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Smok G80 Vape Mod Review With New Spirals Tank

A single 18650 mod can only be so small. The Smok G80 single 18650 mod manages to somehow feel more portable and compact than other mods of its ilk because of the rounded design. In addition, it comes with a new tank called the Spirals vape tank. Cast these two new features alongside the available colors and unique sleeve designed assembly, and you have a potential hit product on your hands. ECCR is bring you an early Smok GX80 vape mod review to tell you all about it.

Before we get into the Smok G80 and Spirals tank review, let’s cover some of the basics. First, the GX80 and Spirals tank are made for sub ohm vaping. If you are an adult smoker looking for your very first electronic cigarette, you may want to consider looking at something simpler for a starter. A sub ohm vape is designed to produce large amounts of vapor to be drawn directly into the lungs, a direct lung or DL vape. This is different than the more familiar method for smokers of drawing the vapor into the mouth and then inhaling. This is MTL or mouth to lung vaping. MTL vaping may be more desirable for new vapers. Take a look at our vaping for beginners guide.

Now if you are looking for a compact vapor maker, then continue on reading our ECCR Smok G80 review! We will also be looking at the Spirals sub ohm vape tank that comes with the G80. This is an 80 watt mod with temperature control option and a 2 ml capacity sub ohm tank with beautiful, large coils. The complete kit sells for only $65 with battery sold separately. Great value. To sum up the G80 kit in a nutshell, it is a fantastic vape that delivers excellent long lasting everyday, practical vaping at 20, 30 or 40 watts. This is a home run by Smoktech. That brings us to the second bit of housekeeping I want to cover before getting into the mod review.

where can i pre-order and buy the smoke g80 mod kit and spirals tank



Smoktech, or Smok (pronounced either smoke or smock) is one of the best electronic cigarette manufacturers in the world. Many of the most innovative products are coming from Smok. That goes for both mods and tanks. They have something for everyone. We currently have the Smok TFV8 rated as the best vape tank. They have phenomenal mods and lately Smok is producing some terrific kits. For example, the Smok Stick V8 mod kit comes in a range of sizes and colors and is one of the best easy to use sub ohm kits. The list goes on.

For cloud chasers, the king of the hill is the Smok TFV12 vape tank. The TFV12 has enormous coils capable of being pushed to over 300 watts. To get the most out of the TFV12 an extreme vaper needs a very powerful mod. There is no better powerhouse mod than the quad 18650 Smok GX350.

For someone looking for a dual 18650 mod capable of everything you could want, then the Smok X Cube Ultra is considered one of the best. In fact, Matt at ECCR thinks we should rate the X Cube Ultra as the best dual 18650 mod, even ahead of the DNAs. Others here at ECCR are huge fans of the Smok Alien 220 watt mod. Tyler likes the G-Priv because of the touch screen. Anyway, the point is Smok is an amazing brand doing cutting edge development.

Avoid Smok Clones

I could list products all day but the point is that each of these Smok products represents one of the best devices for virtually every segment of vaping. Better yet, Smok is bringing to performance at affordable prices. When considering an electronic cigarette that you might want to buy, like anything else you need to think about the brand. Obviously that goes for anything. And when you consider a vape brand, Smok is one of the best And a brand that you can trust.

But… there’s always a but! And this but is of specific concern to the vapor industry. This but is the problem of cloned and counterfeit electronic cigarette devices. It is a huge problem. There are clones and counterfeits everywhere. They look like the authentic product and are packaged like the authentic product. But they are not the authentic product. Be careful. Always check the authenticity code. For Smok products go here and verify that you have authentic Smoktech.

At ECCR we carefully vet sellers. We will have a link at the end of this G80 review to an authenticated dealer where you will get authentic product.

Smok G80 Mod Review

smok g80 vape mod kit review includes new spirals atomizer

I know that was a long intro with a lot of information! Many of you already know about Smoktech product quality and the issue of clones. ECCR just wants to make sure that we provide as much info as possible because for some people, this may be the first vaping review that you have ever read! So, on to the Smok G8- mod kit review. And we will start with a look at the G80 mod itself.

The number one thing that stands out about the G80 is the size. In reality, it is not a lot smaller than other single 18650 80 watt mods. If you look at height, thickness etc the dimensions are in the ballpark of other single 18650 mods. Regardless of any other factor, an single 18650 battery mod still has to be big enough to house an 18650 vape battery! Thank you Captain Obvious! So why does the size stand out you ask? Well I will tell you! It is the rounded edges that reduce the overall volume of the device.

The rounded edges also make it very comfortable and easy to carry in a pocket. The G80 is easy to use, has a bright and informative LED screen and nice, click buttons. I do kind of wish that the up and down buttons were more separated from the fire button but overall a great look and feel. Speaking of look, the G80 mod comes in a variety of color combinations including black and gold, red and black, silver or green and black.

Smok G80 Specs

technical specs and dimensions of the smoke g80 mod and the spirals e-cig tank

The Smok G80 mod is 75.5 mm tall, 38.5 mm wide and 26.5 mm thick. In Imperial measure that is 2.9 inches tall, 1.5 inches wide and just a shade over an inch thick. With the Spirals tank attached, the entire height is only 3.5 inches. You have all of the usual vaping features with possible future upgrades via the USB. You can vape at 6 watts up to 80 watts. This is the power range that will handle the needs of a large number of sub ohm or TC vapers. The temperature control vaping options include Nickel, stainless steel and titanium.  The temperature range is 200 F to 600 F. Or 100 C to 315 C.

