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Sigelei SLYDR L Vape Tank Review Twelve Headed Coils

The competition is intense. New mods and tanks are coming out and some leaders have emerged. Smok, Sigelei, and Wismec seem to be leading the pursuit of vapor. That brings us to our ECCR Sigelei SLYDR L vape tank review. This is designed to be another vapor monster. Like the TFV12 from Smok, the Slydr L gives you the option of a 12 core coil that can take on 285 watts. This one is for the cloud chasers and vaping adventurers.

Our ECCR Sigelie SLYDR review is actually a preview at this point. We have one coming that we will test. We bought ours from Direct Vapor because of authentic product, free shipping and low price guarantee. No, they are not giving us a free one! Nor did we ask for one.  Once we test it out we will be able to fully comment on how it works and how it vapes. We went ahead with this preview because we are confident that it is going to be a very successful and desirable vape tank.

The SLYDR will compete with the TFV12 and we have every confidence it will be an excellent product. We are excited about this tank and its appeal to cloud chasers. Will it make our list of best vape tanks? Time will tell but we suspect it will. This isn’t just another high performance tank there are some genuinely new innovations to talk about with the SLYDR L.

At this point, we are going to have to begin separating vape tanks by class. For regular everyday vaping you may not want a cloud chasing set up. For standard sub ohm vaping or temp control vaping with a 0.5 ohm coil vaped at 40 to 50 watts the SLYDR L may not be for you. But if you love pushing your vaping to the edges withy some of the new high powered triple and quad 18650 mods out there, then the Sigelei SLYDR L is an exciting new atomizer option. Let’s get into it.

Sigelei SLYDR L Vape Tank Review

To start off the Sigelei SLYDR L review I am going to kick it off by putting on my Captain Obvious hat. The SLYDR L is big! No doubt that’s what the L stands for. This is a nice big tank with a 5.5 ml capacity. The 28 mm diameter accommodates the massive coils. You can get an eight core coil, a ten core coil and of course the 12 core coil that we mentioned in the intro. SLYDR coils let you can push your powerful mods to the limit with the capabilities of these large and impressive coils. You may see the SLYDR L offered in tandem with the Sigelei KAOS Spectrum vape mod. And you can buy it separately and we will have a link for that.

Let’s talk about a couple of the innovative features we hinted at earlier. Yes, I know, every new thing is called innovative even though it isn’t that much different from what its already out there. That is not the case here. There are some legit new things to cover in our Siegelei SLYDR L vape tank review. For starters, a heat resistance glass tube. That will be very important for an atomizer that is taking 285 watts of power.

There is a ball bearing modulated bottom adjustable airflow as well. SLYDR is also a top fill design but with a new twist. Instead of a removable or rotating top cap, the SLYDR L top cap slides to the side. Slides to the side, hence the name SLYDR! To refill with vape juice simply slide the top cap open and then slide it closed.

The other new innovation I wanted to tell you about is the drip tip. This is new. The drip tip is made of POM environmental material. POM material is very strong and Sigelei has included heat resistance and a groove design to hold condensation and prevent splashing.


sigelei slider l vape tank review

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Sigelei Slydr L Specs

Sigelei may be better known for mods than for vaping tanks but they do have a very good record with atomizers. The Sigelei Moonshot RTA remains one of our favorites for coil builders. What Sigelei does very well is making solid, durable products that can take the real world wear and tear most of us dish out in the course of a typical day. The Sigelei SLYDR L is likewise rock solid constructed of 303 stainless steel. The high resistant PYREX glass tank is also heat resistant. That is important given the fact that many of you will be interested in the SLYDR because you can push the limits.

You will also have a large 5.5 ml ejuice capacity with a sliding, leak proof top fill system. The dual airflow at the base can be opened to allow huge airflow. Well, instead of me covering the specs here how about bullet points? I always forget to use bullet points! Ok, here goes. Sigelei SLYDR L specs:

  • 28 mm In Diameter
  • A 5.5 mL E-Juice Capacity
  • Durable, Superior 303 Stainless Steel Construction
  • High-Resistance Pyrex Glass
  • Ultra-Performance SLYDR L Coil Family
  • 0.2ohm SLYDR L12 Coil Head – rated for 50-285W
  • 0.18ohm SLYDR L10 Coil Head – rated for 50-250W
  • 0.15ohm SLYDR L8 Coil Head – rated for 50-200W
  • Enormous Dual Airslot at Base
  • Precision Ball-Bearing Airflow Ring
  • Convenient Sliding Top Fill Design
  • POM Heat Resistant Widebore Drip Tip
  • 510 Connection
  • Color/Material Is Stainless Steel

