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Skycig Starter Kit Full Review | Reviewed by Vapers

Update 05.12.2014 – Skycigs are re-branded and now are under brand called BluCigs. In the last few months we have received complaints about Skycig products, therefore we DO NOT recommend their products anymore.

Skycig review – the brand
SkyCig are well-known – their E-Cigarettes are well-renowned for being among the best and most vapers will know of them, so I don’t need to say too much here – suffice to say, they are a decent company, with a reputation for producing great E-Cigs.

My Experience with SkyCig
I have to admit, I have been a regular SkyCig user in the past, and so when it came to writing the review, I already had a good idea of what I would say. One of the things I love is the overall package – you can’t come much closer to having the whole experience of smoking real cigarettes that with SkyCig – that’s if this means anything to you.

It does to me though, and I appreciate the fact that both the E-Cig and the case are designed to look like a real cigarette and cigarette packet – the obvious difference being that the pack in this case is to carry the E-Cig, carts and charging utilities instead of a load of cigarettes, but it is about the same size. This obviously wouldn’t be enough on its own, but coupled with the product being decent as well, it makes it one of my favourite E-Cigarettes. I have found their customer service to be helpful and their setup to be well-organised too. The starter kit is certainly not the cheapest when comparing brands, so let’s take a look at how things stack up.

Skycig review

Skycig review – Product and Kits

In this review, I want to look at the SkyCig Freedom starter kit. Upon opening the shipping box you will find a sleek black box that contains your Freedom starter kit. Inside the starter kit you will find the user’s manual. It is easy to read and has step by step instructions for assembling your e-cig, although we didn’t find it necessary because this e-cig is very easy to assemble and use. That being said, it is still nice to have if you are a first time user and want to reference the user’s manual. Also, when you first open the kit you want to look for your promotion code. It is a 15 percent off coupon you can use in your next purchase. This comes in very handy when you go to buy more cartridges.

Next you will find the USB charger and wall adapter. They are self-explanatory and easy to use, nothing too special about them. The charging pack has a place to charge one battery. It also holds 5 cartridges and your assembled e-cig. This is nice for on the go charging and storing your e-cig.

The SkyCig electronic cigarette is a two piece system. The cartridges screw right in to the battery. This makes for an easy assembly and eliminated the hassle of having a three piece system. There is a small gold ring between the battery and the cartridge which adds to the esthetic appeal of this e-cig. Aside for the light blue end, this e-cig looks very similar to a traditional tobacco cigarette.

Skycig review – Battery Life

The battery life has much to be desired if you are used to some of the other big name brands like Green Smoke.  Because the SkyCig e-cigarette is almost the same size as a traditional cigarette, the batteries are smaller than other brands. The positive side to this is that the e-cig has a very similar look and feel at a traditional cigarette. The drawback is that the battery is small and because of this its battery life is short. The battery will last for about an hour. Although this is not ideal, SkyCig has come up with an ingenious solution to the problem.

You can charge your e-cig on the go. This is a very interesting solution. First, you charge the charging pack with either the USB or using the wall adaptor. Once the charging pack is fully charge you can take it with you wherever you go and charge your spare battery on the go. The charging pack can fully charge a battery up to four times before needing to be recharged itself.

skycig battery

Skycig review – Vapour / Smoke

SkyCig claims that their cartridges are equal to 30 normal tobacco cigarettes. Personally I found that one cartridge is equal to around 20 cigarettes which still is quite decent. As you know this really depends on each user personally – drag length, how many drags, etc. Talking about Skycig’s vapour. In this point Skycig is quite strong – vapour production is more than decent. Also throat hit is quit strong, which is pretty nice. As I mentioned before, Skycig e-cigarette and case is designed to look like a real tobacco cigarette. With such size and vapour volume I have a feeling that I smoke a real cigarette.

Skycig review – Taste / Flavours

Starter kit – 1 of each flavour, Cherry, Classic Tobacco, Marlboro, Menthol, Vanilla. Actually, I found myself impressed with all of the flavours provided, although personally, I prefer the regular tobacco taste to the stronger Marlboro’s.

Skycig cartridgesI started out smoking Marlboro’s when I was younger, before discovering the taste of lighter cigarettes, but it is a case of “each to his own” when it comes to flavours – you should try a few to see which ones you like, and this is a good kit for that purpose since you receive 5 different ones with it, and they are decent tasting too – the common cigarette flavours (Classic Tobacco, Marlboro and Menthol) are authentic, with the menthol feeling a bit lighter – more like one of those thin cigarettes designed for women than regular size cigarettes. While the two more exotic flavours (cherry and vanilla) tasted just like cherries and vanilla – obviously, without a tobacco taste.
Skycig review – Returns Policy

SkyCig offers several option if you are not happy with their product or find a defect. The first is a 7-day full refund on all products. This is valid for the first 7 working days from the date of delivery. This is for all products sold on their website.

The second is their 30-day money back guarantee. This is from the date of purchase, not date of delivery and it is only valid for kits sold on their website. At first this sounds much better than it actually is in reality. Note the wording, it said “money back guarantee”. This is by no means a full refund. If you want to return your kit, you will only get part of your money back. Another thing to mention is that there are several fees that amount to a total of about £10 that you must pay to get part of your money back.

They also have a limited 12 month warranty for the USB charging cable, USB stick charger, wall adapters and the charging case. SkyCig reserves the right to replace or repair these items one time. There is also a 30 day warranty on all batteries. The cartridges are not covered under any warranty.

Skycig review – Conclusion

As I mentioned, SkyCig is a decent brand and time ago it was one of my favourite companies. However, now I prefer different brands like Green Smoke or Cigees. But still Skycig is one of the Top brands in the UK and if you are looking for a cig-sized E-Cigarette, this will be a good choice. Over time, I would suggest you try each of the top brands to find your favourite, but if you are just starting out, you can do a lot worse than SkyCig – with them, you can be confident of getting a quality product, good battery life and charging, good service from a decent company, as well as good cart flavours.

In last few weeks we are getting complains about Skycig and their products, therefore, we do not recommend this brand anymore!

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