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Smok GX350 Review Quad 350 Watt Powerhouse Mod

Where are we going? The boundaries keep being pushed further and further. The ECCR Smok GX350 review takes you through the specs and features of a quad 18650 battery powered 350 watt mod. Yes, 350 watts. It was not long ago that electronic cigarette manufacturers passed the 300 watt mark and now here we are at 350 watts. There will be 400 watt mods soon.

It is hard to imagine going beyond vaping power settings of 350 or 400 watts. But I am certainly not ruling anything out. Who knows, desktop mods may be next! 500 watts? What would that even be for? In the meantime we have a 350 watt mod that many vapers are very excited about. The Smok GX350 is one that we have been waiting for.

Smoktech is leading the innovation parade in vaping right now. While the GX350 is a quad 18650 Smok has managed to compress the design into a compact, top screen mod that is still comfortable to hold and carry. The top screen started with the Smok H-Priv mod and has proven to be a valuable feature.

You can buy the GX350 watt mod by itself for $80 or in a kit for $103. The Smok GX350 starter kit comes with the phenomenal Smok TFV8 vape tank. If you buy the kit you essentially get a TFV8 for only $23 and that is a steal. So the GX350 kit is a nice option but most of our focus is going to be talking about the mod itself.

Smok GX350 Review

smok gx350 review a quad 18650 vapor powerhouse

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We shall dig into the nuts and bolts of the Smok GX350 review with some specs. The Smok GX350 is constructed of zinc alloy and aluminum. The rounded polygon form is remarkably compact. It stands 84.5 mm tall, 59.3 mm wide and 40.4 mm deep. That translates to 3.2 inches tall, 2.3 inches wide and 1.6 inches deep. You were expecting it to be bigger weren’t you? So was I! It is not much larger than a Reuleax and in fact shorter. It is much smaller than the Wismec Reuleaux RX300 quad 18650 300 watt mod.

Check out the size comparison below. This is one of the biggest things that I want to covey with the ECCR Smok GX350 review. The way that Smoktech has managed the space to create a very comfortable compact size is something I find remarkable. In the picture, you see the GX350 mod in between the Smok Alien mod and a generic triple 18650 device. The GX350 is much smaller than the triple 18650 device.

gx350 size compatison with smok alien mod

The GX350 comes in four different colors. You can get purple and black, stainless steel and black, gold and black or red and black. There is a black carbon fiber sticker, or what looks like carbon fiber, on each style of mod. The 510 connection perfectly matches 25 mm vape tanks so there will be a bit of overhang with larger tanks. The 510 does not have air channels. And the 510 pin is spring loaded to ensure a proper contact.

What are the rest of the GX350 specs? I don’t know. Just kidding, here they are in beautiful bullet points:

  • Atomizer resistance range is 0.1 ohm to 3.0 ohm if variable wattage.
  • Resistance range for temperature control vaping is 0.06 ohms up to 3.0 ohms
  • Compatible with Ni, Ti and SS TC coil wire with a SS TCR as well
  • Temperature range is 200 F to 600 F or 100 C to 315 C
  • Can go from 6 watts up to 350 watts
  • Adjusts in 0.1 watt increments up to 100 watts and 1 watt increments from 100 to 350
  • Top screen display

The Smok GX350 Kit Review


smok gx350 kit review with tfv8 tank

I won’t spend too much time on the kit itself. Everything about the mod will be covered and the choice of whether or not to buy the kit or just the mod will be up to you. The advantage of the kit is that you will get a discounted price on a Smok TFV8. This is perhaps the best vape tank. The new TFV12 is the best cloud chasing tank. Either way you cut it we have Smoktech tanks at the top of the list for vapers. Smok mods are at or near the top of the list as well. So there you have it.

Here is what you get with the GX350 kit:

  • One Smok GX350 Mod
  • You get The TFV8 Tank
  • One V8-T8 Octuple Coil (0.15ohm)
  • A V8-Q4 Quadruple Coil Head (0.15ohm)
  • An Extra Glass Tube
  • User Manuals For The GX350 And TFV8
  • Spare Parts Including Gasket, Vape Bands And O-Rings

Find Out More About The TFV8 Tank Here.

The kit sells for $103. You do get some extra value with the kit so it is certainly something to think about. Even if you already have a TFV8 the opportunity to get another one for a discounted price is not a bad idea at all.

electronic cigarette review of the smoke gx350 starter kit with tfv8


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When Do You Need 350 Watts?

Who would enjoy owning and using the new Smok GX350 mod?  Is there even a tank out there with coils that can handle 350 watts? Yes there is a vape tank that has pre-built coils that can be vaped at up to the full 350 watts. The Smok TFV12 is a spectacular atomizer tank that can be vaped at a low wattage all the way up to the max that the GX350 is capable of. If you want more vapor and to push your vaping to the limits then you will probably very much enjoy the Smok GX350.

