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Reviewing The Smok Minos

It is more in the wheelhouse of experienced vapers who enjoy building their own coils. But for those of you who want to try an awesome new atomizer tank that will deliver more vapor at lower wattages, hang around for our Smok Minos review.Before going any further, if you are new to vaping the Smok Minos is probably not the tank for you. If you are new and looking for something to get you started with vaping, I suggest Green Smoke and by all means go to our reviews section and check out the Green Smoke review, or try an easy to use all in one mod like the Aspire Plato.

Smok Minos Review

best price for smok minus clearomizer tank

The Q2 coil does require some time and attention to prime.Most of you already prime your coils but this is especially important with coil heads this huge. When you assemble the tank and fill it with juice, give it a few more minutes to fully saturate. There is so much wick! So what you do is prime until you see the saturation through the juice ports on the side of the coil. Not a lot of time, just more than you are probably used to.

Both coils are still going strong. Everything assembles beautifully and there are no leaks to report.I have been using this for a while for my Smok Minos review. Well, two weeks and I have been switching back and forth between the RTA deck and the pre-built Q2 coil.

If you want to tone it down you can go down to the minimum 30 watts and still really enjoy it though it won’t hit as hard. I used the Minos with the Smok H-Priv, Micro 1 and others. You can go up to 80 and it will pump out more vapor, but 65 is just a beautiful, flavorful vape. At 80 watts, even cloudchasers might be impressed. No matter that wattage, the flavor really shines.With both the RTA and pre-built Q2 Minos coils, I loved 65 watts. This is an excellent flavor tank with beautiful vapor production.

Wick your coil and tuck the excess underneath, prime and vape! Very enjoyable. I found the wicking to be so easy! Like seriously so damn easy. Beautiful, smooth airflow. You can use a lot more wick than you might be used to. In second I can swap the wick to change ejuice flavors and I did so often while testing for the Smok Minos review. The larger diameter makes it a pleasure to wick.The RTA deck comes with the spaced Claptons that are 0.3 ohms.

Smok Minos SubOhm Tank

smok minos review

This provides an excellent direct lung hit rich in flavor and smooth vapor. It has a 25 mm diameter, stands 36 mm tall and 44 mm tall with the new V shaped Delrin drip tip in place. This slightly condenses the vapor as it leaves the chimney and allows that vapor to expand as you draw it out to inhale. The V shape is 11 mm in diameter at the bore and 5 mm in diameter at the base.The Smok Minos subohm tank is nice and big with huge vaping coils.

The Smok Minos is a convenient top fill design with adjustable airflow and adjustable e-liquid flow. The adjustable airflow is easy to adjust as is the ejuice flow.Like all Smok tanks, the machining on the Minos is very impressive, precise and ultra smooth. You can adjust the ejuice flow with by twisting the tank, you do not have to disassemble anything to make changes.

The Minos is a stainless steel construction and the most striking feature is the sheer size of the coils and RTA (rebuildable tank atomizer) base. The Smok Minos 25 mm kit comes with both an RTA deck, with a pre-installed spaced Clapton coil, and one pre built 0.3 ohm coil. As you can see in the image above, the atomizer coil size is almost the size of a lot of vape tanks. You also get an extra glass tank and spare O-rings. The coils and RTA base are 20 mm plus.

Smok Minos Coils And RBA Head

minos 25 mm atomizer tank coils and rba head

The RTA deck is beautifully huge. They are equally spaced so when you see it, know that its supposed to be like that and you don’t have to squeeze it together! I almost did. This is the first time that I have ever used a spaced Clapton. The RTA deck comes with a pre-installed spaced Clapton coil. This deck will be so nice to build on. So even if you are a fumble fingers like me you can really get into building some enjoyable coils. Let’s not talk about that. You can make some large diameter coils and just plain big coils.

Minos Q2 coils work best at 30 watts to 80 watts. It takes a lot of priming but when you are vaping there is so much ejuice that is vaporized that the flavor pops and the vapor production is brilliant. The amount of ejuice that can be brought to vaporization temperature is why you do not need high wattage to get huge clouds.The Smok Minos coils and RTA deack are huge! The pre-built Q2 Minos coils are Kanthal and have a 0.3 ohm resistance. Correction, make that lots and lots of Japanese organic cotton wick! The diameter of the coil is dominated by wicking. They are dual coils and have Japanese organic cotton wick.

Large coils last longer. The wicking is very thick and also lasts longer. It makes sense when you think about it. I don’t know but the coils do last longer. Perhaps the coil material withstands heat better because it is more dispersed. I noticed this when I was doing the Smok TFV8 review, too.I am going to tell you another thing that I find to be a huge advantage for such large coils.

Refilling The Minos And Is The Ejuice Control Useful?

how to use a top fill vape tank

I do that out of habit and you may not even need to with this tank. But, old habits are hard to break! So what about this ejuice control? Let’s take a look.I do close the ejuice flow control and the airflow control before refilling.

Well, one thing I can assure you as part of my Smok Minos review is that this is one of the easiest tanks to refill that I have ever tried. The reason why is the flawless threading and machining for easy access and the size of the ejuice refill holes.Refilling the Minos through the top fill port is incredibly easy and clean. You will go through a fair amount of juice with this 4 ml tank so you will want an easy refill. The juice refill ports are enormous.

At night I would close up the juice flow to make sure the wick did not over-saturate overnight. You don’t have to do that, I’m sure it is not necessary, but I still have memories of flooding tanks back in the day! The bottom line is that the ejuice flow control is a huge plus that I think will add to your vaping enjoyment.I probably played with this too much while doing the research for the Smok Minos review! Once you find the juice flow you want for your e-juice there is no real need to make further adjustments. To adjust the flow you simply twist the position of the tank on the base and you will see the size of the juice port change. That’s it.

Anyway, with the Phazer you have to take the tank apart and adjust the coil itself to change the juice flow. With the Smok Minos vape tank, you can adjust it externally very quickly and with extreme ease. I love ejuice flow control, you can amp up your vaping or easily adapt to the VG/PG ratio (hence viscosity) of your chosen vape juice. You can even tighten up the flow and use a 50/50 in a subohm tank if you are of a mind to do so.I have used ejuice control before on the Apollo Phazer tank.

Where To Get The Smok Minos 25 MM Atomizer Tank

As of right now I see the Minos on pre-sale on a couple of sites for around $24. I am not including a link to anywhere to buy the Minos yet because it is not widely available yet.Last up for my Smok Minos review, where to get it! You will pretty much always find the best prices for authentic Smok products online.

So, check back soon after I have some time to vet the dealers selling the Minos and make sure I get you to a reputable dealer selling authentic gear at a good price.

The clones are already flooding the market and are being sold in shops and online. I will never recommend clones nor will I ever send you to a source that sells clones. I have sent out emails trying to find out who is selling guaranteed authentic product.I want to wait before recommending where to buy the Smok Minos 25 mm atomizer. If you do get one from a shop make sure you check the Smok authenticity verification. My main concern, as usual, is clones. That’s the thing about the online stores selling them right now, I don’t know if they are clones so I can’t recommend any of them.

Smok Minos SubOhm TankSmok Minos Coils And RBA Head

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