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SMOK Stick AIO Kit Review by SmokeTastic Experts in Vaping

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SMOK has increased their range of entry-level devices, and come up with the SMOK Stick AIO which incorporates all of the recognized ‘best-of-breed’ features we have come to expect from basic vaping gear. The AIO is a great Day Buddy: The combination of easy-use features and low-fuss handling makes the AIO an excellent work-day companion for vapers. The lightweight pen-style vape kit measures just 22mm x 115mm and is easy to slip into a bag or pocket as you grab your gear to leave for another day at the office

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Smok Stick AIO Full Review

The Smok Stick AIO in silverVaping technology is advancing at an incredible pace as more users enter this trendy market, and there is a vaping tool for every niche. Although most manufacturers are pursuing bigger, better and more advanced mods, it’s great to know that casual vapers and beginners can select their basic vaporizer gear from a huge range of really nifty tools at very competitive prices.

Take the Smok Stick AIO which has just recently been released, some class it as one of the best e cigs on the market right now, but in order to evaluate, we need to take a closer look:


Built-in Battery

The 1600mAh battery provides sufficient output for a very satisfactory vapor output and will last long enough to carry most vapers through a day at the office. And if you are having a long, hard day and you need a little extra battery life, simply connect your Stick AIO discreetly to your laptop for a fast recharge. The kit comes with a Micro-USB charger for this very purpose.

Tank with top refil

Top Refilling

A leak-proof glass tank makes it easy to estimate e-juice usage. The 2ml capacity is not huge by some mod standards, but it is very easy to refill by screwing off the rotary capacity and dripping your choice of juice into the slot. Leave for a few minutes, and puff away. The smaller tank capacity also makes it fun to switch and mix between complementary e-juice flavors without any hassle!


Sophisticated Looks

The AIO is a sleek and good-looking piece of equipment and dare we say it; one of the best looking vape pens available. It comes in unobtrusive black, understated silver, or pick the classy gold pen or the bright, gleeful 7-color mix to add a little fun into your work day! Sturdy construction: Made from top quality stainless steel to guarantee long-term use, and finished with quality coatings in sophisticated colors.

Stick AIO seperate pieces

Safety Features

With better technology, safety has become standard with non-negotiable built-in features. The smart-chip technology enables multiple automatic protective features such as the 8 seconds cut-off system and short-circuit protection. You are shielded by both low resistance and low voltage protection systems.

The Stick AIO in black

Just One Button

No need to watch readings or settings. The power on / power off button is, in-fact an intelligent LED indicator that puts out simple signals to let you know when you need to charge. The indicator blinks 4 times when you take a puff, but will flash 15 times to indicate a low battery warning. The flashing means that the voltage is below 3.3V and that you need to recharge the battery.


Dual Coils

The AIO comes with two 0.23Ω dual coils, one of which is pre-installed, in your stick and ready for use. The 0.23Ω combined with the improved e-juice wicking system makes for excellent clouds and very satisfactory taste, perfect for occasional vapers and a quick few satisfying hits during the day.


Smooth Airflow

An improved airflow system consists of a bi-directional 4-hole system that allows for a smooth, loose draw, which works in tandem with the improved e-juice wicking holes for economical e-juice use and better flavor while you chase your dense clouds.
The colors available



  • Slim, trim and sexy
  • The advantages

  • Compact but sturdy construction
  • Easy-charge with built-in battery and a complimentary USB charger
  • Small tank capacity makes it easy to switch e-juice flavors
  • Smooth air flow
  • Beaut vapor clouds and taste!
  • Everyday vaping and the perfect standby vaping solution



What is in the Smok AIO Kit

  • 2ml tank capacity
  • 22mm diameter, 115mm height with a total weight of 95g
  • Stainless steel construction with modern finishing
  • Battery 1600mAh
  • Connector – standard 510
  • 2 dual coils 0.23Ω (1 coil comes pre-installed, plus you get a spare)
  • USB charging cable
  • User manual
  • Spare parts



If you really wish to chase bigger clouds or fine-tune your taste experience, there are more sophisticated vaping solutions available, take a look at the best box mod selection for example, but few vaping tools are as compact and convenient for everyday use as this vape pen. It is a wonderful starter kit for beginners and light vapers, but also a fantastic solution to slip into your bag or pocket just in case you run out of batteries or find yourself in a situation where you don’t want to haul out a bigger unit. The AIO is simple, easy and convenient, and buying one as a standby won’t break the bank. Keep one in your drawer at work.


Electronic Cigarettes • June 15, 2017

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