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Sigelei Fuchai R7 Kit

Sigelei Fuchai R7 Kit Review

Sigelei Fuchai R7 Kit

In-depth Sigelei Fuchai R7 with T4 Tank Kit Review

The new 230W dual 18650 mod kit from Sigelei has been released and named as the Fuchai R7, the kit comes complete with the T4 Sub-ohm tank. So how does this mod perform and does it compete with some of the other best box mods on the market, or is it just a redesign of their previous mods? Let’s take a look and see!

Design of the Sigelei Fuchai R7


Sigelei’s Fuchai R7 design is one of those that people are either going to love or hate, it’s not boring that’s for sure!  Coming in four different colors which are White, Yellow, Blue or Black leaves a bit of a choice to the consumer, but knowing Sigelei, they will probably release some special edition versions in the future.

Measuring in at 88mm tall without the tank, 53mm wide and has a depth of 30mm this is a reasonable size mod that holds dual 18650 batteries.

The striking design of the mod is made up from Zinc alloy and plastic, giving the overall finishes of the mod a quality feel and a bit of weight, especially when you add the 2 x 18650 batteries.  For some reason, when we look at this mod it reminds us of a transformer, don’t really know why, but me like it, although not sure if the lanyard hook is really necessary, that said it kind of looks like a spoiler on a car!

The side of the mod is where the slightly larger fire button is housed with the up and down buttons just below, then the 0.91” screen, and just below the screen is where the USB port is placed. The top has the 510 spring loaded thread, slightly offset to the side.

Features of the Sigelei Fuchai R7


Although this mod is really easy to use the features compete with all the best e cig designs on the market. The home screen shows the current power, the resistance of the coil, voltage and for some reasons just a single battery indicator. It would have been nice to see individual battery indicators, but as it’s a small screen they probably ran out of room.

To enter the menu area it uses the familiar 3 clicks of the fire button, here you can choose either power mode (wattage control), or the coil for temperature control from Stainless Steel, Titanium, Nickel, or TCR mode, which is temperature coefficient of resistance, but I don’t know many vapers who use that option!

That’s it as far as the options are concerned, no puff counters, customizations, just simple temperature and power settings. Which to be honest is all you really need!

That said there are a couple of other secret menus, whilst in temperature control mode, if you click the up button and fire button you get a preheat adjustment menu where you can adjust the wattage per fraction of a second when the firing the device.  Pressing the down button and firing button locks the device including the firing button. The last area is if you press the up and down button at the same time, which gives you the option of locking the resistance of the coil.

The T4 Tank

T4 Tank

The T4 tank is an average performing sub-ohm tank, it features a top fill, but only has one large fill hole. Leakage isn’t too much of an issue as it is large enough to allow the air to escape. Measuring in at 24mm diameter with a capacity of 2.5ml it’s pretty average size but fits onto the mod well.

It uses the SM Family Coils available in a number of different resistances, but the kit comes with the SM2-H 0.2-ohm coil along with a spare glass extra coil and of course spare o-rings. Granted it’s not one of our favorite sub-ohm tanks, but it does the job pretty well.

White version of the Sigelei Fuchai R7 Kit


Using the T4 tank in wattage mode at around 70W for the 0.2-ohm coil seems to be the sweet spot for this tank. We’re actually really impressed with the chipset inside the Fuchai R7, it seems to be really responsive firing up pretty much straight away.

The accuracy of the mod seems to be bang on at around 60-120W any higher and your really entering a more specialized type of vaper and not one we usually test, but maxed out at 230W we not really getting a huge heat we were expecting. Maybe due to the batteries but we estimate its closer to 200 Watts or just below.

In temperature control mode, we switched to a single nickel coil tank, with the temperature set high at 420 Fahrenheit, we going to see if we can burn that cotton. After a lot of vapes little vaper is being produced and yet the cotton is still slightly damp indicating that the temperature control functionality is working well.


To Conclude

The general quality look and feel of this device are actually really very good. Much better than we were expecting from the pictures we saw. The price tag is just about right, overall, you’re getting a really good mod kit. Not sure it’s right for new vapers, especially those who are looking for an e cig to quit smoking with, but for more experienced vapers it will suit perfectly.

If you own your own tank, then you can always go with just the mod version to save a few bucks!

Whether you like power mode or temperature control mode the Fuchai R7 seems to be an all-rounder, a great improvement to their previous mods.

Electronic Cigarettes • June 25, 2018

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