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Socialites E-Cigarette Kit Review | Reviewed by Vapers

The Socialites Zero Electronic Cigarette Company is a company that is trying to revolutionise the electronic cigarette by putting out on the market their own ideas. This company basically sells anything from the electronic cigarettes all the way to the accessories that are usually used together with the cigarettes. This includes the popular two-piece e-cigs, tank based e-cigs and e-juices among others. This company also offers those that shop from their main website, or from any of their authorised dealers, a 28 day warranty on every order made. With 22 different flavours for their cartomisers that come in four nicotine strengths, you can be assured that you will always find something to your liking. No more trouble trying to find your perfect match.

Even though the company has five variations of their two-piece starter kits on offer, they are very much alike with the only exception being the flavour variation. These starters usually cost about £19.99 each. With a price like that they are among the most affordable electronic cigarettes on the market right now.

Each pack comes with the following items:

  • One rechargeable battery
  • One USB charger
  • Two cartomisers
  • One instruction manual

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In this review, we’ll mainly look at the two piece e-cig with the menthol flavour. However, we’ll take a look at how it competes against some of the other starter kits in this price range. This product is also referred to as the Cool Menthol Starter Kit.

Packaging and Design

To start with, the package of this kit comes in a very neat cardboard box which reminds me of the old-fashioned way traditional cigarettes were packed. The front part of the package has an image showing a green fireball to indicate that the cartomiser flavour is menthol. Inside, you will find the USB charger, the rechargeable battery, the instruction card and two cartomisers.

Socialites Zero’s e-cigs are basically comprised of 2 pieces, a battery and a cartomiser. Once you’ve screwed those two together you have the complete product in hand and you are ready to commence vaping. Grey lines also encircle most of the white battery’s surface with a LED light that’s found at its end. Cartomisers are white and they come with a label indicating the flavour. It’s more or less a quite common look for any e-cigarette sold on the market right now.

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socialites eliquidWith 22 cartomiser flavours on offer from Socialites Zero to choose from you never know what to go for immediately. The list is pretty big and it includes flavours like Blackberry, Gold Tobacco, USB Blend Tobacco, Cool Menthol, Virginia Blend Tobacco, Platinum Tobacco, Orange, Red Energy, Strawberry, Cherry, Apple, Coconut, Banana, Watermelon, Bubble Gum, Coffee, Chocolate, Peach, Peanut Butter, Blueberry, Vanilla and Grape. A good number of these flavours are also offered with four options to choose from when it comes to their nicotine strengths. The most amazing thing about this is that it has a zero nicotine option where you get to vape without taking in any nicotine. This option is perfect for people who are trying to get rid of nicotine addictions and are finding it hard to stop smoking because the habit had become part of their lives.

As soon as you have your e-cig assembled by screwing the battery and the cartomiser together, you can then activate it by simply taking a drag. From there, everything is plain, straightforward and simple.


As mentioned above, this starter kit comes packed with a single rechargeable battery. What we didn’t mention is that this battery is an automatic lithium-ion battery that has been designed specifically to save the users from the small and annoying chores like having to use an on/off switch or button. This means that you can commence vaping immediately without the need for you to do anything but a drag. The red and blue led-tip batteries included are also available from the same company. Other than that, the company also offers customers a convenient carrying case which unfortunately doesn’t come with a portable charging case as most users would expect.

socialites battery

Charging the battery is simple and only requires the user to screw in the battery into the provided USB adapter. From there, the next and final step is plugging in the USB adapter into an appropriate power supply. The time it takes for the battery that comes with the Socialites Zero starter kit to fully charge is not any different from what is offered by many of the other batteries. With this in mind, for users who rarely find time to sit down and charge the battery during the day, it’s advisable to invest in a spare battery in order to get enough vaping through the day. More or less, the company can still improve its product in various ways, especially in technology. There is a 30-day return policy that is available with any order of their products. However, this offer is available only to the users who purchase the device from their main website. Any devices purchased from third parties are not included.

Customer Support

Products from Socialites Zero Electronic Cigarette Company are available online from the company’s main website and also from selected stores that are listed on the company’s main site. Customers can get support from company representatives every day of the week from 9.00am to 8.00pm on weekdays and from 9.00am to 5.30pm on weekends.


In summary, this kit is a basic kit that can be used by anybody looking to make the switch or somebody who is looking for something cheap and new. The option of a 0% nicotine concentration is an amazing option that enables the company to stand out in the race towards a tobacco free world.

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