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Kanger Subox Mini C Review

Review The Kanger Subox Mini-C Vape Starter Kit

Kanger is a famous for the highly-respected brand in the vaping industry, and it’s always an exciting time when they put together a new product and get it to market. This latest offering is another Subox entry, and it comes in the form of a starter kit. These starter kits have been phenomenally successful for Kanger in recent years, and it’s easy to see why they would continue to introduce hot new items under that line. Below is our review of the Kanger Subox Mini-C Vape Starter Kit, and you will learn about that if it’s one of the best box mods on the market.

The Mini-C is coming in with a whole bunch of promises that you wouldn’t expect from any other company by Kanger. It’s vowing to offer powerful wattage and temp control, despite being only rated for 50w of power. It’s the flexibility of wattage that makes this device unique though, since it can vary wattage between seven and fifty watts- providing users with an incredible array of power options to manage their vapor and flavor settings.

The Mini-C and whats in the kit

The Mini-C has one battery, but it’s a solid 18650 unit. That means that you can count on that 18650 reliability that we always get with that option. It’s a high-drain battery too, and it needs to be purchased separately since Kanger didn’t bother to include one with the device. For the record, that’s been bugging me for some time. I know that people like me always have excess batteries lying around, but the need to purchase them separately can be a real turnoff for less experienced, casual vapers. But to each his own, I guess.

The temperature control settings are outstanding, and the chipset is offering true accuracy that is about on par with some of the best devices I’ve seen on the market lately, granted it doesn’t perform as well as say the Halo Reactor Mega or Joyetechs Cuboid 200, but it does well for a starter kit. The device is a top-filling unit, and purports to be leak-free. We’ll be seeing more of that, as companies try to comply with European Union requirements to maintain access to that market. The tank offers 3ml capacity to hold your favorite e-juice. You can also adjust the e-juice channel and airflow to customize your vapor production and flavor enhancement. That’s pretty solid engineering.


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Electronic Cigarettes • February 11, 2017

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