So the G80 mod provides all of the vaping platforms that will provide excellent vaping with the majority of 510 atomizers. The atomizer, or vape tank, resistance range is 0.1 ohms to 3 ohms in variable wattage mode. In temperature control vaping mode the resistance range is 0.06 ohm to 3 ohms. The G80 has Smok’s intelligent atomizer recognition and will precisely read your atomizer resistance. The chipset is accurate and makes accessing the desired features easy. One area where chip accuracy will really enhance you vaping enjoyment is when in temp control mode.

Variable Power Or TC Vaping

Even though while testing for the Smok G80 mod kit review I vaped in variable wattage with Kanthal coils, I did test the temp control using some of the best vape tanks. I enjoy TC mode for the consistency but have been disappointed many times by mods that don’t provide the consistent vapor that I’m looking for. Well the G80 mod is a beautiful TC vape. That is a testament to the accuracy of the chipset from Smok.

Final note and this pertains to who the G80 is for. I can tell you that this mod is right in the sweet spot for vapers who enjoy vaping at 20, 30 or 40 watts on a consistent basis. You can dial in 80 watts if you want but it is really made for enjoying long lasting vaping at moderate power settings. These moderate settings work in beautiful concert with the Spirals tank. More on the next.

Smok Spirals Vape Tank

overview of the smoke spirals 2.0 ml vapor tank

The Smok Spirals tank is a new design featuring top fill, four way airflow control directed through the center of the coil, a Delrin drip tip and large coils with precisely located juice ports. That’s where I will start. Most coils this size have huge juice ports. And that is great for a cloud chaser. But for everyday enjoyable vaping, you do not need huge juice ports. You do not need to vaporize so much juice to get an enjoyable vapor experience at 20, 30 or 40 watts. The Spirals e-cig tank delivered fantastic flavor from my favorite Halo e-liquids. Great flavor and vapor.

For your reference, the Smok Spirals tank is a tight 22 mm diameter tank. That makes it a perfect diameter for privacy and portability. As you see in the image above, much of that diameter is consumed by the diameter of the coil. Very beautiful, large diameter coils. Considering the size of the coils you can see why the Spirals tank capacity sits at 2 ml, which is perfect for TPD compliance. Anyway, when you look at the coils you will also see that the juice holes look small relative to other coils that you have seen. There is a reason for that.

The smaller juice holes deliver a more precise saturation of the wick. The wick is still very large and will provide a large surface area of primed witch for vaporizing, but the Spirals tank is not over saturating and that is going to conserve your juice. In the end, you will get maximum efficiency, the most vapor for your juice, vaping at 20 to 45 watts. That is the zone for the G80 and Spirals kit. The G80 mod kit is a very innovative design that is ideal for the everyday vaping needs of a large community of vapers. Not everyone is a cloud chaser.

Using The Smok G80 Kit

how to use the smoke g80 mod

The Smok G80 menu system is easy to access and scroll through. This really is a very easy to use device. I don’t even need to spend much time on how all of that works. Three clicks for the menu, scroll through, click to activate your desired feature, up and down buttons adjust power or temp. I mean, it’s a very smooth operating system. Using the Smok G80 is a lot of fun. My only concern is the proximity of the fire button and the up and down buttons.

The fire button is located immediately above the up and down buttons. A few times my finger end for the fire button and hit the adjustment buttons. You do get used to it quickly but that initial adjustment took me some time. It does not affect vaping.

Perhaps my favorite new ease of use feature with the Smok G80 mod is the sleeve design. The body of the mod is covered by a sleeve so when you need to change batteries you have very easy access. No battery doors of fragile battery covers. Smok calls it a push-pill style battery cover. I feel like the design adds to the sturdiness of the mod. And indeed it is a sturdy device with no rattles.

The 510 connection is very good. I did try a number of tanks and atomizers and they all connected smoothly. For example I tried it with the Smok Minos which is a 25 mm diameter tank. There was some overhang but it works. In my opinion the Spirals tank is the ideal atomizer for the G80 mod. The G80 and Spirals tank work together to deliver very efficient, flavorful vaping but not cloud chasing. In tandem, I feel like they fill a niche and need for better, more efficient vaping for real world vaping.

The Verdict

items that come with the smock g80 kit

The jury is in. I have said it a few times in my G80 kit review but to sum it up again the G80 kit is real world. It is designed for the practical vaper. Fully assembled, the G80 mod and Spirals tank stand 3.5 inches tall giving you privacy, portability and convenience.

With the Smok G80 mod kit you will get the G80 mod, the Spirals tank, a 0.6 ohm coil, a 0.3 ohm coil, a replacement glass tube, USB cable for charging or upgrades and some spare parts. The main thing you get, however, is an ideal pairing. An accurate, easy to use 80 watt mod and the Spirals tank perfectly suited to get the very most out of an 80 watt mod. With smaller juice ports and coils designed to be vaped at 20 to 40 watts, this pair will conserve juice and maximize vapor and flavor. That’s the secret sauce of this mod. And that is why I definitely recommend the G80 kit.

The vaping experience is excellent. Smok has delivered another exceptional product that exceeds expectations and fills a niche. We have a link below to a Heaven Gifts where you can get an authentic G80 vape kit for only $65. It is currently available for pre-order. I think that this kit will be one of the biggest hits for 2017. Made for everyday, practical vaping.


where to get the best price on a smoke g80 mod kit with new spirals tank



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