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ROK review –

ROK review – The Brand

Well, for anyone who has any experience with or has researched anything about E-Cigarettes, you will have come across ROK. They are one of the UK market leaders, and have a decent reputation. So I decided to give them a go, having never tried them before myself, but heard good things from others who have.

Rok review

My Experience with ROK

I have to say, ROK give one of the best first impressions of any of the E-Cigarette packages. They have a same-day dispatch service on weekdays before 2pm, so you receive your kit really quickly. On opening, you are confronted with what is – looks-wise – definitely one of the very best E-Cig packages – they really manage to pull off looking like a cigarette, while having a distinctive blue tip – with places beginning to be concerned with E-Cigs looking realistic, this might well be the way of future for all E-Cigs in the UK.

Their personal charging cases include the slimmest of any brand. Not only slim, but they look really cool too, and depending on the kit you choose, comes in blue, green or black. Everything about the way the product is presented is top-notch – from the design to the actual mechanics of it. As you will see later, they have made some interesting advances with various aspects of their technology. The overall experience of using ROK’s kit was really good, since you can carry a lot around with you in a small case. So onto the product, below…

ROK review – Product and Kits
ROK now have 8 starter kits for sale, so you are sure to find something that suits you if you choose to go with them. Their kits range from the basic “E-Cigarette Starter Kit 105” (tobacco or menthol flavour) for £19.99, which includes 1 long life battery, 3 cartomisers (claimed to be the same as 35 cigarettes each), 1 USB recharge lead; up to their most expensive, Jet Black and Legend Kits for £49.99.

However, the kit I decided to try was their “ROK Icon” kit for £39.99, which might become their new flagship kit, since it uses the newest technology and their slimmest personal charging case (PCC), which can still impressively carry the following: 1 full E-Cig (cart and battery), 1 spare battery and 3 more cartomisers, so you are all ready to go just with that. ROK’s PCC also has the best method of charging batteries when compared with other – you just have to push the battery into the charging slot and that’s it – no need to do anything else.

buy rok ROK review – Battery Life
The batteries last well – this is one area where ROK have improved their technology, and they state that they last for 160 puffs – for me, I take my drags a little more frequently, so it came out a little less for me, but I was still impressed. So depending on how much and how often you puff on your E-Cig, let’s say 160 drags is about average – this is quite long since it is basically the equivalent of a full pack of regular cigarettes, give or take a little.

With the new PCC, you can charge your battery just by pushing it into the slot, and you can recharge multiple times this way before needing to recharge the case itself. And with being able to carry a spare battery in the charging slot, you should never really be stuck without a working E-Cig.

ROK review – Vapour / Smoke
This is something that I had heard good things before I tried ROK, and I concur – actually one of the very top in this department, and it produces more than a lot of other E-Cigs. It was a good, strong feeling as it hit your throat too. ROK claims that 1 cartridges is equal to 35 cigarettes. In my opinion this is ridiculous, because for me 1 cartridges lasted for around 15-20 normal cigarettes, which is almost 2x less than promised.
ROK review – Taste / Flavours
rok cartridgesThe starter kit comes with 3 Original Tobacco, 1 “Café Cino”, 1 Cherry and 1 Vanilla, meaning you get to try each of these flavours – this is good so you can decide whether you like a flavour before you invest in one of their packs of 10 carts.

As far as the flavours themselves go, I quite liked them – personally, I am not as keen on the coffee flavours anyway, but it was a good representation, while the cherry and vanilla, I found to be tasty and pleasant, with the cherry being something I might return to. The tobacco flavour is my personal favourite for E-Cigs, and this one was good too – it tasted just as you would expect, like a real cigarette.

ROK review – Returns Policy

Rok Universal has several warranties that vary in length depending on which item is in question. Starting with the longest warranty, Rok provides a 12 month warranty for their USB chargers and wall adaptors. A 6-month warranty covers the personal charging cases and premium batteries. Their e-cigarette battery stems only have a 60-day warranty. All warranties start from the date of purchase and they do not under any conditions cover damage that is caused by inappropriate use or tampering by the customer.

ROK review – Conclusion
In my view, ROK’s good reputation is well earned, and it is definitely on the top10 in my E-Cig list. . There is the odd issue that people do talk about with ROK, such as you have to “buy ahead” with 10-packs of cartomisers, but they have added the trial pack of 1 of each novelty flavour (Café Cino, Cherry and Vanilla), so now you get to try the flavours before you buy more, so this is not really an issue for me. The overall package, I think, is excellent – as I mentioned, and especially the ROK Icon, which has its own stylish logo, the slimline PCC, as well as batteries and charging capabilities that should mean you always have your E-Cig ready.
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