The new Smok TFV12 is frankly the main reason that I was excited to get into the Smok GX350 review. I just had to try vaping at 350 watts. The curiosity is too much to contain. Do you need 350 watts to enjoy vaping? Of course not. There is just something about knowing that you can if you want to.

Even if you do not require or ever intend on vaping at 300 or 350 watts, you can benefit from a quad 18650 mod in terms of how long it will last between charging. Four 18650s equates to 10,000 mAh or more. With four fully charged batteries if you vape at 80 watts, you will get incredible battery life. Longer battery life is great for people who do now always have access to a charger. For example, people who work on the road or away from home. My brother in law is a trucker and he is going to love this mod. Many folks will find it convenient not to have to charge their mod batteries every day.

Smoktech GX350 Battery Recommendation

quad 18650 mod battery recommendations

Now I am impressed by how compact Smok has made this quad 18650 mod and I think you will be too. You can see in the image above just how well the space is utilized. It is still four 18650 batteries so it is a handful but that is a lot of power in a small space. Smok has incorporated an excellent battery compartment where each battery will fit into an individual sleeve within the compartment. This means that the batteries will not be in contact with each other in the device.

There is a benefit of having a compartment for each battery. For example if you have a battery cover that has a tear you do not want that exposed battery in contact with metal of another battery. I would like to see this design emulated in future mods.

GX350 Removable Battery Sleeves

Now, you do have the option of removing the plastic battery sleeves. This would be valuable in the odd case that you may be using batteries that do not fit into the sleeves. Smok says that Sony VTC batteries fit the best. For the Smok GX350 review I used both a set of four Sony batteries as well as four Mojos. Both fit perfectly. The removable sleeves are simply an option but ideally you will be using batteries that let you keep the sleeves in place.

At the end of the day, we are talking about four 18650 mods and that is a lot of power. You want these batteries to work in concert as much as possible. For that reason ECCR does recommend going with four new batteries all of the same type. That way they will operate harmoniously and consistently. We also recommend removing the batteries and charging them in a separate battery charger.

Vaping The Smok GX350

In the course of the Smok GX350 review I did not connect the mod to an oscilloscope. A lot of people will wonder if it really does reach 350 watts. I totally believe that it does. It sure vapes like it does! Four 18650 batteries are capable of delivering 350 watts. Smok mods are proven performers so I fully believe that it does reach the 350 watt max with the appropriate atomizer attached. Smoktech has a well-earned reputation for accuracy and excellent performance.

Look, I really went into this just wondering what vaping at 350 watts would be like. I had to try it. It was one of those things where I was nervous but excited at the same time. So I connected the TFV12 with the V12-T12 coil that has a high end limit of 350 watts. The 0.12 atomizer resistance is capable of allowing the full 350 watts or very close to it.

Vaping At 350 Watts

So I did it. It was insane. The sheer amount of vapor was crazy. It showed up somewhat in the cloud distance but the density is incredible. It is so much vapor you are going to want to cut down on the level of nicotine. The vapor is quite warm and the tank gets hot so I would not vape at 350 watts constantly but the idea of having access to doing so is kind of intoxicating I have to admit.

You do notice that the batteries drain more quickly at 350 watts but of course you would expect that. And generally I am someone who thinks these vaping extremes may be going too far. I won’t become someone who vapes regularly at 350 watts or even 150 watts but knowing I can if I want to… well I like that. I’ve got a bit of a Libertarian streak!

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Day To Day Vaping With The GX350

While I was definitely excited about telling you about vaping at the hairy edges at 350 watts as part of the Smok GX350 review we need to talk about the day to day use. First, I have raved about the compact size and I have to mention it again. The surprisingly compact size makes the GX350 relatively easy to hold and carry. It is a bit big for your pocket but overall top marks. The smooth zinc construction may get a bit slippery when the palms get sweaty, as mine do. I have grip tape on hand at all times for this very purpose.

Like other Smok mods such as the G-Priv or the Smok Alien mod and others, the GX350 has a fire bar rather than a button. The fire bar makes for easy access vaping.

Also, much like the H-Priv and the truly terrific Smok X-Cube Ultra vape mod, the display screen is located on the top of the GX350. You will also find the up and down adjustment buttons on the top of the device. All of the button action have a nice, clicky action. Again the polygon shape and comfortable feel make this mod very comfortable to handle.

How To Use The Smok GX350

how to use the smoke gx350

The Smok GX350 does qualify as easy to use. The menu system is clear and accessing all of the features is pretty basic. That said I do want to point out that the GX350 may not be the best choice for beginners. This is an advanced device capable of a lot of power. If you are new to vaping make sure to go to ECCR’s vaping for beginners guide and check out the many options there.

