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Scientists Discover Lower Levels of Carbon Monoxide After Smokers Switch to Ecigs

Skeptics often point out that we have no concrete evidence to suggest that electronic cigarettes are less dangerous than cigarette smoke. But this week, a new study is putting rumors to the test and vindicating ecigarettes from many myths and false accusations. Dr. Hayden McRobbie, a professor of public health interventions at the Wolfson Institute of Preventative Medicine, recently tested levels of toxins in smokers both before and after they switched to ecigs. The results were incredible.

“We found that e-cigarette use significantly reduced exposure to carbon monoxide and acrolein over a four week period,” McRobbie said. “The reduction was greatest in those who switched to e-cigarettes completely, but even those who were dual users at four weeks had reduced exposure to carbon monoxide and acrolein.”

During the study, McRobbie and his team followed 33 smokers who wanted to kick the tobacco habit. They documented their exposure to nicotine, acrolein, and carbon monoxide before they started using ecigs and four weeks after they started vaping. After the initial baseline data was collected, participants were given an electronic cigarette and instructed to use it anytime they wanted.

After four weeks, sixteen of the smokers completely quit tobacco by switching to ecigs. The remaining participants used both ecigs and tobacco cigarettes. For the smokers that quit, carbon monoxide exposure decreased 80 percent. Among those the dual-users that were both smoking and vaping, their carbon monoxide levels also decreased by 52 percent.

McRobbie said his study certainly paints ecigs in a positive light and proves that there is some harm reduction potential. “These results suggest that e-cigarettes may reduce harm compared with conventional cigarettes, even in dual users, but longer-term studies are needed to confirm this,” he concluded.

Critics oftentimes assume that dual users are simply increasing this nicotine intake without reducing their overall risk. But this study shows that even when a smoker only opts for ecigs part-time, it’s enough to make a remarkable difference in the level of toxicity exposure.

When you first switched to vaping, were you a dual-user? How long did you vape before you were able to completely stop using conventional cigarettes?

Electronic Cigarettes • April 5, 2017

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