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Second Hand Ecig Vapor Is Less Harmful Than Normal Exhaled Breath

In a new study from the Spanish Council of Scientific Research, we finally have some answers to the many questions about second hand ecig vapor. Lawmakers have been banning ecigs in public places across the United States because they claim that we just can’t be sure about the risks from second hand vapor exposure. Now we know for a fact that ecig vapor doesn’t carry any second hand risk at all. In fact, researchers found that the vapor was less harmful than normal exhaled breath.

Scientists measured toxins in normal exhaled breath and compared it to toxins in exhaled cigarette smoke and ecig vapor. All together, they measured 156 volatile organic compounds to see how the vapor would compare to smoke and normal exhaled air.

It’s no surprise that cigarette smoke contained 86 compounds. After all, we would expect it to be dangerous! Ecig vapor contained 17 compounds in one test and 25 compounds in the other. Normal exhaled air contained 42 compounds. Keep in mind that not all compounds are toxic or dangerous. As the study revealed, our normal breathing releases over three dozen compounds. The major shocker was that exhaled breath actually contained more compounds that ecig vapor.

Researchers said there were traces of nicotine in the exhaled ecig vapor, which lines up with findings in prior studies. However, there is no need to worry about secondhand nicotine putting anyone at risk. Dr. Konstatinos Farsalinos explained that “the amount of nicotine in the environment is so low that it does not have effect (not even a biological effect, let alone an adverse effect) on those environmentally-exposed.”

This study is a crucial step to answering questions and relieving fears. If ecig vapor is actually less threatening than a normal exhaled breath, then why would we need to ban vaping indoors or in public areas? It’s clear that our lawmakers have a very jaded view of vaping. Hopefully, studies like this one will help promote the truth and put the facts in front of our legislators in an undeniable way.

The next time someone gives you a hard time for vaping or tells you that they don’t want to have to inhale your vapor, point them to this study. Your exhaled vapor is no more dangerous than that critic’s exhaled breath!

Electronic Cigarettes • April 5, 2017

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