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Smok Stick V8 Kit Review 3000 mAh With TFV8 Big Baby

How are you doing? Great! So, you want to check out the ECCR Smok Stick V8 kit review. Great idea! This is a cool vape kit. You get one of the best vape tanks with the TFV8 Big Baby 5 ml tank and a 3000 mAh Smok Stick tube style, or pen style, mod. I’ll be honest with you, this is not an in-depth review. I am going to go over what you get and how it vapes and that’s about it. We have a full Smok TFV8 vape tank review that you can check out. The TFV8 baby and Big baby are the same design just different sizes and different sized coils.

As for the Smok Stick mod, I’ll tell you about my experience with it and a few specs. I’m not being lazy. There really is not a lot to talk about with the Smok Stick mod itself. That is pretty much why a long, detailed electronic cigarette review is not even necessary. The Smok Stick is a mech mod. There is nothing regulated about it, there is nothing to adjust. The Smok Stick V8  will simply deliver power and the atomizer will determine the current. That’s about it. The atomizer that you are using will determine how much power is drawn from the battery.

I want to make sure that I make all this clear in my Smok Stick V8 kit review while still keeping it really short and sweet. This mod is designed to be easy to use. You don’t have to do anything other than making sure your coil is primed before vaping. There is nothing do adjust and it will not do temperature control. This mod kit is designed to make big vapor an easy access proposition.

Smok Stick V8 Kit Review

smok stick v8 kit review

There are two battery options for the Smok Stick V8 kit. You can get a 2000 mAh battery or a 3000 mAh battery. You can see the 3000 mAh version in the image above. I recommend the 3000 mAh battery. The 2000 mAh version is smaller and if you want something smaller by all means go for it. But in my opinion having 30% more battery life is more than worth it. And the 3000 mAh battery is only $4 more than the 2000 mAh version.

What are the differences between the 2000 mAh version of the Smok Stick V8 kit and the 3000 mAh version? They are about the same height but the 3000 mAh version is 24.5 mm in diameter while the 2000 mAh Smok Stick is 22 mm in diameter. So they are pretty close in terms of dimension. At the end of the Smok Stick V8 kit review I will post links to both versions and you can check them out.

The versions are called the Baby and Big Baby versions. The 2000 mAh Smok Stick comes with the TFV8 Baby which is a 3.5 ml tank. The TFV8 Big Baby has a 5.0 ml capacity. By the way, the full sized TFV8 coils are not compatible with the baby versions.

Why By The Smok Stick V8?

I guess this is the $64,000 question. The good news is that this kit does not cost $64,000. If it did, I would recommend something different:) In all seriousness, one of the reasons to buy the Smok Stick V8 kit is the price. The 2000 mAh Baby version is $48.50 and the 3000 mAh Big Baby version is $51 to $53. With either kit you get:

  • One Smok Stick Mod
  • TFV8 baby or Big Baby Vape Tank
  • Two Coils
  • Battery Charger
  • Vape Band
  • User Manual
  • Spare Parts (O-Rings)

You do not have to adjust anything even even when you switch from one atomizer resistance to another. Now, some of you may not like this. Perhaps you like to fine tune and adjust. If this describes you this is probably not the kit for you. If you want a mod with all the technological bells and whistles check out the Smok X Cube Ultra. This is for vapers who like the idea of enjoying the amazing vaping from the TFV8 baby Beast without having to adjust anything. It’s all done for you.

For me, this is the advantage of the Smok Stick Kit. It makes vaping one of the best vape tanks easy. If you want to try subohm vaping and get bigger vapor clouds but do not want to fuss with a complex mod, this one is for you. Just remember to prime your coils well. The TFV8 Baby coils are still very large and require some priming. Place a few drops of eliquid into the wick before installing the coil. After you fill the tank let it soak in for a good 5 minutes before vaping.

Smok Stick V8 Kit Review Wrap Up

where to buy the smok stick v8 baby and big baby versions

The last word on the Smok Stick V8 kit review is that it vapes awesome. That’s my insight! Seriously, the vaping is very, very good. I have a picture of the 3000 mAh Bib Baby version above and in my opinion that’s the one to get. With the Smok Stick battery you essentially get whatever power the atomizer allows and that means a lot of vapor. You are basically pushing the limits of what each coil can deliver and it’s noticeable. The vapor is dense and flavorful.

Here’s why I am recommending it. The Smok Stick V8 is convenient, portable, easy to use and a vapor making beast. The quality and performance earn high marks. Considering that it is priced right around the $50 mark it is also a good value. I got an early version to test and was duly impressed. It comes in a variety of colors, too. So, I have a link to both versions below.

Check Out The Smok Stick 2000 mAh Version Here



Or, Take A Look At The Smok Stick Big Baby Version







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