. If vape mods should become scarce, which is a worst case scenario and hopefully sanity will prevail and that won’t happen, but if they do become scarce I would not be surprised if at some point manufacturers may be squeezed into a position where they will charge for updates. That is total speculation but if suddenly manufacturers are not able to sell as many mods they will have to make up for that loss. Software updates might be their only avenue for making up for lost revenue. We shall see. Either way, vaping firmware upgrades are a very valuable to us as vapers.

Firmware Upgrades For Vape Mods

What are firmware upgrades for vape mods? Just as an example, lets go back in time a little bit. We will go back to December 2015. That’s virtually ancient history in vaping terms! Anyway, at that time temperature control mods were really gaining traction. A lot of the mods available at that time were temperature control compatible with nickel coil wire, or Ni200. Many could fire atomizers as low as 0.2 ohms. Shortly after December, titanium and stainless steel temperature control vaping coils came into play. Additionally, many of the newer mods were firing atomizers as low as o.1 ohms or even 0.05. A lot of vapers preferred stainless steel and lower resistance atomizers are always in demand.

So let’s say you bought a mod in December and could only vape in temperature control mode with Ni200 coils 0.2 ohms or above. If you purchased a mod with upgradeable firmware, the software update could instantly make your mod stainless steel compatible with atomizers as low as 0.1, or whatever the upgrade was designed to accommodate. You would simply connect your mod to a computer and download the firmware upgrade for vape mods into your device. Just like that you basically had a brand new mod with up to date capabilities.

Examples Of Vape Mods With Upgradeable Firmware

Vape mods with upgradeable firmware are pretty much standard at this point, at least with the newest devices coming out now. The IPV6, SX Mini Q Class, Joyetech mods, Smok mods etc usually have upgradeable firmware. Here is a list of links to web pages where you can get firmware upgrades for vape mods for the leading manufacturers:

Joyetech Firmware Upgrades For Vape Mods

Smok Firmware Upgrades

Pioneer4You Upgrades (For IPV Series Mods)

YiHi Chip Upgrades For SX Mods

Upgrades For eLeaf iStick Mods

Upgrades For Aspire Devices

Kangertech Upgrades For Cupti 2

Tesla Ecig Mod Updates

Example Of A Mod Firmware Update

firmware updates for vape mods

The above chart shows an available firmware upgrade for the Joyetech Cuboid mod. The Cuboid is a popular mod that was originally sold as a 150 watt mod. If you want to have a closer look at the Cuboid mod you can see more here. With this upgrade, the Cuboid is instantly converted into a 200 watt mod.

So that is cool. If you are the proud owner of a Cuboid but were looking for a more powerful mod, well you can basically get it for free simply by bringing the firmware in your existing device up to date. This is up to you, if you have no need of a 200 watt mod then you would not need the update. Unless you were interested in the other feature you could potentially enjoy with this update we have pictured above. What is the other update feature? Games!

Yes, the other update feature in this particular example is adding a game to you mod. Much like a cell phone game but with a smaller screen. Obviously it is not going to be a sophisticated game with next generation graphics, it will probably still be better than pong! Adding a games to firmware upgrades for vape mods is really just for fun. Some other fun upgrades can be changing the display by letting you personalize a logo or adding a clock. Most important, of course, are the updates that actually advance your vaping options such as increasing the potential from 150 watts to 200 watts.

Vape ModsFirmware Upgrades

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