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Smoko E-Cigarette Full Review | Reviewed by Vapers

The Brand

With so many electronic cigarette options these days, users of e-cigarettes have the less enviable task of trying to find the one that suits them best. On the brighter side, they are also presented with more options to choose from, as manufacturers of e-cigarettes are upping their game, coming up with better product offerings. Stepping up to the challenge of giving more choices to e-cigarette users is SMOKO Premium Electronic Cigarettes, also known simply as iSmoko, an electronic cigarette company based just outside of London. It’s still a relatively new company, just turned a year old only recently.

My SMOKO Experience

Currently, users can choose from among three SMOKO starter kits: Standard, White Premium and Black Premium. A quick look at the price and features will immediately tell you that the White Premium and Black Premium Starter Packs are basically the same, except for the colour. They also cost the same, priced at £55 each. The most sought after starter pack, however, appears to be the Black Premium.
Smoko review
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Kit Inclusions

So what can e-cigs users get from the SMOKO Black Premium Starter Pack? Here they are:

  • Five (5) Original Tobacco Flavoured Cartomizers
  • Two (2) rechargeable batteries
  • One (1) personal charging case or PCC
  • One (1) USB charge cable for e-cig battery
  • One (1) PCC USB charge cable
  • One (1) mains adapter

Let us take a look at how the SMOKO Premium Starter Pack fares against other e-cigarettes from other companies.

Smoko review – Design

Low on aesthetics and cultivating a more straightforward approach in terms of its look and feel, SMOKO Premium Electronic Cigarettes opted to use a simple and plain-looking cardboard box in packaging the SMOKO Black Premium Starter Kit. Written at the bottom part of the box is the company slogan, which is “SMOKO YOUR WAY”. This no-nonsense packaging, reminiscent of the traditional box design of regular tobacco cigarettes, is also seen on the SMOKO White Premium Starter Kit. This is quite a breath of fresh air, considering how majority of other e-cigs manufacturers are now deviating from this conventional look and feel and adapting designs that are considered edgier.

Once you open the box, you will immediately find all the kit’s inclusions inside. The e-cigs of SMOKO Premium Electronic Cigarettes are comprised of 2 pieces – a cartomizer and its battery. Instead of the usual personal charge cases, SMOKO added a PCC, one that does not have a display to indicate battery level. The PCC also boasts a metal border finish, complete with the SMOKO logo, giving it a sleek appearance. For some, it may come across as plain-looking, but it is highly functional, which is really the whole point.

Smoko review – Assembly

As mentioned earlier, the e-cigarettes by SMOKO Premium Electronic Cigarettes utilized a two-piece design: the cartomizer and the battery. Users of e-cigarettes will no doubt find this a welcome change from the usual designs by other brands, which usually feature atomizers and cartridges separately. Assembly is very simple and straightforward; just screw the cartomizer into the battery, and you’re done.

One restriction of this design, however, is that the cartridge cannot be refilled with other e-liquids other than those by SMOKO.

Smoko review – Battery Life

smoko battery

The personal charging case, or PCC, of the SMOKO Premium Starter Kit boasts a screw-in mechanism for charging the batteries. One problem encountered by many e-cigs users is the all too often interminable length of charging time. With the help of the USB charge cable as well as the mains adapter, the battery charging time is shortened considerably.

By itself, one battery of these e-cigs does not really have a very long battery life. However, SMOKO Premium Electronic Cigarettes addressed that issue by supplying the starter kit with not just one, but two, batteries. This should easily let the e-cigs produce vapor for an entire day without having to charge.

Smoko review – Vapor/Flavor

smoko refills

SMOKO Premium Electronic Cigarettes introduces four (4) nicotine strengths in most of its 10 flavors. Choose from among 0mg, 11mg, 16mg, and 24mg. The amount of vapors produced with each pull or drag is actually just the right amount, as long as it is assembled properly.

Compared to the flavours normally found in other e-cigarettes, SMOKO has taken a different tack and chose unexpected flavours. With 10 cartomizer flavours to choose from, e-cigs users can literally take their pick. The flavours include the slightly common and more familiar Original Tobacco, Menthol, Virginia Rolling, Green Apple and Energy, and the more adventurous Havana, Chockywocky, Absinthe, Bananarama, and, believe it or not, Roast Chicken.

I have not yet personally tried the Roast Chicken flavour, but it comes highly recommended, if only to try something different and something new. Meanwhile, those who used to smoke tobacco cigarettes find themselves more drawn to the Original Tobacco flavour.

Smoko review – Warranty

I tried looking for any information regarding warranty terms for the SMOKO Black Premium Starter Kit as well as other SMOKO products, but was unable to find any.

Smoko review – Customer Service

You can reach SMOKO Premium Electronic Cigarettes customer support by calling them up or sending them an email, from Monday to Friday, starting from 8:30 in the morning until 5:30 in the afternoon. SMOKO Premium Electronic Cigarettes is a proud member of the Electronic Cigarette Industry Trade Association (ECITA).

Smoko review – Conclusion

Sometimes, simplicity is best. The SMOKO Premium Starter Kits offer a more straightforward electronic cigarette experience, starting from its simple design to its very easy assembly. True, the battery life could have been longer, but with two batteries and a PCC, you’re still set for a fun day vaping your heart away!
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