If you are familiar with how Smok mods operate then this section will be old hat for you. But the ECCR Smok GX350 review aims to provide as much information as possible so we will quickly go over how to use this device. Where to start? Turning it on of course! Five clicks to turn it on. Pretty standard. To turn it off you can do so by accessing the menu. To access the menu click the fire bar three times. You will see Mode, Puff, Settings and Power.

GX350 Vaping Modes

The Mode option is where you choose vaping with variable power, or variable wattage if you refer that term, or temperature control. If you choose power mode you can adjust from 6 up to 350 watts. In temperature control you can choose 200 F to 600 F. You can operate in Celsius if you prefer the metric system.

With the GX350 you can enjoy temperature control vaping with Nickel, Titanium or Stainless Steel coil wires. You can also get into a TCR mode for different types of steel coil wires. Once you have everything set up as you like, click the fire button and enjoy the vapor.

Other GX350 Menu Options

One of the other settings that we mentioned is Puff. This is simply your puff counter. You can set the device to stop working after a certain number of puffs have occurred. It can be a useful feature to help you control how much you vape.

As you scroll through the menu you will see the “Settings” option. In settings you have the ability to control screen contrast. You can change the screen orientation. There is a stealth mode and an option to adjust power. More on that in a sec. I want to quickly mention that in the setting you are going to see the option for downloading new firmware.

The firmware upgradeable feature is fantastic because you will always be able to update the vaping technology. More than that, if you run into a glitch in the operating system, you can use the software download to manage minor glitches.

Get Smok firmware upgrades here.

You can also take a shortcut into the menu to simple access the vaping features. If you push the down button and fire button at the same time that will get you into the vaping mode. From there you can switch from variable wattage or variable power however you like to call it and get into your temp control modes. Ni, Ti and SS

Customized Vaping

If you press the up button and fire bar at the same time you can access the pre-fire settings. You can choose from normal, soft or hard. Hard would be a ramp up normal would be standard and soft would be a slower ramp up to your selected temperature or power.

With most vape mods I generally like an initial burst so I was inclined to choose the “Hard” option. The hard option will briefly provide an initial higher power output for a stronger initial hit. I find that this option adds enjoyment to vaping but on the more responsive mods I find that it becomes largely unnecessary. The GX350 is very responisve on its own so when vaping for the GX350 review I tended to enjoy it the most when in “normal” mode.

I tried all of the options for the Smok GX350 review. The “hard” option was overpowering for me but you may like it. Many vapers like a gradual ramp up and the “soft” option dials in a nice, gentle hit. Now, when I was vaping on the TFV12 at very high wattages, I definitely chose the “soft’ option because of the overall intensity. I do recommend the soft setting for those moments when you decide to indulge your wild side!

Locking The Smok GX350

There are two ways to lock the device. This is very important especially for mods that have a fire bar like Smok mods do. The fire bar is more ergonomically friendly for vaping but can also be more prone to being activated when carries in a pocket or carrying it in your hand. To lock the device you can slick the fire bar five time and do the same to re-activate. Or you can push the up and down buttons at the same time and achieve the same thing.

GX350 Review Wrap-Up

Time to wrap up our Smok GX350 mod review! If you have skipped to the end just to get the final conclusions, well let me tell you that you missed some brilliant writing above! I am talking Mark Twain-like. But I take no offense if you skipped to the end:) Okay, back to brass tacks.

Who Is The GX350 Mod For:

The GX350 is for advanced vapers who want to push their vaping experience to new limits.

It is also for those who want very long battery life.

For anyone wanting a quad 18650 mod The GX350 is a terrific choice.

What Are The GX350 Pros:

  1. Beautifully compact for a quad 18650 mod. Very impressive.
  2. Excellent build quality.
  3. Durable, clicky fire bar and up / down buttons.
  4. Separate battery compartments a very nice touch.
  5. High performance vaping in VW and TC modes.
  6. Cusromizeable options.
  7. Push your builds or tanks to new limits.
  8. Four 18650s translates to about 10,000 mAh of storage.
  9. Accurate and responsive.
  10. Excellent Smoktech board.
  11. Upgradeable firmware.
  12. Easy access menu with shortcuts.

What Are The Cons:

  1. Battery door is tight, which is great, but needs some oomph to close.
  2. While the mod is very durable the finish is a bit delicate as the paint seems to wear quickly.
  3. No air channels in the 510.

That’s it for cons. I looked for more cons but the positives here truly stand out. I even had to stretch to call the lack of air channels in the 510 a con. Today’s vape tanks do not need the air channels but there may be a few old school drippers that do. Still the positives run away with a victory here.

That’s it for the Smok GX350 review! We hope this helps you make an informed decision. As always we welcome your feedback and would enjoy receiving your comments on your experiences with the Smok GX350. We think it’s a winner and are confident that it will perform as advertised and deliver the high performance vaping that you are looking for.

the best price for a gx350 350 watt mod

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