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Smok Skyhook RDTA Kit Review

Smok Skyhook RDTA Kit Review

The Skyhook RDTA kit has already proven that it is a force to reckon with, no wonder the name The Alien’s Cloud Machine, which is a play on their slightly older Alien kit that proved to be really popular with regular vapers. It comes with twelve top notch features that ultimately justify its premium rating even though it is branded as a starter kit. Courtesy of its all-in-one design, you get everything you can ever wish for just under one roof. Including the fire bar, tank and 220 Watts power box mod.

Some of the things you are bound to love at first glance include the feel in your hands and its excellent design that befits the price in addition to the superior wicking and airflow. Your vaping experience is further enhanced by the 0.96-inch OLED screen, 9ml inbuilt tank, multiple airflow and floating velocity posts.  Now, let’s have a look at our review of the Smok Skyhook RDTA Kit, below.

Colors available for the Skyhook

The Smok Skyhook is one innovative RDTA that gives you a superb vapor cloudage. The device is making a complete revolution on how to create vapor clouds and using it for vaping makes every second worth while. It is a kit that you will, without doubt, desire to check out as we believe it to be one of the best box mods on the market.

Smok Skyhook RDTA Colors

Captivating Design

The RDTA Tank on the SkyhookFor some users, the first-time glance may not be as appealing as they may expect. However, give it some few minutes of stare and you will take notice of the outstanding classic conical shape that comes with an atomization chamber strategically placed on the ml juice tank.

Smok Skyhook RDTA design

Just as already pointed out above, it has a dual airflow system while the bottom of the barrel bares two massive slots on either side with three smalls holes found at the top of the barrel positioned one on each side. This is the main differentiating factor between the SMOK skyhook and the other RDTA’s. The bottom and side airflow featured can be used at different times or simultaneously. This is a vital capability because, theoretically speaking, it makes it possible for both flavor junkies and cloud chasers to find satisfaction.

The two floating velocity posts on the build deck have large diameter slots to fit any of your preferred wire and wicking slots that are of an unusual size. Your level of experience with the Genesis style atomizers will make this either a merit or demerit. There are two ways to look at this – buyers who use thinned-out cotton or have the tendency to tilt the Skyhook are likely to regret since juice will find its way into the atomization chamber and escape via the many available holes. Alternatively, using more cotton will ultimately fill the wicking slots and keep off any losses through leaks. All-in-all, the wicking slots are still too large such that it doesn’t matter the amount of cotton you use.

Most negative reviews have been directed towards the wicking slots sizes and yes; they are right. These do increase the possibility of a leakage taking place but again a user who wicks them well will be left pleased by the massive juice in the tank.

The SMOK Skyhook kit

Skyhook KitThe Kit

  • The 220W Skyhook RDTA Box Mod in your choice of color
  • A Side Airflow Tank Sleeve
  • Single Adapter
  • Micro USB Cable for charging and upgrades
  • Spare Parts Bag including spare rubber rings etc.
  • User Manual to show how to operate

The OLED Screen

The Skyhook may have an advanced mechanism but powering it wasn’t an easy job. The OLED screen is one fire key that displays all the vital information while the stainless steel casing is made comfortable enough to hold. The OLED screen on the SkyhookThe OLED display matrix offers a user-friendly way to get more information.

One exciting capability is the option of upgrading the firmware by just connecting the kit to a laptop, and you will be operating on the most recent software within the vaping industry.

The Skyhook places all the power in your hands as you can run it in both the temperature control and variable wattage mode. Just choose what you prefer and remember you can switch between the two at any given time to experience soft, hard or normal drawing effects. If you are not using the kit at a given time, you can quickly lock it and slide it into the pocket.

Convertible to RDA

If your wondering what exactly is RDTA, it’s a combination of RDA and RTA that’s best described here. The Smok Skyhook RDTA gets even more exciting with the possibility of converting it to an RDA. Simply remove the glass tank part and you are all set. One good thing about the RDA is that it still offers you the RDTA’s dual airflow system for you to continue enjoying bottom airflow, side airflow or the two. You also do away with the fear of the cotton drying up after some few draws.

As much as the switch from RDTA to RDA is a benefit, going from one to the next is a complicated process. There are better box mods to do this than SMOK.


All said and done, the device is quite a peculiar one as a starter kit that could as well gain the attention of a more advanced vaper. If you’re into building your own coil decks, then this box mod will definitely be on your list. We thought this kit was awesome, and a better alternative to the already popular SMOK Alien kit.

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Electronic Cigarettes • March 27, 2017

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