Sigelei SLYDR L Coils

cheapest slydr l coils

There are currently three types of Sigelei SLYDR L coils that you can get. All coils are Kanthal. The 0.15 ohm 8 head coil that vapes anywhere from 50 watts up to 200 watts. This would be a good choice for vapers who enjoy everyday subohm vaping at about 50 watts but would like to have the option to crank it up to 200 watts. You can vape at 50 watts with all the coil options actually so all of your options could fit that bill. Having such a large vaping range is something that I like to see because it offers you versatility. So, all the coils are good for everyday vaping and for going to the high end limits when you want to.

The next coil option is is the 0.18 ohm ten headed coil that vapes anywhere from 50 watts up to 250 watts. You will probably need a triple 18650 mod or a quad 18650 mod to really get to 250 watts or more. Mods like the Sigelei 213 or Sigelei 213 Snow Wolf will go above 200 watts but not quite to the 250. I have no doubt that very soon Sigelei will be entering the realm of triple and quad 18650 mods. The pursuit of more vapor is seemingly relentless!

Okay, the last coil we want to tell you about in our Sigelei SLYDR L vape mod review is the 0.2 ohm 12 head coil. The SLYDR 12 headed coil is the beast of the bunch. You can vape the 12 headed coil anywhere from 50 watts up to 285 watts. This will let the cloud chasers and boundary pushers to truly indulge.

SLYDR L Coil Prices

The SLYDR L coils sell in packs of four. The prices start at $21.95 per pack. These are very well built and long lasting coils. Obviously coil life will vary depending on your individual use but these are above average performing and durable coils. The risk you will have is being ripped off by counterfeit coils. Make sure you but authentic. To verify authenticity go to the Sigelei home page and enter in the code that will be on the box.

The construction and design of the SLYDR L are impressive and works with the coils to provide access to a large range of vaping. Plenty of vapor and clean flavor.

Don’t Get Ripped Off With Counterfeit Coils.

Get Authentic Sigelei SLYDR L Coils Here.



The Sigelei SLYDR L comes with the SLYDR tank, an extra PYREX glass tube, spare O-rings and a user manual. Don’t worry, you will also get some cols. Plenty of coils in fact!

Most atomizer tank kits come with 2 or maybe 3 coils. The SLYDR L kit comes with five. You get five of the fantastic 0.2 ohm 12 headed coils. These are the most desirable coils in my opinion because these are the ones that allow the adventurous indulgence of heading up to 285 watts. So, kudos to Sigelei for including 5 coils and keeping the overall price under $40. By the way, that includes free shipping.

To sum up what you get, once again, ladies and gentlemen…bullet points!

  • 1 x SLYDR L SubOhm Vape Tank
  • 5 x 0.2 ohm SLYDR L12 Core Coils
  • 1 x Replacement Glass Tube
  • 1 x Spare Set Of O-Rings
  • Instructional Manual

Sigelei SLYDR Review Wrap-Up

sigelei slydr review with new sliding top fill e-liquid cap

That wraps up our Sigelei SLYDR review. A very well built atomizer tank. More than that, a diverse tank. The top fill slide design is something very cool. This device is designed to withstand the high wattages that generate a lot of heat. The POM drip tip and heat resistant PYREX glass keep the vaping comfortable even when you crank it up.

Who is the SLYDR L for? This tank is for the cloud chasers and limit pushers who want to get the most out of their high powered mods. The 12 head coils will take 285 watts. By the same token, you can vape the SLYDR coils at 50 watts. At 50 watts you get a nice everyday vape. So if you are not a cloud chaser you can still benefit from the SLYDR’s large e-juice capacity, vapor and flavor production. So made to satisfy the demands of a cloud chaser but will also well serve more standard sub ohm vaping.

One thing I like is that if you are like me, someone who vapes every day at 40 t0 60 watts (gives me all the vapor I need for a satisfying hit), the SLYDR L is about access. What I mean by that is that I can vape in my comfort zone but if I want to, I too can visit the hairy edges of vaping at my whim. So I feel like this is a diverse tank that will have a place on the repertoire of the majority of vapers.

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