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Safer Alternative: E-Cigar-The Safer Way to Enjoy That Cigar Experience

For generations, the cigar has been just outside of the mainstream of common tobacco usage – most commonly associated with the elites who can afford the finest brands and tobacco blends. There are few things in life that evoke stronger images of class and elegance than a quality cigar. Despite that elite connection to perceived wealth, many average tobacco users have always enjoyed a fine cigar, along with a good wine and interesting company. Even as tobacco has lost much of its popularity due to health concerns and negative public opinion, cigar usage increased steady. Still, there have always been concerns about its impact on health as well. The e-cigar could change that dynamic.

Aren’t Cigars Safer Than Cigarettes?

cigaretteThere is no question in their minds that cigars are safer than cigarettes for many cigar aficionados. After all, those big tobacco controversies from two decades ago were primarily directed against the cigarette manufacturers – so why would the average cigar smoker think that his habit was as harmful as those other tobacco products? As it turns out, however, cigars can be every bit as dangerous as the average tobacco cigarette.

Actually, studies have linked cigar usage to oral cancer as well as lung cancer and heart complications. These smokers can experience more premature death related to heart damage, and experience higher rates of oral health complications like halitosis and tooth loss. Moreover, research suggests that the average cigar smoker could end up being twice as likely to suffer from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease – otherwise known as COPD. In short, cigars are just as unsafe as cigarettes, despite the reduced amount of regulation that the industry experiences. That’s why most experts recommend that you stop smoking altogether: no cigarettes, no pipes, and no cigars.

The E-Cigar

But what if you’re not ready to give up your nicotine habit, and don’t have any desire to cast aside that wonderful cigar taste that you so enjoy? As it turns out, you don’t have to. Just as former cigarette smokers can now get their nicotine by vaping with electronic cigarettes, current cigar users can wean themselves from those dangerous products by using the new electronic cigars.

If you pictured the e-cigar as being little more than a fatter and larger version of an electronic cigarette or vape pen, think again. While the technology is essentially the same, the e-cigar is designed with cigar users in mind. As a result, it mimics the flavor and experience that you get with a traditional fine cigar – but without the nasty chemicals that can prove so deadly to your health and well-being. To be fair, the experience and taste are not completely identical to that enjoyed with a regular cigar, much as the electronic cigarette is not exactly identical to smoking a burner cigarette. That is to be expected.

What the best electronic cigarette and other vaping devices do, however, is provide you with the nicotine that you’re used to getting with your cigar, in a safer vapor form that doesn’t come with those harmful chemicals or health risks. And since there is no ignition or smoke involved in the process, you never have to listen to a spouse or neighbor complain about that cigar smell again!

Like traditional cigars, there are different levels of quality within the e-cigar market. In fact, there are even Cuban e-cigars, designed to give you that close approximation to fine tobacco smoking that you probably crave. Of course, they cost a little more, but if you’re accustomed to smoking only the finest cigars you can find, then chances are that you’re already used to paying a slightly higher rate.

There are both disposable and rechargeable e-cigars – just like the electronic cigarette market. There are also a host of different e-cigar liquid flavors from which to choose. There’s cigar tobacco, of course, but there are also a wide range of more exotic flavors – from chocolate and cinnamon to apple and other fruit flavors.

The bottom line is easy to understand: if you’re a cigar fan, then you already know that you need to think about switching to a safer alternative. The good news is that the new e-cigars enable you to keep the flavor and nicotine that you enjoy while casting aside the harmful chemicals and health risks of those old cigars.

E-CigarSafer Alternative

Electronic Cigarettes • October 31, 2016

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