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SMOK Skyhook RDTA Tank Review by SmokeTastic Experts in Vaping

Final ScoreSmok Skyhook RDTA Tank Review Bottom Line

SMOK hails their Smok Skyhook RDTA tank as another ‘cloud beast’, and we wanted to find out how it compares to SMOK’s famous TFV8 Cloud Beast tank. If you don’t mind the awkward refilling it’s a beauty, it fires up anything you can throw at it, and the patented new floating two-post build deck cranks up the flavour and cloud production to absolute monster levels. The 5ml capacity and fine-tuning features make it one of the top tanks currently available. Calling the flavor junkies of the world…!

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The Full In-depth Smok Skyhook RDTA Tank Review

The SMOK Skyhook RDTA Tank in goldThis big boy features bottom and side airflow, a decent 5 ml e-juice capacity, and the option of conversion to RDA (and if you are wondering why that is important, you can learn more here). SMOK always provides a generous package, and the Skyhook RDTA tank comes with a good supply of accessories. There is a pre-assembled tank, an additional glass tank and RDA barrel, plenty of cotton, a single-coil adapter, Allen key, and the usual spare screws and o-rings. Don’t let the RDTA description confuse you since this tank can fire at almost any wattage.

Just so your clear, this is not a replacement tank for the Smok Skyhook mod, as the name suggests, it is a new product all together and completely independent and can be used on any box mod that fires sub ohm coils.


The Skyhook RDTA Tank Up Close and Personal

The Skyhook RDTA tank comes in silver, gold, black and a multi-color finish, all made with the trademark SMOK expert machining and build quality. At a quick glance, there are no obvious design changes, and it has a classic shape with the atomiser on top of the juice tank.

The base diameter is 24.5 mm, and it is 61.5mm high – slightly larger than the Wotofo Troll RTA so it clearly means business. The tank offers a solid 5 ml juice capacity, and frankly, it needs every bit of that capacity. Like most advanced tanks, it’s thirsty!


The Skyhook RDTA Tank broken down

Top Filling Tank

The fill port is located in the metal ring which surrounds the deck, and you must either turn or remove the barrel to get to it. Pay attention to the markings when you fill up the tank, because there are three holes of which 2 are bottom airflow slots. The fill port is marked with little drop icons to differentiate them from the airflow slots.

Now many people, including ourselves have a difficult time filling this tank up, for the best results we found using a syringe to make sure the liquid actually gets in there and not leak all over the place. Once you have mastered this though the rest is all good! Why they couldn’t make it as easy as their TFV12 Tank we will never know!

The metal ring is fused to the deck, which means that the fill port will always be on the same side of the deck where the cotton leads enter the tank. You cannot turn that metal ring, and you have to nudge the wicks out of the way when you refill. This may be the weakest part of the design of the SMOK Skyhook RDTA tank – it can be a little irritating until you get used to this. It is, however, not a deal-breaker.



Airflow Advantage

The airflow on the Skyhook RDTAThere are two different airflow systems, which is the secret to the great flavor production, and this is the main reason why the Skyhook RDTA tank stands out from the crowd. There are generous airflow slots on both sides as well as two large bottom airflow slots on either side of the deck just underneath the coils. These two vent systems can be used separately for medium airflow, or together for a very airy hit.

In a nutshell: Flavor junkies will probably use only the bottom airflow as it pushes the taste straight to your taste buds. Cloud chuckers will get the best results by opening both the airflow systems for a more airy hit, or using just the side airflow for a denser hit. SMOK’s design here is great – if you want to shut off the bottom airflow completely, use the quick-change spare barrel that comes with your tank.


Decking It Out

Decking of the SMOK Skyhook RDTAThe Velocity-style, two-post deck has a lot of room for wicking material which allows efficient e-juice saturation. It is easy enough to build on, and with such generous post holes, you’ll find that you can use almost any coil out there. SMOK ships the Skyhook RDTA tank with two massive Fused Clapton coils. When setting it up in RDA mode you use the same deck, but wicking is a little different as you will need to trim the leads somewhat shorter to make sure they juice well.

Using it alongside one of the best box mods, we thought this tank is up there with the best and the flavor is just outstanding making it our tank of choice. It would have scored a lot higher if SMOK would have paid more attention to the refilling of this thing!


Wicking It Down

The wick slots are huge. Those oversized wick slots make it very easy for the juice to reach the coils, so you should use a bit more cotton than normal to make sure they are sealed up. This means that if you don’t use a good quantity cotton the Skyhook RDTA tank may leak, so use plenty of cotton and fill the massive wicking slots right up. As long as you have sufficient e-juice, those huge wick slots also prevent dry hits.The Skyhook RDTA Tank kit



  • 5ml capacity with top-filling system
  • Uncomplicated build with almost unlimited coil adaptability
  • Huge wick slots for dense wicking which allows full e-juice saturation and prevents dry hits
  • Flavor, flavor, flavor when using only the bottom airflow
  • Saturated vapour with superb density – try opening both airflow systems
  • Quick change using the spare barrel if you want to use just the side airflow



This tank comes with a good supply of accessories and spares, and the overall quality is excellent. It can be used as an RDA, and due to the unique airflow options, the SMOK Skyhook RDTA tank can be recommended as a very versatile tank for both cloud chasers and flavor junkies. We can heartily recommend it as a first RDTA!


Electronic Cigarettes • June 15, 2017

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