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SMOK Qbox Kit Review by SmokeTastic experts in vaping

Final ScoreSMOK QBox Review Bottom Line

If your after a box mod that easily fits in your pocket to carry around with you then you need look no further! The QBox is small! Capable of hitting 50W (which is more than enough for most vapers) and an integral 1600mAh battery, Smok have designed this thing for one purpose, portability! Paired with the Smok TFV8 baby tank, this box mod delivers on taste and performance, so if power is not huge on your need list then this thing ticks all the boxes!

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An example of the SMOK QBoxYes, the SMOK QBOX TC Kit is small, but one thing for sure is that its functionality is undoubted. The device fits perfectly in the palm of your hand and features all the technological and stylish aspects you would expect a SMOK product to have. The small size doesn’t hinder it from emanating big vapor clouds and has a large LED screen to provide at a glance all the information on your device’s performance.

If you are a beginner in the mod vaping world, then this is a great way to begin your journey. It beautifully bridges the jump from e-cigarettes to box mods. Everything that you need is contained within this kit, including charger cable, spare coils, user manual to guide you and a TFV8 Baby Tank, in fact all you need is e-liquid and your good to go!

Whether your focus is on style or performance or want to combine the two, the SMOK Q-Box will give each vaper everything they need and more. Making it one of the best box mods on the market for it’s size.


The size of the Smok QBox shown in a handFast Charging Capability, Huge Clouds

The QBOX TC features a 1600 mAh rechargeable battery, which can be fully charged just within 2 hours courtesy of its quick charge function. The battery size has just what it takes to carry you throughout the day and when out of power, all you need is a micro USB connection to get back your charge.

The TFV8 tank includes 2-3ml e-juice capacity (depending on the model you choose) that can be refilled from the top while the air-flow control puts you in charge of the vapor production.

We can undoubtedly confirm that SMOK’s new and small mod is a great one, considering its portability without scarifying any of the device’s power. You get to enjoy an output of up to 50W due to the Q-Box mod being correctly paired with the TFV8 Baby Tank. This power is high enough to create huge vapor clouds and as many suggest, the best flavor clouds too. You are not limited by the Q-Box as it is compatible with most tanks on the market so if you prefer your own tank over the TFV8 Baby tank, no problem, just switch them out!

The mod supports a resistance of as low as 0.06 ohm, temperature control and includes switchable volts and wattage modes. The 0.96 inch LED screen is clear and bright enough for you to get all the information concerning your vaping activity and has a number of functions for the purpose of protecting you and your mod.



Look at the QBox from the sideThe Design

Apart from quality, SMOK is also known for the creativity they cast behind their products. In fact, SMOK mods vividly support this claim, as their design is the epicenter of attraction. That seems untrue when it comes to the Q-Box as innovation appears not to have been taken as a serious matter. But we can give it a plus as its design beats most other devices found in this category of small vapes.

You may worry about the output of just 50W, but let’s be realistic for a second. The vast majority of vapers who use the pre-installed coils will only vape at a range of between 20-40W, mostly in the 20W range, so the 50W output is more than enough and the 1600mAh battery will last longer the lower the output power is. The thought pattern with this design is to produce a mod that will fit with the majority of vapers needs, especially those who want a mod to stick in their pocket while out and about.

The impressive 1-inch screen fits perfectly with the small size and provides just at a glance data on battery life, temperature, wattage, resistance as well as the remaining puffs – calculated on your average user behavior.

It comes in a variety of colors including purple, silver, gold, black and the multi-color option which has come accustomed to as a norm by SMOK. Then there is the steel tank that beautifully fits in with the Q-Box design and colors, resulting in a device that is not only good-looking but also one whose functionality and efficiency is unquestionable.

The colors available



Do you ever worry that you may be harmed in the process of vaping? Well, worry no more with the QBOX TC because it has safety features for your benefit. The kit makes no exception when it comes to reliability and safety, and protects you from short circuiting, overheating. If you are abruptly held up and forget to turn off the device, everything will be done for you since it has a 12 second cut off time.

Gone are the days when you unexpectedly run out of power because there is a low battery warning light to act as a reminder. There is the puff monitoring system that keeps track of average usage and advises you when it’s time to do an e-liquid refill. Overall this mod is competing well for the title of best e cig, but many experienced vapers just cannot look past the small battery capacity, but this is the sacrifice you have to make if size is the most important factor.


What you get in the kitSpecs in brief:

  • The following are the SMOK QBOX TC Kit specifications:
  • 8*33.57*25mm
  • 119 grams
  • 1-50 watts output range
  • Less than 500uA standby current
  • 1-9.0 volts working voltage
  • 200-600F/100-315 C temperature control
  • 1600mAh battery size
  • 96 inch OLED screen
  • Zinc alloy building materials


Our Summary

There are good things and bad things to say about the QBox, the major ones include the small 1600mAh battery, if your vaping at 50W and vape a lot, this isn’t going to be for you as it will struggle to see out the day! Granted, it’s not the perfect device, especially if your looking for an electronic cigarette to quit smoking with. If however, you are like the majority of vapers vaping at around 25-30W then this box mod is perfect as a device to carry around with you and this is exactly the intention of SMOK’s design. Utilizing the successful TFV8 Baby Tank, this kit is hard not to like!



Electronic Cigarettes • April 5, 2017

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