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Senator Ron Johnson Urges FDA To Repeal Ecig Regs

Last Summer Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson sent a letter to the FDA demanding answers. Senator Johnson asked the FDA several pertinent questions regarding FDA vaping regulations. He wanted the FDA to answer whether or not they would refuse regulations should the evidence clearly demonstrate that vaping reduces harm vs smoking. Answers were also demanded to the question of why over regulate if there is a lack of evidence as the FDA claims? Among the many questions though perhaps the most pressing was Johnson’s demand that the FDA answer whether or not they have considered that oppressive regulation will drive people back to tobacco.

See Senator Johnson’s 2016 letter to FDA here.

These are tough questions and as far as we know the FDA has never addressed Senator Johnson’s requests for answers.

Now that the FDA will be under new leadership, Senator Johnson is renewing his inquiries. So far the FDA vaping regulations  as announced in 2016 are still going into effect. Full implementation has been delayed by three months but not changed. Johnson said the delay is a good first step but does not go far enough. Ron Johnson wants to go all the way.

Johnson Asks For Repeal Of Vaping Regulation

the move to repeal vaping laws

Senator Johnson has asked new FDA head Scott Gottlieb to repeal the existing FDA e-cigarette regulation. He recognizes that if these regulations go into effect that the entire industry will be crippled. The vacuum will be filled by Big Tobacco and Big Pharma. Independent US entrepreneurs will be hurt the most. In what can only be called stupid, anti-vaping special interests claim that the current vaping industry is a new incarnation of Big Tobacco. In reality oppressive regulation of vaping is a gift to the tobacco industry. Anti-vaping interests and agencies are the best friends tobacco has ever had.

“The rules threaten an emerging industry as well as former smokers who have switched to vaping,” Senator Johnson wrote in a letter to Gottlieb this week. “The regulations require e-cigarette manufacturers to complete costly and time-consuming applications to get federal approval to sell e-cigarette products.”

If the FDA electronic cigarette regulations are fully implemented, many of the companies operating today will disappear. Many are warning that as much as 99% of current e-cig products could disappear. The reason is because in order to sell a product each company will have top pay for an expensive approval process for each and every product. Probably over $1 million per product. That includes e-cigs, mods, batteries, every flavor of e-juice at every nicotine level. If you are a responsible vape company and meet or exceed every standard, it will not matter. You have to pay.

Of course Big Tobacco is not worried about paying but many independent businesses simply cannot afford it. Unless something changes the electronic cigarette industry is going to be dramatically impacted.

Call your reps. Get involved. Protect your right to vape.

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Electronic Cigarettes • June 15, 2017

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